Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #27

Goodness me. Guess who completely fell out of her routine and completely forgot about compiling the round-up for the customary 8am (GMT) publication? Yeah. They say it takes three weeks to establish a habit. And probably only three days to fall out of it… But well, better late than never, and so here is what I found noteworthy on tumblr this week.

Round-up header 27

  1.  Jollytr continues her great fan service and has compiled another massive picture set that summarises episodes 9 to 13 of RH season 1. Thanks!
  2. Staying with Guy of Gisborne – riepu10 not only delights by posting a particularly loved photo of our Guy, but she’s found a quote that I hadn’t read before and that I really enjoyed
  3. ruinarmitage was one of the people who giffed the Crucible promo video. I love how she interspersed it with the reviews
  4. My shrine fairy Mimi, aka nfcomics, continues her series of Guy quips
  5. Now, this is a version of 50 shades of gRAy that I approve of. Thanks to richardcfarmitage for putting this together
  6. Another great fan service that can’t be commended highly enough. fangurl4 has collected all the links to Crucible reviews as of July 24, 2014
  7. How sweet is this??? Redlibrary has trained her daughter well…
  8. Remember norloth’s graphics of Lego Thornton? Well, there are more. There is a Gisborne now, and Porter. And you can even buy them in the shape of a postcard set. Cute!
  9. I usually don’t link to posts that link off tumblr, but this one by a-pirate-my-heartie is a mood booster that should be required watching every morning
  10. Slightly collateral, but Thorin makes an appearance in closetshipping’s fabulous “Dwalin’s travel journal”. Very funny
  11. *gigglesuncontrollably* oh my, now, that gif by mydadisindianajones puts the company of dwarves into an entirely new light. I hope they didn’t stop at the petrol/gas station afterwards…
  12. I really enjoyed reading sahraobsessed’s review of ITS. Another review that carries weight because it is written by and for a fangirl
  13. In case you find there is too little Richard in ITS, you should bookmark gifs like ra-overload’s. Endless loop American-Hero-Richard. Could be worse…
  14. Sorry for the amount of Bagginshield today, but this set of drawings by seadeepspaceontheside was just too cute to omit. Appeals particularly to mommies *ggg*
  15. A nice gif with a nice quote – and that smooth ex-dancer turn by Lucas. prefernot2 knows  what we like…
  16. And another fan service from sahraobsessed – the regular look at RA’s starmeter on IMDb
  17. Intellectual Thorin. If it weren’t for the headdress. And those glasses look suspiciously like mine. bagginsgotdabooty definitely made me laugh with this

Hope you had fun with the link collection!

heap of mailUnrelated, but I am taking the opportunity to attach a quick personal word because it gives me the opportunity to put a few pictures into an otherwise rather plain post. I returned home on Wednesday night and oh, how wonderful it is to be home again, in my own surroundings, with my own things massive collection of RAvotionalia… 😀 I was not only greeted by brilliant sunshine but also by this (see right):

Ok, disregard the massive parcel at the bottom (really uninteresting – work-related stuff), but in total there were eight (8!!!!) packages waiting for me. Honestly, I think Mr A must be noticing a fall-off of fan-mail which seems to be getting re-directed to me *ggg*. I had a great time (1 hour in total!) of unwrapping and opening the packages. It felt like the Christmas of my childhood (with advancing age, the number of gifts is getting smaller and smaller. Hubster is not much into gift-giving for Christmas and birthday. No precious jewels laid out on Guylty’s cleavage. He prefers to gift-bomb when it’s least expected.)

