Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #33

Another last minute weekly round-up, compiled after being more absent than not. And with the mind still processing a performance and other events. There was minimal tumblr blogging on my part, apart from a flurry of reblogs on Friday. Thank cod for the Armitage tag…

Round-up header crucible 33

  1. john-porte-r-armitage brings us a goose-pimple inducing soundbite… *rawrrrr*
  2. beautiful Lucas eyes, an edit that is reduced to the essentials. By redsirion
  3. LOL – Lucy Griffiths knows what she is talking about, I suppose. rcrispinarmitage found it on twitter
  4. Shirtless scene, Gisborne-style. No doubt you know it. But works as an antidote to Proctor overdose *ggg*. Thanks, circusgifs
  5. OMG. Just imagine this as wallpaper. Or wrapping paper. To unwrap what? dedthorin is giving me ideas…
  6. oooh, I haven’t seen many guys-texts-from-last-night lately
  7. Mrsjohnstandring made some Sparkhouse and John Standring text posts. LOL
  8. interesting artwork of RA by fangirlsketchbook
  9. ROFL. N/C. All blame to armitageuniverse
  10. triple-r-porn was in London and brought back gifts for a give-away. Enter until 4th October
  11. Crucible review by notallwhowanderarelost2 who travelled from North America
  12. LOL – love this. Would make a great avatar, rosswoodpark
  13. a review of TC by Mrsjohnstandring, whom I had the pleasure to meet xx

Sorry, guys, a bit meagre this week. Not for want of material, of course, but for my absence. I’ll try and make up for it by posting some shrine goodness later today. After a long hiatus I did some work again before heading to London, and I can’t wait to display them here.

Have a lovely start into the weekend! I believe I will have some quality time on my own today, so I’ll be hanging around on the internet… 😀



34 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #33

  1. My dashboard has been woefully devoid of Richard since he joined Twitter! Sheesh, I’ve had to literally create Guy Day posts the last 2 Guy Days (not that that is a difficult thing to do! I did have help yesterday from RA-Overload!) I guess tooooo many people are still on vacay.

    Lovely roundup for a quickie!

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      • My pleasure.

        Now if I could just get this next chapter of Manna off the ground. I’ve fussed with it for a week and last night tore out the first 8 pages and rewrote it. Sheesh. It’s going to be a doozy and probably quite large.


          • At best, it will be a few days. On top of the massive amounts of plot, smut, and stuff… I have an adorable little Gary bunny nibbling my toes and am fighting the desperate need for a Harry and Gary sandwich.

            Also, BBFili and BBKili wanting to play Dwagon with Uncle Thorin…


              • Yes. I’m hoping he will wait until I get Manna complete or close to completed. You forget – I very much identify with Gary Fuller. Teacher. Single Parent. the ex is gone and no where in the picture. We bear the brunt of all the child rearing, making ends meet, putting a roof over the head, food on the table, making sure there’s heat, ac and water. If the kids are involved in extracurriculars, we do that plus make the decisions that are not only popular, but the unpopular and we can’t blame it on the spouse. There is no – Go ask your mother/father. I understand his POV and it’s a hard place to be. Teachers need love too and because of our place in society – at least here in the States – we have to be super careful.

                So I’ve got a very sweet Gary bunny making my life miserable right now.


                  • Trust me. Gary is one sexy man…erm… teacher. Yeah all that other stuff is NOT sexy and his sons have QUITE a bit to say about that! LOL!

                    Hoping to have Manna to you in a day or two. Finally, it’s moving in the direction I need it to.


  2. Oh my goodness, the last “shallow” (just the way I like it!) review had me sniggering and laughing the whole way through. What a great review. Thanks for posting!


    • Mrsjohnstandring is a total dear. I met her just after she had seen the play, and we had a short hour of giggling together and of discussing the play. Her review was disarmingly honest, and I was glad she mentioned that hole in the shirt because I was quite distracted by that, myself, and was actually beating myself up for being so “shallow” for noticing it *ggg* Thanks for commenting – I hope dear Missus reads your comment, she deserves some love.


  3. John Proctor overload is right — pickings were slim this week on tumblr, I thought, apart from Guy, Thorin, and Armitage’s tweets. But how can I forget that performance?


    • Yup, we have been kind of spoilt, I suppose. When there hasn’t been much virtual stuff, there was RL to entertain us. I am curious to see what the transition to the usual drought of news is going to be like…


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