Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #28

This post had to be compiled early. Well, only one day early, but who knows what I may have missed yesterday? While you are reading this I am soaking up big-city atmosphere in… London. You can guess what that means. Yes, I have seen the play last night, and if there is any opportunity, I will give my 2 cents’ worth some time later today. Lucky that I am writing this post beforehand then, because at the time of writing I fully expect to be mentally and physically unable to process anything other than just having seen *that* play. And *that* actor. Live.

Ok, but enough of that. Let’s have a look at this week’s recommendations for tumblr content. The week was extraordinarily Rich rich in cool stuff. With SDCC over,  ITS just before its premiere and Jackson finally throwing us the BOTFA trailer, the giffers on tumblr had a field day. If you are easily stimulated visually, you will be pleased… Off we go…

Round-up header 28

  1. What’s the American Hero’s number one accessory? The chewing gum. RA-overload focusses on that
  2. Prefernot2 gives us another great Crucible gif with a quote from the play
  3. Jollytr has started a series of theRApy sessions for the afflicted in the RArmy. This is art theRApy
  4. Richard does dirty, wet and damaged soooo well. That little cut on his temple… does things to me. Thanks, circusgifs
  5. At this point, the queue is around the block. Twice. LOL, mistress-of-time1991
  6. As usual, the RArmy focusses on the essentials. Or should that be ASSentials? Thanks to oninha for this important gif
  7. A gifset by the-way-I-am-feeling that combines ITS footage and BTS and interview scenes
  8. A wonderfully creative cartoon interpretation of the BOTFA – with an appearance of Dis. Great stuff drawn by hattedhedgehog
  9. This is what I expect to need after the play… oninha worked her magic
  10. And the full scene, giffed by the tumblr gif queen of the RArmy, circusgifs. I expect this to run on continuous loop on many a PC…
  11. And a slightly more personal version of it by richardarmitageforever
  12. Right on, hulksmashsmaug
  13. Christ. Man. How can he just look so handsome in RL??? RA-overload supplies the drug
  14. Mild Bagginshield, but really quite cute (and totally sfw!). By srapsodia
  15. It’s amazing how quickly the fandom reacts to the new BOTFA trailer. Look at this painterly reinterpretation by closetshipping
  16. nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants series continues with the fangirl’s dilemma. *ggg*
  17. The hands!!! the underarms!!! Mezzmerizedbyrichard supplies another version of the drug
  18. And now a service supplied by RA-overload for those of us aurally inclined
  19. Waitingforsth puts the above scene in context
  20. And yeah, we totally have to see the important bits of that scene in close up again. Aniorro has giffed it
  21. Totally loving this edit by mezzmerizedbyrichard. The colours, the map, the man…
  22. I think we should all take inspiration from this photo. Good plan, nerdee-design. I bet that makes any break even better
  23. Total blasphemy. But boy did I laugh about this photo set. The second but last one. Oh man, my sides are still hurting. Thanks armitageogormanturner
  24. All I can say is – accurate! By frodno

Wow – 24 links? Is that a new record? Well, all to keep you busy during my absence (because you will no doubt be missing me profoundly *heavysarcasm*). Go give the creative minds on tumblr your love. They are great for entertaining us so much.

45 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #28

  1. Thanks for having taking the time to compile the round-up even if in full London mood! I hope you loved the play (no doubts, really) and the man (even less doubts) and can’t wait to read you review/report! 😀


  2. Thanks so much for the update! It’s funny how I can still miss things after living on tumblr 😛
    Also, I’m flattered that a few of my posts are listed here, but it makes me wonder if I’m spending waaaaay too much time blogging, haha.

    Lucky(?) you! 🙂 You have seen our man in the flesh, in action, and on stage! Please know that we are here if you need any help recovering 😉

    I’ve also received THE package this afternoon and almost died 😀 Sent you an email 🙂 I would give you a big fat hug in person if I could, but a virtual hug will have to suffice for now. *hugs* You’re the best!


    • I love it when I link to posts by bloggers whom I know 🙂 Keep ’em coming!
      And yes, have been, seen – and died! Fa-bu-lous!!!
      Glad the parcel arrived, gee, in the summer the mail is quick!!!


      • Yeah, it seems like it got here faster than me sending something from here to NY–AMAZING! haha. I’m glad you got your pop!thorin signed. I heard Richard didn’t do stage door tonight (?) last night (?) cuz he had to catch a plane for his NY premiere 😦 poor guy, he’s so busy! enjoy your time in London ❤


  3. Thanks for another great compilation Guylty! Like Micra, I have no doubts you will have loved the play and RA.
    I wish I could say that gorgeous edit is mine, but it’s by Giz the Gunslinger – apologies, my fault for not acknowledging its origin when I reblogged it from my archive!


    • Sorry about misaccrediting the edit! I will rectify that as soon as I get back home. (stupidly can’t edit on mobile although commenting works. Apologies to Giz!)
      Otherwise you are totally right – loved the play. And the lead actor. Whatsisname again? 😀


    • We are having great weather! Did Tate today and dropped in for choral evensong in St Paul’s, then fish&chips in a pub and a concert by three bands in another pub. Living the life 😉


  4. Just a quick word while I have tea and wifi in the Tate Modern’s Members’ Lounge and am looking at St Paul’s across the river: the play was amazing and Richard was impressive. Not a single boring second. Lots of things to say about that (copious notes in notebook), and about the stage door afterwards. Looking forward to writing it all up for you! Love from London!


  5. I could not be more thrilled and satisfied that you were able to see The Crucible and, it seems, have stage door experience. Was the famous ” that’s a big camera” there? If so, he would surely have recognized you from Berlin. I suspect not. Oooh – so happy, and really looking forward to a balanced, detailed post from you for Share the Experience. (Like we had to worry that people would want to share !)


  6. Tate Modern’s… St Paul’s… the Globe Theatre right beside you…. BUAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Snif! 😦

    Pop Thorin with his head signed… I really can’t wait to read and see the pics!


  7. That little Dis cartoon set off the bunny from hell and I had to write it so I can now concentrate on a certain wedding night.

    it’s bad. VERY baaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    Great list. Have fun in London, you lucky thing you!!!! And getting your POP!Thorin signed and blessed!!!! WTF!!!!


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