Sorry, no Armitage Weekly Round-up Today

Sorry to disappoint you, dear readers. I was majorly stressed out this week and simply did not have the time to put the round-up together. You’ll survive, I am sure, because much drooling reading matter has been supplied these last few days. If you haven’t checked them out, do. RA US has the Times article here. The whole visual feast of the DaMan shoot plus the rather eloquent answers of Mr A (“The division originates from an industrial north and a serenely pastoral south that were products of the industrial revolution in the early 19th century.” Textbook! I’m impressed! :-P) has been provided by thorindeaded here.

If you insist on some tumblr stuff, you could also look at my own tumblr site and check my latest reblogs – they are basically what I would have linked into the round-up, had I had time. Just scroll down and enjoy.

Otherwise you can switch on the slide show in your head. What will he be wearing on Monday? Sofa-plaid? Surf-wax denim? LBD little black suit? Watch out for some live reporting from the red carpet. There are bound to be some people there…


13 thoughts on “Sorry, no Armitage Weekly Round-up Today

      • Wie schön, das du nicht alleine fliegen musst und einen zwergischen Helden im Gepäck hast! Drück ihn von mir. Erreiche gerade eine weiter Stufe in meiner Medienausstattung: externe Tastatur fürs Ipad. Das Schreiben macht endlich wieder Spass!!!!!!!


  1. Stress is always surrounding us, unfortunately ! I hope the week-end will help you to feel better. Just look at some pictures you take of Ireland recently. Or some of Daman mag in one hand and a lot of chocolates in the other hand. Next week the blogs will be on fire with RA, just waiting to see it…


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