RA Pocket Shrine 44/? – Venus by the Name of Lee

And now for something completely different… Let’s leave the badge-bombing aside for a moment (*phew* a good batch of badges has gone in the post already – get ready for the badge-bomb squad) and rest our weary eyes on something more attractive titillating . *ooops* I had vaguely promised a week of premieres here. Unfortunately the postal service is actively working against me. Damn, does it take long for my letters to reach the recipients. However, good news, a RAPS has reached its destination today, and so I can present another new creation here.

I’ve been through all the main chaRActers at this stage. I am even beginning to delve in the latest creations of yer man – Chop made his first appearance last week, and I can disclose that John Proctor will pop up soon, too. But there are a number of smaller roles that have not yet been enshrined. No blame on the attractive assets of these characters – moustaches and bad wigs aside – but mostly those lesser known chaRActers are not all that attractive when it comes to their personality. McIlwain? Looks nice in a towel but was a bit of a stalker. Chatford? Velvety soft hair, but the moustache??? Evil! Percy Courtenay? All red roses and sweetness at first, and presumably an enthusiastic kisser *ahem* have you seen *those* gif??? but turns out to be a wife beater. Ugh.

When I started on today’s shrine, I wasn’t actually setting out to do Lee Preston particularly. Rather – I wanted to make a RAPS for my dear friend Obscura – the RArmy’s classicist who delights us on her blog Ancient Armitage with her insightful excursions into ancient civilisations, always written in her inimitable fluid and frequently cheeky-funny style. Moreover, Obscura is one of the two ladies behind the Spread the Love initiative. She deserved some love for her birthday. It was clear I had to do a theme that would somehow connect to her area of expertise – tall, dark, handsome, British men classic art and mythology. I had an idea for a sexy little shrine, but the only suitably nude suitable imagery came in the shape of none other than Lee Preston.

Well, then, are there any redeeming features in Lee Preston? It’s all a matter of perspective. Or of concentrating on the good bits and ignoring the rest *coughs*. Here we go with the rather unexciting outside of the shrine.


In the words of Percy Bysshe Shelley (well, almost – I helped him a long a little bit)

Muse, sing the deeds of golden Lee,
Who wakens with his smile sultrý
Of sweet desire, taming the eternal queens
Of Heaven, and women, and all the things seen
That fleet along the air, or whom the sea,
Or earth, with his mascúline ministry,
Nourish innumerable, thy squee
All seek … O crowned Lee!


Ok, he’s not crowned. But he’s quite the male Venus *coughs*… And I don’t even *like* that photo shoot

However, as I said, it’s all a matter of perspective. Let’s forget the pool parties and the threesome with Jo and Jim (Beam). I mean, come on – who could resist *this*:


To tell you the truth – I was so taken with my fantasy version of Lee or maybe the lingering smoke of my blown-to-pieces ovaries was momentarily obscuring (see what I did there??? :-D) my capacity to see clearly that I completely forgot to make holes for the little candles… *duh*. But well, I think the shrine might still work.


There we are. Lee in his element (note the styling of my shoot *giggles*), a Preston Premiere. I hope I haven’t ruined Homer for Obscura forever *ggg*. But this had to be done. My artistic imagination is extra-keen since the onslaught of creative inspiration courtesy of Mr A in The Crucible. I was working with the mastery of Botticelli in my  mind.

Well, ok. Against better judgment and despite the lack of suitable imagery, admittedly.  Sorry, Sandro. Mind you, as someone said to me – “RA really could be a tad less stingy about the naked material we have to work with!” Very true.


162 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 44/? – Venus by the Name of Lee

    • Obscura is a treasure. I think she should post more, though. Actually no. If she blogs more, she has less time to write e-mails to me. 😀 Anyhow – kudos to you as well, Jazz, for being the love force with STL!


  1. I love it to bits!! (Apparently I live in Outer Mailgolia!!) I almost died laughing as I worked out the Botticelli connection…Venus on the Half Shell is how I learned it from some irreverent art historian along the way 🙂 If only the myth was as pretty…castrated genitals, sea foam…shazam – Venus!

