RA Pocket Shrine 34/? – Bitter-Sweet Lucas

My last day in Germany. I am looking forward to finally going home – my *own* home – tomorrow. Leaving is not easy, even though I am yearning for it. I am leaving behind the place that is associated with my dad. And my mother who is now on her own (and no other child to look after her, there is only me, far away). That calls for something to sweeten the day before the farewell – a RAPSi post to take my mind off my guilty conscience.

Lucas. Poor, thin, tortured Lucas. “Sweet” is not really an adjective that comes to mind when I think of the heroic spy. There is too much pain in him to describe him as sweet. He’s not really bitter, either – still working for Queen and country despite a fate that took him to a Russian prison. Bitter-sweet, maybe? Either way, this little mint tin courtesy of Mimi at Nightflight Comics was assigned to him on the basis of Spooks 7×1 – where he is wafer thin… (credit to Helen of Seahorse Studio who came up with the association if I remember correctly)

RAPS (27 of 41)

However – I don’t want Lucas to be forever moping. That’s why I decided to give him a happy RAPSi. Eight years in prison hasn’t taken away Lucas’ lust for life… eh… donuts. Damn, I want to be that thumb… or *lick* that thumb, alternatively.

RAPS (29 of 41)

So I have given Lucas a sweet background. Literally. Great side effect: The tin smells deliciously fruity because of the sweet sugar hearts. For some more sensory experience I have included a couple of other images of Lucas in the tin…

RAPS (32 of 41)

Hmmmmmmmm. Raspberry nipples and creamy skin.

RAPS (36 of 41)

There he is, the wafer thin spy in all his glory. And a reminder that you can endure *any*thing, just like Lucas did.

As a thank you to my supportive friends, followers and readers this RAPSi will also be raffled away. This time I’ll do it over on my tumblr where many friends also sent messages and cheered me up. Watch out for a give-away post over there, later. (I’ll update this post with a link asap.)

Edit: Here is the link to my tumblr post. If you reblog the tumblr post, you are in 🙂

52 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 34/? – Bitter-Sweet Lucas

    • 😀 Oh, I didn’t even notice, but yes, hubby-friendly. Apart from the hulky half-naked Lucas tattoo show? 😀 And the bit that says “kiss me” and “forever”? 😀 Hehe. Also very dangerous: Reference to Monty Python on lid might attract curiosity of males? Oh dear oh dear 😉


      • Well, it can be momentarily abandoned somewhere but within eye-reach just in case hubby is caught by a sudden curiosity attack. 😀 Should he approach to the place the RAPSi is left one can take the chance to break Bolt’s WR 😀
        Fortunately Monty Python would not awake my husband’s curiosity. 😀


        • *hehehe* Oh, Monty Python would definitely attract mine… But hey, I have already owned up to the whole obsession, so my reputation is ruined and I can now fangirl to my heart’s content.


  1. Oh, wafer thin Lucas break my heart. I like the funny angle though, it’s very Monty Python ;), and the part where you slip into food references is even better. Bring it on, girl! And bring yourself home. One more step towards the new reality… Hugs, as always.


    • I know – he is so heartbreakingly thin. All the more reason to give him some sweets. I should probably credit Angie for the raspberry nipples…
      This time tomorrow I’ll be going to the airport. I look forward to coming home 🙂


  2. Oh, I’m overcome… All those images just do things to me!

    Good luck for your journey Guylty and I really sympathise with your feelings. It must be very difficult to leave your mum on her own. Does she have good friends and neighbours?


    • I have to say I was thinking of you when I posted the RAPSi. I know that you like the thumb-licking Lucas very much…
      It’s hard to leave, and yet it is not. Mothers and daughters, if you know what I mean :-D. Unfortunately we are a tiny family, but my mum has many good friends and neighbours, and they are aware that I am not close by. I am sure that she will not be alone, and that is some consolation.


      • LOL! Yes, I do ;-). Now marry that image to Pete the banker leaning against his Aston Martin and I’d be actually dribbling, I think!

        I was very close to my mother and she died very young, so I never had the mother-daughter issues that I know can exist. Great to hear she has support though, and I’m sure she will come and visit you and her grandchildren.


        • Pete the banker and Lucas the thumb-licker. Noted. 😀
          I know it is flippant to complain about mother-daughter issues. It’s probably only that raw because we are all aggravated at the moment. I do look forward to her next visit – or mine in Germany.


          • Yes, people are never easy when they are under a lot of strain… And there’s nothing quite so stressful as what you’ve just been through. 😦 it should all get easier now the worst is over, and you can start getting back to some form of normality, albeit a different one.


  3. Have a safe trip home, take care und fühl dich mal ganz dolle umarmt!!!!
    I am sure your father will travel with you in your heart and I hope your mother will learn how to cope with the new and difficult situation…
    BTW, love this shrine!!!


    • Danke Herba xxx! My dad has been closer to me these last five weeks than ever before. Strange. And yes, I trust my mum will eventually look forward again. She is only in her early 60s, she is strong and capable. She’s only overwhelmed…
      Hope you can put your name down for the Lucas raffle on my tumblr, Herba?


  4. so those are real candy hearts in there? that is so cute! I’m afraid the Monty Python tin would attract curiosity in my house, and then to be met with bare chested Lucas upon opening…the thought of my husband’s face in that scenario makes me laugh!


  5. Another gorgeous and brilliant RAPSi! The mints are a wonderful addition; such creativity. And this one has all of my favorites (well, anything Lucas is a favorite): Donuts Lucas, Peacoat Lucas, and Tattoo Lucas. And the thumb-sucking is a huge bonus. 🙂 Well done yet again!

    And have a safe journey home. Being with family is always important, and I know leaving your mother will be tough, but you’re never too far away. And I’m sure she knows that.


  6. I love Lucas and Lucas with sugar sweet hearts (and no shirt) is just too much! The thin mint connection is brilliant. You somehow manage to come up with new, original ideas all of the time.

    I wish you safe travels and hope everything starts to be easier for you. I don’t think you have any reason to feel guilty, you have been there with your mom for many weeks and you do have your own life. You must be missing your own family. I’m so glad to hear your mom has many good friends and neighbors.


  7. Wow, der Lucas ist ja super-handlich und so mini, der paßt wirklich in jedes Abendtäschchen. . Das ist aber bald nix mehr für Brillenträger 🙂
    Und es duftet auch noch. Also alle Sinne mal wieder aktiviert.
    Komm gut nach Hause und hab’ Vertrauen, dass deine Mama das hinbekommt.


  8. Hihi, oder entwickel doch einen ganz speziellen Senioren-RAPS mit schönen GROßEN Bildern (analog Seniorenhandy, weißte !). Wir wollen ja auch in ein paar Jahren noch Freude an unserem Schätzgen haben, oder?


  9. You know what they say, you can’t be too rich or too thin. Or in Lucas’s case, too good looking. Oh, that I could be the thumb on that beautiful hand.


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