RA Pocket Shrine 40/? – Meet Mr Darcy-Thornton

The finish line is in sight. Eight more performances and Mr A will have fulfilled his contract with the Old Vic leave John Proctor behind. Well, according to his own insights into his work processes he won’t be able to just leave him in the Old Vic dressing room but take a part of him away.  I think we probably all will. With the intense reporting especially via Social Media this summer, we have had an extraordinary amount of RA news coming our way. That is going to change drastically, soon. Maybe I should space out my posts in order to transition nicely into the upcoming times of news drought until the Hobbit promo gets going? No, I want to celebrate the end of the play’s run with daily posts before it is all over. A post a day keeps the blues away. Since I am under a bit of pressure today, I’ll launch the Crucible Farewell Week with a RAPS post.

Kathy Jones, poetess extraordinaire, has been one of my most generous supporters of the shrine project. She came on board early on and sent me a large parcel of all kinds of goodies (including M&Ms :-D) for crafting with. She was adamant that she wanted to back my fandom love mission and went so far as asking for a wish-list of stuff that I might need. I ummed and awwed – it just felt wrong to me to make any kind of demand. But Kathy is a veritable terrier. She insisted I let her know what she could do to help me, and I faltered under the pressure :-D. (Remember kids, no cyber-bullying. Daddy has told us to be nice to each other!) I made a Porter RAPS for her way back in May, and I promised her then to make another one which she wanted to gift to her daughter.

It wasn’t until August that I finally got my act together. Shame on me. I always seem to need pressure to get my ass into gear. And the pressure came with her announcement that she would travel to London for The Crucible and my subsequent decision to meet her there. (More about that in a later post, hopefully tomorrow.) Kathy had dropped a few hints about the desired theme of the RAPS. Her daughter is a particular fan of Pride and Prejudice but also likes the look of Mr A. A challenge if there ever was one…

Shrines (9 of 33)

So no hot wet Firth-in-shirt, of course. “CFPS” just has not got the same ring to it as RAPS… But where there is a will there is a way…

Shrines (11 of 33)

In the absence of wet Thornton imagery, a cravat-less shot had to do. Here is Mr Darcy-Thornton, trudging through the pretty wilderness around his modest little country estate, Pemberley. Has he just spotted Ms Bennett in the shrubbery?

Shrines (13 of 33)

It seems so. Look at the love in his eyes… The little piece of paper under the heart on the left quotes the world’s most famous opening line from a book: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. It can be rolled up into a little scroll to fit back into the shrine.

Shrines (10 of 33)

A NS/PP crossover. A true work of fan fiction, don’t you think? I daresay that RA would have made a swoon-worthy, panty-melting Darcy himself. Reading PP will never be the same again. The tall dark handsomeness of Mr A and the haughty passion of Mr Darcy… *thud*. Thanks for that piece of inspiration, Kathy! And for everything else you have done for me. It was wonderful meeting you last week – I wish we had had more time. You are another angel!


64 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 40/? – Meet Mr Darcy-Thornton

  1. I think Mr Thornton-Darcy on screen would be very, very dangerous! 😉 I get mesmerised by it badly enough with CF… If Richard was in it no work would get done EVER…

    Another fabulous RAPS, Guylty and Kathy, if you manage to give that away you’re a better woman than me (OK, it’s for your daughter so I guess you’ll be able to look at it occasionally…)!


    • That’s a POV I had not thought about – RA as Darcy would be the final straw. It was bad enough with NS. 😀
      LOL – yeah, I was actually wondering whether Kathy would give away that shrine… she seemed quite taken with it herself…

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  2. Stunningly gorgeous, Guylty- both the man and the shrine. I love the lush greenery and the red roses surrounding Pemberley.
    Kathy- congrats for being a steadfast Guylty enabler, and I’m sure your daughter will adore her RAPS.


    • Cheers, Katharine – it’s hard to fail with images of cravat-less Thornton, isn’t it?
      “Guylty enabler” – love it 😉
      BTW – did you have your Aussie fan meet? Hope to hear about it!


  3. Ich finde ja wir bräuchten etwas wie Bridget Jones, wo eben statt Darcy Thornton verwurstet wird in einer hübschen Komödie und RA mitspielt. *gross sobbing*


    • Das ist eine absolut hervorragende Idee, missus! Das sollten wir umsetzen. Können wir das mal anfangen, bitte? Ich stelle mir das als einen kleinen Briefroman vor – Maggie schreibt an ihre Freundin Edith und erzählt wie’s läuft. Thornton ist ein fieser Business-Fritze und Maggie arbeitet im Catering, seitdem ihr Vater aus dem Missionarsberuf ausgestiegen ist. Hippie-girlie und Business-Fritze, das ergibt doch einigen Spaß.

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      • You are never a mere tool. You are the creative genius from which all RAPS goodness flows. I am sill on the wrong side of the pond to hand this over to my daughter , and I will have a really hard time letting it go.It is safely tucked into a shoe that gave me blisters in London. And now Paris has gifted me with new ones. Californians never walk. It is a truth universally known. So when I get out of my flip flops, disaster. I will give it to her when I get home in a couple of days. In the meantime, I am watching the US Open (tennis) live, in German. Help!