    “RA really could be a tad less stingy about the naked material we have to work with!” Who would suggest such a thing *cough*

    Thanks for the unexpected and lovely gift (and I will repay you for the shower of tiny stars!) 😀

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    • I am glad you like it, Obscura – point was that I had this idea for a Venus by Botticelli shrine. Unfortunately Preston was the only suitable image, pose-wise and in terms of relative nudity. I know he’s not really anyone’s favourite, but yeah, let’s just imagine he has an equally beautiful mind as body 😀
      Sorry about the stars 😀 I like to make sure that my generous supporters see that their contributions are being put to use *ggg*
      And a very happy birthday very belatedly – you are a star. Shine brightly for yet another year! ❤


  2. RA on the half shell. Delicious. I also like the the black lace underwear peeking out in the background. Very subtle touch. I am sure Obscura will love her present. Who wouldn’t?

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    • You know, I started out looking at the Speedo shots, but as you said – they are cut off mid-thigh, so they didn’t fit the artistic vision. What a pity. OTOH at least that way this RAPS is compatible with use in public…


    • Obscura’s blog is just delightful to read. She makes classic art so accessible and interesting just by putting it into context with RA, and her writing is just so entertaining…
      Monet – aha. You know, dede, Monet has been on my list for so long. I have collected a couple of bits and pieces for the shrine already, and I have the idea sketched in my mind. I recently rewatched The Impressionists, and Monet will be done, soon.
      For the next RAPS presentation, however, I can already disclose it is going to be Proctor… I’m only waiting for him to arrive at his recipient’s but then I will show him 🙂

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  3. sososo good, your ideas are just off the scale, just getting better and better! love the Venus reference! ah what would legends be like if out of the shell not Venus would come but him? 🙂 And who knew antiques are so hot? maybe i should start watching ‘The Antiques Road Show’…

    Love the lacey backdrop! ( you have great taste! *ggg*) it sets off the Botticelli skin tone wonderfully 🙂
    Oscura is a lucky and lovely lady 🙂
    Ps No idea who Lee P is? but he can’t be all that bad looking that sweetly among roses.. Before i saw pictures i thought you’d changed camp! 😀
    PPS just because i adore Botticelli and his Venus is beautiful, but i like this one even more, easily in my top 3 paintings of all time:

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    • Thanks, Tree :-). In answer to your question – by shamelessly sponging off proper artists’ ideas :-D. There is a good bit of scope there – many iconic paintings to copy *ggg*


  4. RA + Botticelli: a win win!
    You know, after listening to Hamlet I really need Richard to come in Florence and take a lesson about the correct pronunciation of the Medici last name 😉 And why not, also to pay a visit to Uffizi Gallery!

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    • 🙂 BTW, Micra – recognise the mini shells? Straight from Sardinia… (The big shell is Irish, though.)
      Oh, and let me in on the correct pronunciation of Medici. I think in Germany I was taught that the emphasis is the first syllable, but in English the second syllable is given the stress. How is it pronounced correctly?
      I’d love to see the Uffizi, too. I went to the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna a few years ago, but I am not a huge fan of Renaissance painting. Renaissance architecture OTOH is entirely different matter. I loved that city, even though I was there in early February when there was snow. Didn’t matter in Bologna, though, because the city boasts the antique covered walkways from Renaissance times. It was just gorgeous…

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      • Awwww! I’m so glad you used them!!! 😀 Happy to have contribuited to a RAPS!
        The correct pronunciation is Mèdici, stress on first syllable. The stress on the second syllable in the English common use in uncorrect, as explained here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/legacy/magazinemonitor/2006/10/how_to_say_medici_1.shtml Thanks to KatharineD that, when I first raised the question, found this link. So, they used it but they know it’s wrong 😉
        Uffizi Gallery is, of course, a delight. I visited it when I was a kid and I still remember these two Botticelli paintings… I was struck! They are enormous and so beautiful that even a 12 years old couldn’t help but crying with joy. Oh, and Leonardo’s Annunciazione… So many magnificient masterpieces to see at Uffizi! And speaking of Hamlet, can you imagine how I felt hearing Richard pronouncing Boboli? I had my Uni just there, a jump over a wall and I’d be in the garden. Every day I was passing in front of Palazzo Pitti, where Bacchino di Boboli is. Yes, my heart started running faster, hearing RA saying Florence, Boboli, Medici… ❤