My thanks go to – in no particular order – Kathy, Mimi, Obscura, UtePirat, Christine, Claudia, Mezzmerizedbyrichard and Agzy. I will be a bit more elaborate with my thanks via mail or in future posts. For now just know that my heart was lifted a good bit by your lovely parcels and also by the cards that I received in the post! I’ll leave you with the picture of a gift that is really, really sweet. Click picture to read what Agzy’s label says…





34 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #27

  1. (Knocking on the door)
    RA: come in
    Assistant: Richard, the mail
    RA: that’s it?
    Assistant: well, yes.
    RA: this is NOT normal. Have you called UPS-Royal Mail-DHL-TNT?
    Assistant: all of them, yes.
    RA: and?
    Assistant: …
    (RA takes a mirror)
    RA: I can’t believe that the rumour about the bread crumbs in my eyebrows could lead to this
    Assistant: Apparently the decrease in your mail coincides with an equal increase of parcels to a certain destination in Ireland.
    (knocking on the door – Assistant talks to someone)
    Assistant: Oh you have received an special delivery. From IKEA
    RA: “Big Comfortable Spranjskagarvaaard Chair”. (clasps his hands and laughs)



  2. Hurray for being back home, Guylty, and such a wonderful pile of goodies to open!
    Thanks for all the link, as usual.


  3. 50 shades of gRAy……großartig! Hey, ich glaube, ich habe meinen Umschlag auf auf dem Bild gefunden. *freu* Hoffentlich alles heil angekommen? Das wäre doch vielleicht was für eine neue Verlosungsaktion. 🙂


  4. I am happy that all these parcels were waiting for you when you came back because you deserve all of them now more than ever. Concerning this Round-up I really really like the way the Durin sons are enjoying life in their car ! LOL.


  5. Good to know you arrived home safe and sound right on time for Christmas…… 😉 Jawoll, jawohl those ladies out there are the best!
    BTW My favourite this week is hipster Thorin! Such a sweetie….


  6. Nach 2 Wochen (Urlaubs-)Abstinenz waren die vielen Guy Fotos genau der overkill der mir gefehlt hat, herzlichen Dank für die Links auf die schönen Schmacht-Fotos……
    v.a. da ich mit der Bart-Variante immer noch so meine Probleme habe, Guy Fotos sind somit wie – back to the roots – um mich zu vergewissern, dass dies der gleiche Mann ist 😉
    Das Nutella-Glas ist der Knaller! Tolle Idee! War bestimmt wie Weihnachten…..


    • Ach Suzy, ich kann dir ja nur zustimmen. Der Bart, der Bart. Höchst bedauerlich. Aber wie gut, dass alles andere auch fotografisch dokumentiert ist. Und irgendwie habe ich ja auch so den Eindruck, dass RA selber gar nicht so ein Bart-Fan ist und den eben nur wegen seiner Rollen trägt. Das heißt, es kommen auch irgendwann wieder bessere Zeiten auf uns Bart-Feinde zu!
      Das Nutella ist super. Ich hoffe, ich habe mir nicht selbst in den Fuß geschossen, als ich meiner Familie Zugriff gewährt habe. Bin noch bis Donnerstag auf Diät und erhoffe mir danach 😀


      • Ach. Mädels : wir sprechen uns in 1 bzw. 2 Wochen nochmal zum Thema Bart! Live und in Farbe entfaltet das nochmal einen ganz “speziellen” Reiz, glaubt mir. Und ich bin auch bekennende Fast-garnicht -Bart-Begeisterte!!!!! (Und plötzlich wird alles egal…..:-D )


        • Naja, es ist jetzt nicht gerade ein Deal-Breaker, so eine Gesichtsmatte, und in den letzten Wochen habe ich mich auch schon erheblich mehr dafür erwärmt als je zuvor. Aber ideal finde ich das ja nicht. Er hat ja auch nicht unrecht, wenn er sagt, dass sich daran so allerlei fängt. *igitt*


          • Klar, so’ne Krümmelfänger braucht es eigentlich nicht. Ist im Zweifel auch immer etwas ungepflegter, als die von uns geliebte Minimalst-3Tage-Bart-Variante. Trotzdem schon erstaunlich, was sein Gesicht alles so mitmacht ohne tatsächlich allzugroßen optischen Schaden zu nehmen. Solange er die Finger vom der Popelbremse, lässt, bin ich es schon zufrieden. Ich glaube, dann würde ich aussteigen 🙂


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