  4. He would make an incredible Darcy! Another lovely shrine. The little quotation is my favorite detail. I feel for you about the news drought. My guy is about to start a new play at the Dublin Theatre Festival, so we CH fans are looking forward to some publicity 🙂

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    • He would, wouldn’t he? I’d let him play any Austen male – except for Capt Wentworth, btw, who will forever be embodied by good old Ciaran. I am not just saying that because you love him but because he was my gateway into Austen… Besides, for obvious reasons Ciaran rocked the suspected Irishness of Wentworth so well 😀
      Oh, and Ciaran on stage? I just checked. Together with Mrs Thornton (Sinead Cusack). I must say I am tempted to see that. Are you coming for that? If you do and feel like it, get in touch for a cup of tea and a chat. Please.


  5. Great idea beatifully performed! 🙂

    I must confess that I already had imagined (and sighed accordingly) RA playing Darcy; he would be able to perform Darcy’s dark nuances in a superb manner!

    Anyway, cheer up! I don’t think “the draught” would last very long, I hope Digital Theatre will fill the gap brilliantly.


    • You are so right, Barsine, of course we will be placated by the digital recording. Yay. And there go the blues… 🙂 Anyhow, Hobbit promo will start soon, and who knows, maybe a London premiere?


  6. Perfection!
    Oh, if only I had stumbled across Mr Darcy Thornton in the shrubbery when I was taking a photo of that exact same view of Pemberley (aka Lyme Park)…sigh…..


  7. Ich habe zwar PP nie gelesen oder gesehen, und bei der berühmten Schlussszene von N&S geht mir auch jedesmal eher durch den Kopf, dass beide Beteiligten nasenmäßig auf der größeren Seite sind, als dass ich in begeistertes Sabbern verfalle oder hingerissen seufze** … Aber trotzdem: Ohhhhhhhhhh! Schöner, schöner RAPS. 🙂

    Und dass du zugegeben hast, dass du Druck brauchst, um in die Gänge zu kommen … Das wirst du noch bereuen! *fies grinsend die Pfoten reib*

    ** Ja, Blasphemie. Ich bin ein schlechter Fan und schäme mich entsprechend. 😛


    • Mir aus den Augen, Unselige! Kein ehrfürchtiges Keuchen bei der Abschlusszene am Bahnhof UND PP nicht gelesen? Ja saach e mal, wo gibt’s denn sowas? Bist wahrscheinlich noch so jung, klar und hast noch soviel durch 🙂 Vielleicht holst du es ja mal nach. Der Winter naht und die kuscheligen Stunden zum Lesen nehmen hoffentlich zu 🙂
      Und was war das für eine ehrenrührige Replik zum Thema Nasen? Simmer heute auf Krawall gebürstet? 😀

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    • *hissssssssssss* Das ist allerdings ein extremes Versäumnis Frau Igelfutz! Ich mein, das ist doch sowas wie die Reifeprüfung des Fangirls. *kopfschüttel* Und dann noch despektierliche Äußerungen zu den Nasen… hat DDA wirklich einen größeren Rüssel? Mir gar nicht so aufgefallen. Ist so nah neben der Armitag’schen Proboszis auch dann nicht mehr erwähnenswert 😀
      Weia, und nun krieg ich bald Druck? Ich freu mich schon – denn echt, ohne Nachfrage ist bei mir immer Last-Minute angesagt. Ich sag dir, wenn ich meine Arbeit ohne Druck und mit viel Zeit erledigen würde, würde ich vermutlich nur 100%ige Sachen machen… 😀

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      • Sorry, aber ich werde in diesem Leben wohl kein Fan mehr vom Period-Drama … *in die Ecke stell und ganz doll schäm* 😦

        Und ich würde doch niiiiie despektierliche Bemerkungen über Richards Näschen machen! Immerhin gehört der Rüssel zu seinen herausragendsten Eigenschaften, da kann frau doch nicht frech sein. – Tststs, völlig undenkbar!

        Und du kriegst natürlich bald Druck, ganz klar. Jede/r kriegt doch das, was er/sie verdient. 😛


  8. Darcy/Thornton overkill! Was für eine hochexplosive Mischung (da fährt es einem wieder in diese speziellen Bereiche……) Mannomann. Ich bin ja tatsächlich über CF direktemang auf RA gekommen, sozusagen im allgemeinen Period-Drama-Rausch. Eigentlich kann man die beiden nicht wirklich vergleichen,finde ich, aber du hast recht: wenn man das zusammennimmt und potenziert (Arroganz trifft ….*seufz*). Hollah, die Waldfee. Da bleibt kein Auge trocken und die Sabberfunktion läuft im Dauermodus 😀


    • Haha, ich habe gerade “wunderschachtliges” gelesen. Gefällt mir aber irgendwie auch, “kleine Wunderschachtel”. Schachtel ist sowieso so ein schönes deutsches Wort. Allerdings nur, wenn nicht deskriptiv und im Kontext mit “alt” gebraucht 😀 Many thanks, Suzy 🙂


      • DO NOT GO THERE!!! NO! Rather than finish this chapter of Manna (which I’m NOW working on – last scene of the chapter) I’ve been researching Newfoundlands!

        Don’t ask, but it has to do with the Gary bunny.

        So no. No fanfiction (from me) crossing N&S and PP!

        No. Just say no!


        • but you know you want to, ah somebody has to write this!!! 🙂 2 of my favourite things together! this is better than strawberries and cream! somebody please pick up this beautiful idea ( in the even more beautiful RAPS!!) and run with it! pretty please!


  9. This is beautiful (even if I wonder whether Armitage as Darcy could have done to me what Mr. Thornton did — for me they are not really in the same league). All the roses.

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  10. I love this shrine Guylty, I think its my favourite so far.
    RA as Darcy…..too delicious to contemplate…. well maybe I could contemplate it, yeah, quite a lot actually, but it would be just too much…….wouldn’t it? xx.


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