RA Pocket Shrine 39/? – The Master of Disguise

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Helen JuneDoes this tin look familiar to you? I have used one of these before. Long, long ago, I made RAPS #7 for my wonderful shrine fairy and friend Helen. She, btw, can be credited with getting RAPS Inc. off the ground. Because initially it was just a valentine’s pressie for a fellow fan. When that met with some enthusiasm, I made a second RAPS for my dear friend Obscura. But it was the conversation with Helen in the comments of that post that set up the fan exchange that the RAPS project has become. Initially the deal was a RAPS for a delivery of vegetable crisps. But as soon as I found out that Helen is a jewellery maker, the deal became creative. And since then Helen has sent me various parcels full of sparkly, glittery goodness. She has gifted me some of her beautiful jewellery, and she has become a friend. Ok, sob story over – because one side of this friendship has been more than faithless. For all her support I had promised Helen two matching Allenbury Pastilles RAPS with her two favourite chaRActers Mr Thornton and Lucas North. And it has taken me more than seven months to fulfil that promise. Shame on me! But now, finally, it is here, and hopefully to Helen’s liking.

Spies really are actors as well, aren’t they? Just consider all the personas that Lucas adopted over the course of Spooks. He was a biker in sexy leathers (and gave us some hardcore leather glove porn), a Russian oligarch (really, I hate capitalists, but that one, with *that* accent, somehow hit my feelz), some sleazy sailor (who nonetheless was quite lovely with his “Are you ok, baby?”) and some weird persona called John Bateman (the less said the better). However, my shrine recipient really had a thing going for Pete the Banker, with his fancy suit and red tie. Guylty OTOH prefers the casual look, and so today’s Lucas North RAPS starts off with a beautiful shot of Lucas in the background and some fingerlickingly hot casual Lucas – post-coital donut.

Shrines (2 of 33)Christ, that dramatically lit image of Lucas in the background hits me every time. Even second-hand, as picture-in-a-picture… maaaaan

Stark contrast: Pete the Banker. Formally dressed. Still quite yummy, though *ggg* What a master of disguise…

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And yeah, the glasses are magnetic, so they can be taken away. I love making fun of RA a bit and sticking some ugly glasses on him – but I understand that that might not be conducive to shrine-supported fangirling *ggg*

So here’s the shrine in full glory:

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Altogether a bit simpler, plainer in design, but hopefully it complements the frillier Thornton shrine that Helen also has in her possession. And no candles because I did not want to damage the tin.

So at the end of this post let me say thank you to Helen for being such a wonderful supporter. It means a lot to me to have had your consistent support – not just because of your much too generous presents. I enjoy our creative exchange so much, and it was such a pleasure to meet you last week. (More about that in a different post, though.) You have been an angel! Hugs and kisses! ❤

Helen Jun 2


36 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 39/? – The Master of Disguise

  1. I like the thumb-sucking picture best 🙂 And the glasses are a terrific idea! I wonder what other magnet fun you could have? This makes me think that there ought to be an RA paper doll that fans could dress in different costumes. Or leave in the buff 🙂


  2. Unique *Glycerine*-Flavour?! Brrr. Klingt sehr … ansprechend. Bestimmt keine Gefahr, dass das ein Unbefugter öffnet …

    Love the glasses. *gg* Selbst dann noch, wenn die Brille so schräg auf dem hübschen Näschen sitzt. – Bestimmt zu tief ins Glas geguckt; diese Banker vertragen ja nix.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Guylty,My bookshelf is all Thorin.Dwarf is sexy and gloomy,controlling.Porter is on the same wave as Lucas..Having not seen the play.I reserve judgment on Proctor.Ricky can ride my cycle any day…Ha.. I can’t talk about Guy,Zee might get mad…!!!!!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Guylty, you’ve made me blush… You are much too kind! And I don’t think I can take credit for establish RAPS as an ongoing concern… I’m sure there was discussion of peanut something-or-others (from Germany?) before the vegetable crisps came into the equation! 😉

    Ah, my lovely Lucas. What a stunning RAPS. ALL those photos give me a funny turn – eyelashes (swoon), thumb licking (sigh), perfect features and sharp suit (melt). By the way it’s not that I like bankers, I just can’t resist a man in a good suit… 🙂 (Or leather, but that’s a different story…)

    I have to admit I have to take the glasses off before melting completely, but it love them nonetheless. (And let’s face it, he would take them off, wouldn’t he, before… *cough*

    Whenever I’m feeling a bit challenged now I can get my fix of Lucas and he spurs me on to do what I need to do! So a million thanks Guylty, as ever! You are such a star. 😀


    • You are right – UtePirat started the supply with her delivery of peanut puffs and tins. So she deserves some credit, too 🙂
      It’s the whole package with Lucas, isn’t it? The mutability of the character into believable personas (except for you-know-who *hmph*), the strength and intellect of the spy, and the fragility and vulnerability of the man. Sigh. I feel a Spooks fest coming on (and tonight is perfect – free gaff *yay*)
      If I am a star, you are an angel ❤


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