RA Pocket Shrine 36/? – Vanity Thorin

After an intense three days of memory massage aka “reviewing” I can now feel a week of RAPS posts coming up. About time. The last of the pre-break RAPS have arrived at their destinations, so they can be officially inaugurated in the RAPS Gallery. And then it will be time to get stuck in a new round of shrining. I made one shrine the week before last, before I was off to London, but I haven’t done anything else since June. Meanwhile the material has stacked up, thanks to the packages I received during my absence (and before), and due to some craft retail therapy while in Germany. A number of orders are still open. RAPS Inc. needs to get a move on. Here’s a look at what my notebook looks like – customary bad drawings and scribbled ideas. (No clues for future RAPS, ladies – mostly past orders for Kelbel, Micra and Katharine, and a rejected plan for Wendy…)  But that’s how Guylty works – brainstorming ideas in writing, based on the commissioners’ preferences, and then some involuntarily ridiculous sketching. Christ, I really don’t win any awards with those character studies. Poor RA…


RAoverlaodToday’s Thorin belongs to RA-overload, a lovely tumblr friend, who sent me a massive parcel with the most wonderful bits and pieces way back in June. That was one amazing parcel I received. I think I was squeeing aloud when I opened it, because I kept discovering more and more layers of stuff, a really long handwritten, funny letter, and so many carefully and beautifully wrapped things that made me want to take lots of photos for documentation. Hence this gif:

But the coolest thing contained in her shipment was her own take on a RAPS which she had made for me, and which really made me smile. Look at that – if that doesn’t make you laugh, then what does? And the sweet message she put into RA’s mouth made the RAPS extra special. Plus, I did appreciate that she made it her own kind of pocket shrine, not necessarily copying what I usually do with my 3D dioramas, but a personalized message. (I had it with  me when I set off to Germany for my unforeseen, sad break. It gave me consolation, so thank you very much, RA-overload!)


Thanks to RA-overload, as well as many other kind and generous Shrine Fairies, I now have loads of empty tins that I can fill with a few more scenes of love, consolation, fun and cheek. Brilliant stuff!

Anyhow, when it happens and if I can, I try to incorporate things from my commissioners’ shipments into their shrines. RA-overload had sent me some fancy crowns (you can spot them in the gif), and she wanted Thorin. Guylty put on her creative hat and wondered what to do… This is the result:

RAPS (37 of 41)

There you have the magnificent king, standing in front of his mirror, Arkenstone close by, trying on his crowns. Difficult choice, but at least they are hanging handy on the hat-rack. Which one will he wear today? RA-overload can make him choose – the crowns are detachable and interchangable.

RAPS (39 of 41)

Lest RA-overload should forget, he reminds her that he is her king…

And here’s the full onslaught…

RAPS (40 of 41)

The outside is (uncharacteristically – for Thorin) understated. But well, we don’t necessarily want to leave too many clues as to what is inside these little boxes of fun, do we???

RAPS (41 of 41)

So, there we have Vanity Thorin. No offense. Of course he is as majestic as ever. A king such as him has just so many difficult choices to make. Gold? Silver? It all suits him beautifully…

I hope RA-overload likes her RAPS, and it brings her as much fun and happiness as her box of fun brought me! Thanks again, and good luck for your exams!!!



82 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 36/? – Vanity Thorin

  1. Another winner! I love the crown selection and the mirror. And the Arkenstone on a bed of fur, very nice. Majestic Thorin surrounded by hearts is pretty special too. You keep coming up with fresh new ideas every time. Love it!


  2. Love both, but Thorin with his crowns hanging up in a row, too cute. I have missed seeing your creations (as we all have, I’m sure) so this one is especially treasured. Love the crown he decided to choose for the day. He may have a thing for gold, but silver is his color.


    • *hehe*. I was thinking of “A Day in the Life of Thorin” and imagined he was getting up and dressed, and then wondering which crown to wear on his majestic head. And I agree, I quite like silver on him. Also matches his braid beads nicely…


  3. Girls have a lot of shoes, kings have lot of crowns, very convincing! Ahhh, he’s such a fashionista 🙂 See him again on the catwalk. Middle earth’ new Top-Model (you remember 😀 ? )


  4. Thanks for the glimpse inside you own RA character diary, Guylty, with bonus jottings about my RAPS! Long live King Thorin with his choice of crowns, I say.


