RA Pocket Shrine 49/? – Lost in the Mist

This is a bit of a sob story. Let Auntie Guylty tell you a tale of loss and longing…

There once was a shrine order that was to be a special gift, a little box of cheer that contained a beautiful man and a reminder of a home far away. The little craftress, who lovingly compiled the shrines, looked carefully through her stash of tins. “Pick me!” the wide tins were calling out to her, “I am shiny and brand new!”. But the craftress was not convinced. “I am the one for this shrine!” said the tiny mint tins in unison, but the craftress wanted something bigger than them. She rummaged sadly through her box of tins. She didn’t want small, and she didn’t want wide. She had nearly resigned herself to her fate when she found an unassuming, shy little tin right at the bottom of the pile. It was almost square, and worn. But the years had left a patina of beauty on the tin. “Who are you?” said the craftress to the tin. “I am old and plain”, the tin said. “My shine is gone, and my lid has been dented. I may look tired, but I am special, because I have travelled the world… I come from KatharineD in Australia…” “You are perfect for the recipient. You are the one!”, the little craftress said, and she lovingly caressed the tin and gave it a happy magnet to display on the lid.NY RAPS (4 of 18)

“You will remind your new owner of her home – gritty and pretty and special. And I’ll fill you with New York…”

NY RAPS (7 of 18)

And so the little craftress cut and glued and pasted and adorned. She placed a recent New Yorker into the tin and let him emerge from the mist, in all his New York glory.

NY RAPS (10 of 18)

And because fruit is good for you, she placed some peaches and apples in the tin, as well. This, she hoped, would make the new owner of the shrine not only think of her beloved home, but also make her smile.

NY RAPS (15 of 18)

With one last look of longing – for the little craftress also had a soft spot for the gorgeous New Yorker – she closed the lid, carefully wrapped the shrine and put it in the post to send it on a long journey, far away, to its new home.

Many weeks passed. The recipient waited and waited. No shrine arrived with the post. The little craftress was very sad. The shrine had been lost. Only the pictures, and the memory of making the tin remain. The truth of where the tin went, is shrouded in the mist of the international postal service. But the little craftress is already rummaging through her stash of tins again…

There. Sad but true. The RAPS hasn’t made it to Perry who commissioned it. This is the first time a RAPS got lost – or stolen?. Well, one in 49 – that is not too bad a statistic. And of course Perry will get another shrine.

33 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 49/? – Lost in the Mist

  1. I´m so sorry for both of you, the recipient Perry and the little craftness guylty. Luckily the pictures are still there.
    Don´t know why but the writing of your story reminds me to the fairytale “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen anyhow. Maybe it´s just the time of the year to think about of losses etc.
    But I´m sure the little craftness has still a lot of power and imagination in her mind to be still creative in any way 🙂


    • For me, pictures is all I need. But unfortunately that is not what Perry wanted 😉 So yes, my imagination has already concocted an alternative NYRAPS. It’s just not been put into a tin yet…
      You were probably thinking of the Andersen fairy tale because I was writing about the “little” craftress 😉 – and because the fairy tale is also a sob story…


  2. I am so choked up that I don’t even know what to write here. As I have said to you and another wonderful friend who sent me a poster from The Crucible, also missing, I think that there is a slightly corrupt, Mexican customs officer who ought to be wearing one your buttons. DeRAnged would be the one I’d choose for her.
    There are other, more sinister explanations. It sure was a lovely shrine – one of your best, and that the tin came from the stash KatharineD sent you – well, even better.

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    • I am so sorry that the package got lost, Perry – and particularly because this RAPS was special due to Katharine’s nice antique tin. I actually hope that whoever stole the package is making use of the tin. Otherwise – how stupid… But well…
      Anyhow, a new NYRAPS shall be made and sent on its way – hopefully soon.


      • Take your time. This time it’ll be a complete surprise ( once I send you my address, of course) But thank you, thank you for creating something that hit every note for me.


          • Just chiming in here- first my apologies for only just getting to this, I’ve been somewhat distracted the last few days. That’s such a shame, because that was a gorgeous NYC RAPS, Guylty, and I’m so sad it got lost, Perry. I don’t know any history for that little tin, but it would’ve been wonderful if it had reached all the way from Sydney to Mexico, via Dublin.


  3. OH I’m SOOOOO sorry! I had a friend who lives in Baja purchase something from my (old) CafePress years ago and even after ordering 3 times, she never got the tee shirt. I am soooooo sad. And such a beautiful RAPS.


  4. This is so sad. Your creations are like children. You work so hard to make them right, encouraging them when they come together, fussing when things just don’t cooperate. Occasionally putting them in a time out and walking away before you really lose patience. Then you send them out to make their way in the world and something tragic happens. Just makes you hold and treasure the rest but you never forget the lost one and you hope that somewhere somehow it is safe and cared for.


    • You put that really nicely, snowyjo, and yes, that’s how the RAPSes come together – they are spawned in my imagination, I sleep on it, start crafting, take a step back to let it simmer, and then finish… They are always unique, and they are often made for a specific recipient. Or at least for a very specific group of potential recipients…
      Anyhow, let’s not wallow in it – I’ll make another one because there are still plenty of ideas in my head…


  5. Oh wie schade!!! So ein toller NY shrine, mit dem Schnee, den dem Taxi, schön komponiert, Man kann nur hoffen, dass auch dieser RAPS eine kleine Tour nach Neuseeland machen muss, bis er bei Perry ankommt.


  6. buggery all! that is sad indeed 😦 it was /is beautiful, tin and all what a shame, sigh.. sorry for both Perry and the love and care you out in it as usual… hugs to both! x


  7. Misty RAPS lost = totaler Mist! 😦

    Vielleicht besteht ja noch eine vage Hoffnung, dass das Schmuckstückchen doch noch ankommt, wie Herbas RAPS ja auch.


  8. What a sad tale. I am so sorry that beautiful shrine went astray and Perry will have to wait even longer for some shrine love. And somewhere out there, there is a little shrine that has to learn Spanish. It just goes to show the international appeal RAPs have.


  9. My commiserations to you and Perry, such a beautiful RAPS. I would have been so disappointed if mine had gone missing, but I’m sure the next one for Perry will be just as beautiful.


  10. I think of it this way. Some RAPS are so special that the gods whisk them away to Olympus. Lost before their time, but now they will be immortal in memory 🙂
    The idea of a NYC RAPS is so very charming, I can hardly wait to see the next version!


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