Burning the Candle

Whew. What a week. This is not burning the candle at both ends. This is also holding it over a flame in the middle. I am full to the brim with excitement. And exhaustion. I am still trying to figure out where to start and what to write at all, so this quick post is actually a bit of a placeholder (or teaser?) of things to come.

In the past eight days I have kept Ryanair afloat,  single-handedly, supported the UK economy (particularly the sandwich shops and coffee chains), done some emergency shrining, kept a few of the red seats of the Old Vic theatre bum-warm, met lots of wonderful people and made a quick sidetrip to my favourite music festival. Oh, and I have seen RA three times on a stage. *eeeek* Do I have a life? Yes, more than ever!

crucible posterSo here’s what’s to come – and most logically probably in chronological order [preliminary plan]:

  1. An Unexpected Journey to London
  2. [ETA] The Crucible Second Time Round
  3. [ETA] Changes in Fangirling
  4. An Expected Journey to a Conversation with RA
  5. “We shall burn together” – The Inofficial Fan AGM
  6. [ETA] Wide-Eyed “Collateral” – an exhibition review
  7. A Final Review of TC times 3
  8. Musings on the Stage Door

I may intersperse it all with a bit of shrine love – four in total to display here.

Just to put you out of your misery: I still have another candle burning for Mr A. I may be mad, I may be exhausted. But I am still impressed by the man. Or more than ever? And not least because of the great experiences he has unwittingly allowed me to have. If this admiration should ever wane (which it usually does for me, after about two years – and so it is high time to do so…), I shall always be grateful to him just for having provided me with so much fun, joy and sheer love of life. The summer of love is coming to an end. But boy, was it a summer…

Back with more, soon.

69 thoughts on “Burning the Candle

    • I am so sorry I have been so absent recently, Kel. Not for want of something to say. But the opposite. Too much to say. And no idea how. I am still reeling. I actually feel dizzy right now 😀


    • Ich sach dir – es ist einfach zu viel des Guten. Ich weiß gar nicht, wo ich anfangen soll, und deshalb fange ich heute auch gar nicht mehr richtig an. Morgen, mit frischem Kopf. Das wird mich das ganze Wochenende kosten 😀 Danke für die Geduld xx


  1. I’m so happy to hear you’re having so many great experiences 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about them as I’m living vicariously through all the generous people in the fandom. Imagine how sad it would be if weren’t able to hear about RA on stage.

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    • *kheehee* yes. I normally love being busy, but this time I was exasperated because it meant I literally had no time to post. I didn’t even have time to write notes or to pre-compose blog posts for later publication. Arrrgh. And with most of the fun of Armitaging being in sharing, the fun really hasn’t quite stopped yet.


  2. Welcome back! You’ve been missed, but very happy for you that there has been so much enjoyment and excitement in your life. Can’t wait to read your accounts! *hugs* xx

    PS I wouldn’t be counting on your admiRAtion going the way of the others if I were you, lol – sounds like you have gone the extra mile for him! 😉


    • *eeeek* that extra mile makes me look a bit mad *ggg*. But well, I guess I am a bit quirky. 😀 However, I will admit that I have had an extra amount of slagging from my family. Says my son upon my return yesterday: “When are you heading off again? Or are you back for good?” I confess, I felt serious pangs of guilt. And then I thought: “No, a happy mother is in his best interest. And the mad jetting around made me happy.”
      Thanks for being so patient and nice, Mezzie xx


  3. Missed you..You lucky girl.Going to London seeing the play..I am jealous..HAH..Guess what I finally got in the mail…”Staged” after all these months..Welcome back..


  4. Hey, girl. Miss you already. You have my permission in advance to expose every silly and stupid thing I did and said in your regal presence. Or not. I can’t wait to read all about your visits and impressions.


  5. Guylty, you don’t know how happy I am that you saw the play again with Servetus, as well as the in conversation and how your Armitage love has only gotten stronger by which I also mean the new adventures and friendships forged. I was in London last week and saw the performance 2x and I’m feel it was so lucky to have been able to see it. I wonder if I had seen you and Servetus at the bar, the long lines for the ladies room, the SD queue…anyway I think we’re going to have a great fall.

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    • Hello Mia!! You know what – that is the one regret I always have about our discretion and anonymity: We cannot identify ourselves easily. I *knew* there must have been many people I probably have communicated with one way or another, and yet I could hardly work the whole room and try and find them.It would’ve been lovely to meet – that is such a big part of the whole thing for me. Maybe in the future I should carry a sign with me “I am Guylty, do you know me?” 😀
      As for Armitage love and stronger – hm, not quite sure whether it is stronger. But still there, but slightly changed, I think. Not for the worse, but different. I hope I will find out when I write about it.
      Thanks for your lovely comment xx


  6. Yes, if anyone can get three flames out of a candle it’s you, Guylty! Like Kathy (hi, Kathy!!!) feel free to write what ever you want re our meeting. And you’re in for a treat folks cos there’s a new luscious Lucas shrine to be revealed and it’s mine, all mine! 😀


    • 😀 Hehe, guys, you have been great. It has all been wonderful to have time with you. Oh my, I love Mr A for having such fantastic fans.
      And by the bye – you struck me as a multi-flame candle burner yourself, Helen 😀 xx


    • Hi Helen, did you have a chance to use your special spoons yet? It was lovely meeting you and hanging out like sophisticated ladies drinking martinis, sorry, I meant coffee. I felt like I was drinking martinis, all the RA energy went quite to my head. 🙂


      • Yes, they’re delicious, Kathy! Thank you so much! Yes, that was a very pleasant afternoon. Martins would have been fun but it was a touch early for me 😉 Wish I could have stayed on afterwards because then we could have had one of the Crucibubble cocktails! 😀


    • You may regret saying that, Katharine. The details are very detailed *ggg*. Post 1 in the “DeRAnged” series has just been posted. My computer is playing up, it seems. Probably too much deRAnging going on…


    • Hehe, a couple of them are out there already. There were five posts planned. Then I realized there was an ommission and I made it six. And now I have remembered there was another chapter I should really get into. The never-ending deRAngement…


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