Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #34

Historic day today. I don’t need to tell you. I guess many of us will be thinking of Richard today. What will he be thinking when he gets up – will there be relief or grief, as he goes about the last of his Crucible acting days? Probably both. I suspect we will feel both, too. From tomorrow, everything will be different. So let’s enjoy week 34 on tumblr with a best of that includes a good bit of The Crucible.

Round-up header crucible 34

  1. This story by triple-r-porn starts very gently and lovely – Lucas Translator AU. NSFW – but I recommend you at least read the beginning and exit when it gets too hot *ggg*
  2. Does Richard Armitage love fish? Circusgifs may be on to something
  3. RA-overload makes me long for the reappearance of the stubblitage
  4. Richard Armitage Hair Evolution by darksideofafangirl. Chronology wrong but quite fun
  5. *This* gif by circusgifs sticky at the top of my blog and every day what start with a laugh
  6. Who says the back view is not as attractive as the front? This painting by faerytale-wings proves it wrong
  7. Oh, wow, this is even more stylized and more gorgeous. By azotho
  8. mrsjohnstandring googles the internet, and this comes up. dun-dun-duuuuuuuuun
  9. spyvstailor continues her series of RA photoshopped into romantic movies. Here’s another one that had me LOL. You should subscribe to him/her
  10. LOL – has Jollytr started a new creative series? A little speech from Sir Guy. I am one of those hearts
  11. I know, it’s a highly moral play. But this is still really funny. Oninha’s work
  12. A take on the SD experience by iridescentarmitage LOL
  13. notallwhowanderarelost2’s impressions of the Richard Armitage conversation event
  14. Interesting photo collage by richardarmitage-poland
  15. This richardarmitageconfession could’ve been mine, but I swear it isn’t, desite my constant ribbing these last two days… (psssst: I am actually quite impressed by his music choice…)
  16. Tbh, I think there is something slightly indecent about the second gif in this set by Jollytr
  17. sahraobsessed at the SD
  18. A little help from thewanderinggoyl with pronunciation. Not that *we* need it. But we could forward it to future interviewers?
  19. avelera thinks RA is a modeling pro
  20. Yungarnet has a jealous cat – LOL
  21. And for the last night of the Crucible playing in London, here are *the* words, courtesy of lifebusygivinglemons

Break a leg, Richard, two more times. And then I hope you get to drink a glass of pinot noir, or maybe a Chateau d’Arse? Stop sniggering. It exists and is actually quite delicious. Duh, and no, I don’t mean *his* arse. Although that is probably also quite delicious. Grah, I am digging myself deeper and deeper. And sleep in on Sunday morning. Honestly, I didn’t believe a word you were saying when you replied at the convo that you are in the gym 8am on Sunday. If so – then loosen up and enjoy your freedom!

Tears, snot, pee, vomit… ooops… different context. I meant

love, hugs, kisses!

92 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #34

      • Yeah. From my limited life experience, I’m guessing that’s the dominant question — you get through it and I assume there will be some kind of jubilation at the stage door tonight and maybe some kind of last hurrah among the cast (if they have any energy left), but what happens when you wake up for your normal gym time on Sunday morning at 8 and realize that this thing that has structured your entire life is now just gone?

        With this announcement about Sleepwalker (and into traces that it begins shooting in October) I wonder how much time he can really afford to take off. It sounded a bit, from that tweet, like maybe his Hobbit ADR is over (if so, good, although amazing if he did that during The Crucible), so that’s good … but maybe on to the next thing makes the sudden aporia from the end of this thing not so grave? (don’t know … but wonder really hard 🙂 ).


        • No way of knowing this, I suppose. Judging from myself – I would wake up on Sunday morning, ready to get up and going. Only to realize “stop – it’s over. I don’t have to. Ahhhhhhh, how lovely” and turn over again. BTW – the “8am in the gym on Sunday morning” answer in the convo I didn’t take seriously at all. He answered with a cheeky grin. Even though he seems to be very disciplined, I can’t believe that he doesn’t give himself at least one day a week where he can just *be*.
          So the next projects are all lined up. I’d guess that he’ll spend the remainder of September getting ready for his character in Sleepwalking – researching, writing character bio? And maybe just winding down a little bit after TC.
          2.5 hours to go til his last performance as Proctor. I bet he’s elated and sad at the same time. That feeling of grief in the pit of your stomach. Break a leg, Rich…

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  1. What a bag of goodies! Yes, it’s a big day today, and therefore – #16, shiver and sigh. Even more so after yesterday’s insightful Twitter session.
    To lower the tone a bit – #1, Triple-R’s stories are never to be missed, but this one… Ooof!
    #9 – getting better with each edit! Laugh of the day guaranteed.
    #16 – oh, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing! O_o
    As always, thanks for the list!


