OT: The Scenery Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

This is not the kind of photography post that you expected from me – sorry. I think I am slightly overwhelmed by the flurry of new imagery that is coming in. I will *ooof* – but am not sure what. Let me know which new image you are most interested in – I find it too hard to choose – and I’ll try to get to it asap.

In the meantime, maybe you would care to rest your eyes on something non-RA *ggg*. That’s really not a great marketing strategy, Guylty – your readers are all well-wishers, they *feed* on RA pictures… Well, whatever – I’ll just say that I spent the last weekend in what I call Mini-NZ – the West of Ireland. To me it has some of what NZ is supposed to have – scenery, scenery, scenery. Dramatic mountain views, rocky inlets, green rolling hills dotted with sheep, wilderness, emptiness, wide skies. Wet weather?

I used the weekend as a bit of a trial run for my forth-coming trip (you can read about it on my NZ blog), hiking-wise, fitness-wise, photography-wise. And after being snowed under with back-to-back work Monday and Tuesday, I ignored the pile of new RA images and decided to relax with my own photographic work. Before I knew it I had made a video slide show with soundtrack ;-). Listen out for my sound recordings. Mr Guylty thought I was mad. So, if you have six minutes and 18 seconds, have a look at my photo walk through The Wild West. (not optimised for full screen view!)


Right – leave me a comment as to which RA image you want *ooof*ed. I hope to find the time tomorrow she always says.


49 thoughts on “OT: The Scenery Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

  1. I know what you mean about being snowed under! I look forward to seeing what you eventually *ooof* since I don’t seem to have time to look at anything at the moment! 😦 (I find unwilling cold turkey withdrawal makes me angsty.)


  2. Well that was beautiful and relaxing to enjoy while eating my fish and chips I picked up on my way home from work. What lovely images. And those sheep are so nice to stand right on the horizon for you. And, since you asked, I am partial to the Sara Dunn pic with the coat collar turned up.


      • Well….I just had to pop over to RA’s twitter account to take a peek at the pics (research) .I’m not too sure if he is going right to left…from my vantage point looking at the photo it looks from left to right……it is a full body shot and his hand is clutching his coat (thumb extended upwards…I know there is some thumb love out there) and his beard of course is hidden by the coat collar.


  3. Very lovely video of pictures from Ireland. The big bonus is that there is not a bit of snow anywhere. Monday we where snowed under or I thought it best to say home and do the rest of my Thanksgiving food shopping till Tuesday. Not in the plans but it worked. I am sure you will find a good Richard picture to *ooof* for us.


      • When I was young there used to be a saying where I live in Wisconsin. There was two seasons, road construction and winter. Winter was close to six months, in the past few years are winters have been shorter and milder. The last couple years have been like it was when I was young.

        If I could send you snow, I would but you would have to take the cold with it, 0 F tonight. It’s the whole package I don’t like as the cold has always gone right though me.


        • The cold has arrived here, Katie. It’s near freezing point, and I am shivering in my central-heating-less house. I am wearing a vest, 2 long sleeved shirts, a woolen dress and a fleece. Winter is the only time that I regret living in a historic, listed building…


  4. Beautiful place, lovely video, very relaxing, even the sound of squelching was somehow comforting ;o)
    I know this isn’t helpful but I like all the beard-hiding pics so any ‘ooof’ is a good ‘ooof’ xx.


    • I really liked the “squelch”, too – although my feet got very wet. Those rock chick boots may be cool – but they did only last two open-air festivals. (Too much dancing?)
      *ooof* half-way done.


  5. Loved your video. Don’t know anything about new RA photos but I will figure it out. Bad day, vacuum cleaner and washing machine broke on the same day. I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t be doing housework. So I won’t.


    • Thanks Kathy :-).
      As for photos – total onslaught. Several Dunn beard-hate shots, three new Hasslers, two DAMAN pre-views. I am slightly overwhelmed…
      And I love your take on household desasters. I wish my washing machine broke down, and better still – the cooker. I really hate cooking so much…


      • teach the kids to cook, it’s an essential life-skill :-p and they can start practising right away 😀
        darn i forgot the Hasslers, any of those would do me too.. that hair!.. sigh well they can all be ooofed back when he’s off disappeared on ski holidays and such and you are back from NZ 🙂


  6. *sigh – wow.
    Ireland – also still on my bucket list. I was so positive to make it this year but reality had different plans. So here’s one to the plans for next year. Ireland it will be! 🙂


    • Ja, ich konnte den Schafen wie immer nicht widerstehen. Einfach zu süß. (Der dazugehörige Schäfer sah allerdings von weitem besser aus als nahe dran, daher nicht in der Diashow enthalten.)
      Wish you were here, the scenery is beautiful 😀


  7. Very meditative, and the music matches perfectly. I liked your touches of humor (the holy water urn!) and also the pathos of the fishing gear beside the cemetery. But the one that stopped my heart is the blue/black image at 3:01.


    • Oh, thank you for that lovely comment, Linnet 🙂 My labours have not gone unnoticed then.
      I am a big fan of electronica – which proves useful when in need of unoffensive background music *ggg*. The holy water urn had me laugh out loud. So typically Irish – that mixture of totally mundane and religious.
      And yes, the ominous dark cloud photo is my favourite, too. All on an ordinary day in Ireland…

      Liked by 1 person

  8. wunderschöne Bilder und Aufnahmen, eigentlich gut, dass das Wetter durchwachsen war, denn nur dann hat man die tollen Wolkenformationen im Himmel und die Sonne, die in allen Farben zwischendurch scheint. Ehrlich gesagt schaue ich lieber Deine Bilder, dort kann das Auge länger verweilen und die vielen kleinen Einzelheiten entdecken, der FIlm ist dazu ein bißchen zu schnell…. ❤


  9. Impressive video, Guylty, I’ve loved it! And I have now the urgent need to take a walk up there. 😉
    My favourite pics are the one in the cemetery, Killeen Cemetery, with the bay during the low tide in background. Really impressive, congratulations!


  10. My favourite (and it was tough to choose between lovely sheep and oyster harvest and the close up of the rope and the cemetery- but not in b/w that is too sad…) is the one where the light in the sky reflects itself perfectly in the water below towards the right hand side 🙂 love the squelching noises! 🙂

    ohhhh.. you meant i have to choose an RA photo! Giiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrl, have you learned nothing from making us choose between the badges????? tsk tsk tsk ‘ggg’

    I like the upturned collar ones, the shwishy coat one for the way it captures the shwish and the hand action and the other for the sparkle in his eye… but the 2 news ones and the look in that eye and the hands and the.. all of it from the Da_Man just make my heart stop! canne choose! sorry 😀 (so not!)
    thanks for the splosh of tranquillity and beauty in this grey day!


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