  5. Always a good start to the day when I see the email heading “RA Pocket Shrine”!

    How wonderful that you had one made for you, Guylty – fantastic, RA Overload. I wouldn’t have had the courage! Lovely that you had it with you to give a little cheer in Germany.

    And magnificent Thorin 😀 Love his crown collection and the fur 😉


    • 🙂 I think there are a few RAPS posts coming up this week. Certainly two more. And I am aching to make some more. So maybe today is the day when I get my skates on and do it 😀
      Hehe, “courage”. Yeah, I have really cornered that market, haven’t I? Bit nasty of me, really. I still have RA-overload’s shrine in my pocket. It has my initials “SP” on the cover, and when I see it, for some reason, I always think “S___ Porter”, and not my real name… Talk about wishful thinking… And I don’t even love Porter as much as Guy. Weird.


      • *Prust* Mrs. Porter. Little bit of over-identifying (gibts das Wort?)
        But you’re right: Initials don’t lie. I was happy too, when I found them in my name *biggrinallaround*


              • Das ist Schicksal, Vorherbestimmung, ganz eindeutig, da muss man gar nicht erst groß argumentieren.

                Äh … Moment mal! Heißt das, dass ich ihn nicht kriege?! 😦


                • Also, hier nochmal die Kriterien: das RA in der richtigen Reihenfolge plus das C im Vor- UND Nachnamen. Und dann noch 2x das A und 1x R, Igelchen, ich sehe schwarz für dich *bedauerndkuck*
                  (Preisfrage : wie lautet der Name? ) 🙂


              • Bevor du hier Preisfragen postest (was gibt’s denn zu gewinnen?), solltest du dich erinnern, dass du unter deinem vermutlich richtigen Namen bei Serv kommentiert hast, bevor du deinen Namen zu cRAmerry gewechselt hast. 😛

                Und über das Schwarzsehen reden wir noch. Schließlich bin ich eine Seelenverwandte von RA, davon bin ich felsenfest überzeugt. So!


                • Zu gewinnen gibts hier neben RAPSen (manchmal ) doch in erster Linie Erkenntnisgewinn. Z.B. dass das Netz nichts vergisst und ich es hier mit blitzgescheiten Tierchen zu tun habe ❤


  6. Love to see your diary! And an emotion to see my name in it! My delicious Fashion Lucas is always with me… Thanks again! And may you go on doing wonderful RAPS.
    Vanity Thorin is perfect. As K D said: Long live Thorin! We, as fans, can let him live forever 🙂


  7. I loved seeing the sketch for my Morning After tin in there too! 😀

    Hmm, RA needs to play a (sexy) character with a surname beginning with W so I can fantasise with my initials too… 😉


  8. Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand,
    wer ist der schönste Zwerg im Land?

    Klasse, die beiden RAPS!

    Und einen Einblick in den künstlerischen Schaffensprozess samt lilafarbener Kalligrafiefeder-Handschrift gibt’s auch noch … 🙂


  9. My, my, are you suggesting our king is just a tinsy bit vain?! He’d scowl and growl, but how would he prove you wrong?? Great seeing your notes (discarded ideas included 😉 ). And you have your own RAPS! Fabulous idea and lovely end product, kudos to ra-overload!


    • I am sure the King would be very angry to hear me accuse him thus. After all he only has an image to maintain, hence the choice of crowns…
      This project has really taught me how important it is to take notes – and to keep them afterwards. I often browse through my notebooks. (It’s only marginally related to the fact that there are many nice pictures in the notebook…)
      And yes, a RAPS of my own, who would’ve thought…


  10. Well,my grouchy Pop Thorin likes this and he hates all my other Thorins !!!! Your RAps is really great and you deserve it.You have a lot of friends..


  11. Sorry I’m just checking this now!

    I’m glad you like the RAPS, S 🙂
    I should’ve added a “G” after your initials so it’d be S___ P___ Gisborne, hehehe 😛

    I am very happy with my Vanity Thorin shrine! ❤ The crowns shifted a bit when I got the mail, so I didn't know Thorin was supposed to be holding one! How brilliant! (Now I know why you cut out the key, haha! I can't believe I couldn't connect the dots and figure this out on my own, lol)

    Thanks to everyone who liked my RAPS 🙂 It was a bit nerve-wracking since I was making one for the Queen of all RAPS 😉


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