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        • I can’t remember what the context was and where I read it, but I recall Richard saying that he wished he could learn Italian. I would join him in saying that – it sounds really beautiful to my ears (even if it isn’t Richard mispronouncing Italian names :-D) and I’d love to be able to speak it, so lively, so full of temper, heated, earthy. Unfortunately me being a dour Northern European rules out any lively temperamental-ness 😀 But at least I get the emphasis on the first syllable right 😀

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          • well i found where you live very latin in many ways, surprisingly so i felt the Irish temperament closer to Italy or Spain than the Uk for example, and you seem to fit right in 😉


            • hehe, you could be right. They are certainly different in temperament from the English. And when it comes to walking through Dublin at night, you would think you are on the Mediterranean – not because of the weather but because the streets are teeming with people…

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                • Athlone??? You know, they say the best thing out of Athlone is the road to Dublin… *giggles* But well, I have to say the whole Shannon plains and lakes area is very pretty…
                  (What the hell could you possibly have worked in Athlone, though??)


                  • aww, not nearly as bad, but truly beautiful countryside drive. And we used to stop by a tiny distillery and eat fresh food there, some of the most amazing fresh bread and soup i’ve had. It used to be a construction company, sadly went bust. I used to go to some really remote places when i worked for those people, industrial parks in the middle of nowhere and such. Athlone was one of the better places, really nice hotel and pretty great food,. In fact all my food memories of Ireland are great! Used to leave early Fridays just so we could eat at the little place on the road and buy bread to take home and home made jams and chutneys, yum! And the green is nowhere as green as in Ireland. It always always rained when i was there but it was beautiful 🙂


                    • It always rained… sounds about right. It is raining right now, as I am writing this… But yes, Ireland is actually beautiful once you leave Dublin. And it is far from a food desert. There are really nice places. Only very expensive, at least for continental standards. In any case, I am glad to know that you enjoyed your time in Ireland. It’s a great little place. I love it to bits.

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        • ohh you’ve taken me right back to Uffizi… this is why i love Botticelli! i literally couldn’t move from in front of the Primavera for 30 min. But i found the million shades of marble in the Medici grave equally fascinating, what a town, feast of the senses 🙂
          And yes i wish Richard could speak Italian, his little stab at a few Spanish words was not bad, too bad he probably lacks the time… i’d love to hear him read some poetry in Italian and Spanish..

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          • ahhhh I’m so happy you loved Florence! 🙂
            I’m still hoping Richard can at least say something in Italian for the next Hobbit movie, like he did for ITS in some videos 😉

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    • *ggg* – it just had to be done. You know, I had three RAPS to photograph that day, and I had moved to my bedroom to do so. (Eh. For reasons of light – because the sun was coming in on that side of the house and the light was better. No other reasons. *coughs*) I was wondering how to set up Preston when my eyes fell on the basket of laundry. Bam. Shoot in the bag *ggg*


  5. This is one of my favorites! And so perfect for Obscura. I love the gender-reversal aspect. And Richard on the half-shell is quite tempting. If only he were as naked as Venus rising (heh-heh) from the sea…


  6. I’m squealing with delight over this one, Guylty. How do you do it? The Richard-on-the-half-shell is brilliant…and sense the shell represents, in classical terms, the vulva–there are layers of symbolism to evoke and delight the mythological-oriented soul. The RA beefcake image, which makes me chuckle every time, gives the tableau the right come-hither tone.

    And the lower tableau is the most charming ever! And given that I’m still a single girl with dreams of marrying my “own Richard” one day, this RAPS tickles my heart!


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