  2. Traust du irgendwem zu, die Nummer i zu lesen und aufzuhören, wenn’s gerade interessant wird?

    Nach deinem Kommentar zu ii weiß ich jetzt, warum du immer Köder auslegst …

    xvi: Ich bin viel zu unschuldig, um zu spekulieren, was du meinen könntest … (Wie kritisch isses eigentlich, wenn ein verflixter Manschettenknopf *so* Assoziationen weckt?!)

    Chateau d’Arse für R. C. – gesprochen: arsey – Armitage? (Vielleicht bleibe ich doch besser bei Richard C./the Armitage …)

    Danke fürs Sammeln. 🙂


  3. Yes indeed, always a pleasure to have this to dip into 🙂

    Mmm, #1, that story is hot hot hot! And #5 still gets me every time 😉 And love #9, #10 & #11. And #16 😉 Guylty, I would never have spotted the smut without you drawing attention to it 😉


    • I know, I am bad. I am pulling innocent readers over the edge with links to smut. And then turning perfectly harmless gifs into hardcore thumb porn 😉 Honestly, I stared at that gif for three minutes before I could tear myself away. I am way too deep in this…


  4. What a great bag of Richard jelly beans, A flavor for everyone. Loved the smut and everything else, Especially Richard being grounded. I volunteer to make sure he doesn’t leave the house.

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  5. So I read them comments first and of course went straight away to xvi to see what everyone was talking about…..I stared for a minute, then put my hands over my mouth and giggled, and then became transfixed… all the while giggling.


    • IKR. It’s really really quite a nice gif. Soo innocent. And yet… Well, it’s all in the context, isn’t it?
      And hey, that’s a very economic way of enjoying the tumblr mix bag – just see which numbers get mentioned most, and those are the ones. Good one, Heather!


  6. Oh, ich wollte ja auch noch was zu RAs Musikgeschmack sagen: Ich nehme mal stark an, dass das, was er als Auftrittsvorbereitung hört, nicht repräsentativ ist.

    Easy listening wird wohl auch bei ihm anders klingen. (Serv hätte ihm nachsprinten und ihm den Kopfhörer abnehmen sollen – rein aus Gründen der Komplettierung des Fachwissens, versteht sich. 😉 )


        • Denke ich mir auch. Obwohl der Musikgeschmack bei mir ja schon fast der Dealbreaker ist 😀 Irgendwo hab ich mal eine Liste zusammengestellt von Musik, die er erwähnt hat. Gruselig, sach ich nur, gru-se-lig!


          • Wenn er bei mir einzieht, berichte ich dir, womit er meine armen Öhrchen quält.

            Wenn’s ganz schlimm wird, halte ich mit deutscher Kultur dagegen. Unsterbliche Klassiker wie “Das rote Pferd” oder so sollten ihn heilen …

            Hat jemand von euch ein Zimmer frei, wo ich so lange einziehen kann?

            Vielleicht sollte ich auch dafür sorgen, dass er Musik nur mit Kopfhörern genießt …? Riiiiiiichie! Wir müssen da mal was besprechen! *ggg*


  7. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am on Saturday mornings 🙂 Hubby just shrugs and says “Yeah, I know. Guylty first.” Then he sighs and goes for another cup of coffee while I boot up Old Faithful. You’ve become MY guilty pleasure 😀


    • LOL. Hehe, so your husband “knows” me? 😀 I love the idea of being anyone’s guilty pleasure *ggg*. I just don’t want to be responsible for the breakdown of marital relations. I leave that dubious pleasure up to Mr Arsey Armitage himself.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Well … he has offered to dye his hair black and speak with an English accent and it’s him who refers to RA as my “boyfriend” so we’re pretty safe from marital discord. He’s a long suffering man well used to the vagaries of my attentions and he’s quite impressed that Robert Hermitage has lasted so long – much longer than scrapbooking, baking, and housecleaning 😉


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