Badge Update: The Small Print

Some of you may already have seen my post on tumblr or my tweet – this is what I received in the post yesterday:
Yes! They are here. The button badges have been printed and I have 100 to give away. Well, 97 because I am keeping one of each for myself.

Since I wasted shot off all my marketing spiel yesterday, I’ll show you in pictures that this is the must-have accessory of the coming BOFA season.

Convinced? This is the a voluntarily worn identifier for those well-wishers who would like to make contact with others. Not a prescriptive badge, not a membership card, not a medal. Just a bit of fun for those like me who thought it was a shame that we missed each other in London for The Crucible because we simply couldn’t identify our fellow fans.

And this is the plan – I am happy to send them out to you free of charge – my treat, and that of new blogger Hariclea who has made a generous donation that covers half the cost of the badges. Thank you, Hariclea!! Everyone who would like to have a badge shall get it, postage covered, anywhere in the world. BUT if you feel like it, I will be happy to accept donations to cover some of my packaging and postage costs, and I promise I will donate anything left-over to the Young Minds charity via Richard’s JustGiving page.

Let me emphasise again, though: This is a voluntary contribution; I do not expect donations but am happy to send them off free of charge.

So this is the important bit: Despite generous and friendly offers from cRAmerry, Armitagebesotted, Jollytr, Austoz, .i.f and whoamIforgettingIknowthereweremore, I have decided that in the interest of your privacy I will take on the dispatch of the badges myself. If you would like to have one, please send me an e-mail to guylty (at) photographer (dot) net with your request and address. Please put “BADGES” in the subject line.

I hope you understand that it will be too difficult to consider particular preferences in terms of the three available badge slogans. There are 33 badges of each design, and I just can’t be bothered to allocate and organise preferences. I will just put my hand in the bag and pull one out. Except for the “deRAnged” adage. If you do not want “deRAnged” on your badge, please let me know in your e-mail and I will try to keep that in mind – first come, first served.

Right. Let’s get this on the road in time for BOFA! And if the badge ever works as an identifier and you meet a fellow well-wisher, I would love to hear the story!!!


115 thoughts on “Badge Update: The Small Print

  1. Es ist vollbracht! Grossartig. Dem gegenseitigen Erkennen steht nichts mehr im Wege. Und wie cool, dass Hariclea sich so ins Zeug legt. Super Einstieg <3. Für mich keine extra Post, schubs das deRAnged Teilchen einfach demnächst mal in die Post mit der Auftragsarbeit 🙂
    Und was für nette Posen. Die zweifach punktgenaue Anbringung ist in der Tat ein no-go. Das ist dann eher NICHT diskret. Also, wenn man Kontakt mit aller Macht sucht, dann schon…..


    • *kicher* Ich kam mir ja schon bescheuert vor, als ich die Selbstportraits geschossen habe… Wenn mich da einer bei beobachtet hat… Ups, und mir fällt gerade ein – ich hatte spaßeshalber sogar ein “Behind the scenes at a Guylty photo shoot” gedreht…

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      • Veröffentlichst du dann demnächst den directors cut? Ich glaube ja, du gewöhnst dich Schritt für Schritt an die Öffentlichkeit und irgendwann erstrahlst du hier mal im Vollbild 😉 Am besten gefallen hat mir der hingebungvoll sehnsüchtige Schmachtblick aus dem Fenster. Sowas von natürlich 😀

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        • *ggg* Wie gesagt: “S___ zeigt Freude am darstellerischen Spiel.” Irgendwann schick ich dir mal den Link zu meinem Auftritt in der irischen Lindenstraße. Oder im Avantgarde-Video eines Fotokollegen, in dem ich eine deutsche lesbische Schauspielerin bei den Proben zu einer irischen Familienserie spielte. Ech, ohne Scheiß 😀

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  2. Hi Sonja – yes please, but not deRAnged if you don’t mind…

    Helen xx

    PS happy to donate in lieu of doing UK distribution… Paypal?

    Sent from my iPad



  3. yay! What a pleasant surprise on this otherwise not really great day. I will send you an email to see how I can send my donation to you.
    I would love to be a proud owner of one of these marvellous badges. And wear it on prominent display for everybody to notice. All. The. Time.


      • YAY!!!

        GREAT NEWS!!!! My drive was sliding around loose and the connectors were disconnected so they reconnected them, braced the drive with some packing and I have all my stuff back INCLUDING that thing…. I’m teaching 3 days with the same class I had last week and I’ll have time to finish so you’ll have it in your hot little hands in under 24 hours!


