An Update for All Badgers

Dear badgers,

you were wonderfully generous. The second print-run of the badges was supported with plenty of donations again. Since the print and distribution costs were covered once again by Hariclea and myself, your contributions went into a fund for Young Minds. I have just donated the impressive sum of 175 € / 218 US$ / 140 £. Here’s the receipt:

Justgiving receipt

Ooooh, and Richard added a message 😉

Thank you to all who contributed. You are wonderful. ❤ ❤ ❤ It felt great putting that number into the website – and knowing that we are supporting a worth-while cause. Thank you for letting me do that!

Due to my own busy day I was unable to delay the donation any later and therefore missed the #RAXmas slot for donating. But if you are still feeling generous and feel like giving a gift to Richard in the shape of a donation for a good cause, please donate this evening and follow the instructions as they suggested.



7 thoughts on “An Update for All Badgers

  1. i thought as much of the badges as of YoungMinds 🙂 so happy we can contribute! it’s all too much today really 🙂 feeling a bit emotional snif snif but in a good way. Whenever over the next few days i’ll feel like i’ve lost it and am crazy i’ll think of this and this will make everything be normal again 🙂


  2. Just really happy to see this. I won’t make the RAXmas slot either, but I get paid on Monday and I’m expecting a nice check. Therefore, The Salvation Army will be getting a donation from me through Richard’s page.


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