He’s a Perfect Ten

random numberPerfect 10Ha! How could this happen? I nearly forgot that I had put up a RAPSi for grabs. Anti-Gravity Thorin has to fly away, and I have just determined the winner by asking random.org to give me a random number between 1 and 12. Result:

Oh, what a beautiful number 10 is. Is there anything more beautiful than a 1 and a 0? The binary system at its most beautiful. Nerds of the world unite! And the number 10 tells us that we have a winner.

Eh, yes, RA is always a perfect ten. And the ten this time refers to Kathy – she was the tenth commentator on the blog post. So congratulations, Kathy – the Anti-Gravity Thorin is yours. Let me know where I shall send it 🙂

RAPS (3 of 41)

PS: Watch out for another RAPSi give-away, soon – I have to make up for forgetting to post the give-away winner.


46 thoughts on “He’s a Perfect Ten

    • This is one of the things that pleases me most, Alyssa: My generous suppliers and supporters of the RAPS project will find their gifts in the shrines, and the gift will be passed on to someone else. There’s a bit of you in that RAPSi now 🙂
      And yes, Pop Thorin has become quite the little helper :-D. Who would’ve thought???


  1. Pop Thorin is an inseparable friend. Always near you when you need him. He loves loyalty and a willing heart 😉
    Congrats Kathy! 😀


  2. I thought another Kathy won this! Didn’t recognize my name without a Jones behind it. I haven’t been this lucky since I hit a 40 to one shot at Santa Anita racetrack. And of course, discovering RA and his lovely fans. I love this RAPS, Thorin leaping towards me, flames licking his boots (he really has no choice since he is about to be fried.) Anyway, sorry I did not respond immediately. I am gearing up to go to San Diego CC and a little distracted. Thank you again, Guylty, and also thanks to all of you who said such kind things. Thorin is going to a good home where he will be dutifully revered and pampered as a king deserves. I promise the wear a tiara when visiting him,to show appropriate respect.


    • My fault, Kathy, because it always feels so formal calling you by your first *and* second name – and therefore I left it out. I am delighted the RAPSi is going to you – I know it’ll join a few other Thorin goodies on the domestic couch, and a Porter RAPS, too.
      Have great fun at SDCC – can’t wait to hear your report. If you feel like writing about it, I’d be delighted to give you space on this blog. No pressure, though 🙂
      Enjoy – and give Mimi a hug from me! ❤


  3. I will try to cover all the bases that we would be interested in. Mimi is a pro at SDCC, and I am but the humble Mimi minion. I will probably be the oldest person there by few decades, so it should be interesting. Here is some inside info I received today. SDCC literally stinks. Too many bodies, not enough personal hygiene or ventilation. Really! I will keep my eyes open to pass on fascinating fun facts like that. I hugged Mimi for you, Guylty. And she is hugging you back.


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