        • That is fantastic news. So glad it was all just down to a little hardware fault. Grah, there’s nothing worse than rewriting. Looking forward to it 🙂
          And best of luck with the teaching!


          • her classes are really good. They’ll have writing assignments so I’ll be able to write and do a few things.

            yeah it’s a relief. I’ve had the WORST luck with computers since my original Precious went tootsies up last May. It’s been a nightmare.

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  4. I hadn’t bothered to notice they weren’t all the same, “distRActed” was what jumped out at me 🙂 Truthfully, “deRAnged” is also accurate, just less… gentle on my tender feelings (lol!!)


      • I don’t have anything against deRAnged except that distrRActed simply nails me 😀 But not problem if other badge comes around.

        BTW I’m curious: what are the reactions when you arrive to the post office?

        A.- the employees cry OMG NO! HER! AGAIN!
        B.- the manager unfolds the red carpet and greets you with a Japanese bow


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        • LOL – yes, they definitely know me there. But so far they have not let on what they think of me. 😀 They are probably happy that I am using their service. I am in there every single day, no lie. But that is also due to my participation in some sort of mailing time measurement project for which I have to send off parcels every day. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind the red carpet treatment 😉
          distRActed it is then 😉


  5. I like the boob picture the best, so I need two, please. Just kidding, I’ll take anything. Since you are refusing chocolates, I will have to think of something else to send. I saw your hips and there is nothing wrong with them, BTW. I think you have my address, but if you don’t have it, let me know.

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    • LOL Trust you to go for the banned option 😀 But yeah, the chocolate regrettably has to stop. With my rather sedentary lifestyle – all of course exacerbated by my frequent blogging and shrning – things have taken a turn for the worse and gone South :-D. Anyhow, you were on the list anyhow, silly ❤


  6. I love the shoot!!! oh wish i could have been there, what a giggle 🙂 i love the pearl clutching air in the first one ;-)) but my fav is the cool tie and hat one :-p i don’t mind which will get back. I my mind i wish there could be an instance or doing the double one just to see his face if he ever saw them :-p but maybe better not, we end up just seeing how fast he can run 😉
    I think they’re classy and mysteriouusssssssss .. precioussssssss

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    • The shoot was deadly serious, I can tell you. I have no patience with myself *at all*, and looking at myself on camera is painful to the extreme. It’s also healthy, though, because it brought home the brutal truth and has finally kicked me into diet mode 😀
      The double one is a total no-no!!! Remember, the badges are for fans, not for RA 😀

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  7. Loved the creative photo shoot- thanks for organising all this, Guylty, and thanks to your contributor Hariclea as well. Email sent!


  8. Send me a batch, dear, and I will distribute to the New Yorkers I see at our upcoming group events over the next few months. Paypal for a contribution to cover postage et al.?


  9. Actually I wanted to wait a wee bit longer until I could’ve posted the 100th comment! Yeah, could’ve needed a “Tusch” today! Grins..
    But then (es gibt kein Halten mehr!), right at this very second I lost my control… you know…this most disturbing pic… and all this pling-plong-badges!…totally deRAnged and distRActed and despite everything seemed comfortingly arRAnged nothing is like it appeared to be…

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    • Hehe, I just read it. No, never mind…
      And thanks for the offer, that’s great. I have decided to take on the distribution myself – just really for privacy’s sake. The first batches of badges are already on their way. It’s all good 🙂
      BTW – I hope you noticed that I was modelling your lanyard there in my little picture story!!!! The badges are pinned to it. It hangs above my desk.


    • 😀 I’m sure you are not…
      I am usually not Mrs Frilly, but in this case I chose the flock wallpaper design as a reference both tot the Anglophile Channel interview backdrop as well as the wallpaper in the Old Vic bar. (Wow, are you impressed how I am au fait with the details *lol*). And the writing had to be in a strong colour just so that something would stand out even from further away. Reading the pin is not necessary – as long as people recognise a round white pin with a pink strip on it, they know it is the “badge to facilitate fan encounters”.


  10. I am not a design expert by any stretch of the imagination, but Guylty, you did it so well. I will eventually wear one or two possibly at the same time even. Don’t want you to go to the trouble of sending some when I think we can make more state-side. The cost is not prohibitive (I know that is a subjective term depending on one’s circumstances) for me, but the time involved in shipping them out would be. In other words, I’m up for helping, contributing what I can. 😀


  11. Oh and I did happen to notice you wearing the lanyard I’d sent, but didn’t want to say cause I was not happy with the way my printer was working that day. The badges are printing out right now. I’m electronically challenged as well. 😀


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