The Hobbit BOTFA Premiere – Part 3: Collateral Cumberbatch

Not quite true that – I have never really considered Benedict Cumberbatch a collateral attraction or a side dish. I am strictly “mono” when it comes to my fangirling. Second commandment of the fangirling decalogue:

  • I am the Armitage thy OOA (object of affection)
  • Thou shalt have no other OOAs
  • As many graven images or likenesses as you can
  • Thou shalt not take the Armitage’s name in vain
  • Remember the Guy day
  • Honour thy blog and thy twitter
  • Thou shalt not edit
  • Thou shalt not commit stalkery
  • Thou shalt not steal other fans’ images
  • Thou shalt not bear gossip
  • Thou shalt not covet any more than my benign tolerance

*coughs* Forgive me Armitage, for I have sinned. I have taken many images of another. But I have done so because thou didst not grace me with thy presence…

And because other fans are polytheistic when it comes to their fangirling OOAs, I am happy to show them the images I took of Benedict Cumberbatch at the London Hobbit Premiere. Just for the context: As opposed to other, unnamed, individuals (…) Benedict Cumberbatch got out of his limo and immediately jumped into his red green carpet duties in the Mordor of Fan Areas. As in Berlin, he appeared extremely professional. I have no doubt that he is not really into all the hysteria, either, but it’s part of his job and he gets on with it. He comes across as polite and friendly-enough, but he exudes an air of distance, which probably adds to his mystique and appeal. People do not overstep the boundary with him, I suppose, and accept the boundaries *he* sets. I think he declined to sign some stuff while I was observing him, but he did pose for a selfie with a fan (which you can see in my photos below). Still, total media pro, because he gave the fans exactly what they wanted. *I* certainly got some really good pictures out of it. (Now replace BC with RA in those images… yeah, I know, it hurts, doesn’t it???)

I was not as lucky as in Berlin with a dead-pan head and shoulders portrait (my friend D___ was missing – she had asked him to pose for me in Berlin…) but I got a good few shots. I’ll pick a few good ones for bigger display, and all plus the rest are in the slide show below. Enjoy!

IMG_0067 IMG_0083 IMG_0102 IMG_0117 IMG_0126

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As usual the little reminder: These images are a fandom service and are free for non-commercial use. Please credit me when you repost!


21 thoughts on “The Hobbit BOTFA Premiere – Part 3: Collateral Cumberbatch

  1. Jaaaaa, sehr fein! Er ist ja nicht wirklich schön im klassischen Sinne. Dafür ist in dem Gesicht zu viel los. Eigentlich harmoniert das alle nicht so wirklich.Und er neigt zum Doppelkinn 🙂 Aber er bezieht seine Attraktivität aus der Bewegung und dem wechselnden Ausdruck in den Zügen. Und trotzdem hat “der Andere” (dessen Namen wir jetzt nicht nennen wollen, da es ja mal nicht so speziell um ihn geht) mehr klassische Attraktivität aufzuweisen. Die Gesichtszüge harmonieren deutlich besser. *fanmodus aus* 😀
    Hach, ich bin halt doch im richtigen Fandom 😀


    • Jup. Und nun stell dir dies mal vor: Nicht nur, dass mir bei der Premiere der falsche Mann vor die Linse gekommen ist, heute ist mir derselbe Mann auch noch in Form eines Kalenders als nachträgliches Geburtstagsgeschenk überreicht worden. SAKRILEG! Was soll ich nur damit machen? Der Gatte sagt, ich darf es nicht wegschenken, das sei unhöflich der Schenkenden gegenüber. Hmph. Ich glaub, ich häng BC hinter die Küchentür.

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      • Autsch! 😦

        Hat die Schenkende keinen Robert-Hermitage-Kalender gefunden und “das Nächstbeste” genommen, weil doch Benny so angesagt ist, und mit dem Hobbit hat er doch auch zu tun, und Guylty steht doch da drauf, und …?

        Nix gegen Mr. Cucumber-Patch – er scheint ja nett genug zu sein -, aber an der Wand wollte ich ihn nicht haben …


  2. I don’t lust after BC but I am increasingly attracted to him for his acting ability and because he seems like a good guy. I’ve just seen him in the film of the National Theatre production of Frankenstein ( warming up for TC) and he was incredible. He is quite different to RA- in many ways he has had a lot of advantages RA hasn’t because he comes from a theatrical family and went to Harrow but at the end of the day he deserves his success every bit as much as RA. I wonder if he is less overawed by the red carpet and by fan attention because he grew up with famous parents.


  3. Well, if you squint really hard while crossing your eyes, you might be able to turn those BC shots into RA ones. They are excellent, BTW, it’s not your fault the OOA didn’t make it to BFE. (This is 20 year old American Slang, and includes a rude expletive, and is a slander against a lovely country.) It is interchangeable with the term Pennsyltuckey, which is much less rude. Pennsylvania combined with Kentucky, two states in the union.


  4. Great pictures. I like BC’s acting, but that’s it. Now musicians don’t count in my book, so sorry RA you will just have to share.


  5. I too am monolatrous when it comes to fandom, but I have a healthy appreciation for all Beautiful Men. And I was partial to Mister Cumberbatch from the moment I first saw him. People seem divided on him, with some thinking he “looks strange” or even “looks like an otter” while others find him extremely sexy. I vote with the latter group. That selfie picture is a real stunner!

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  6. Oh ja, der Cumberbatch, ist schon ein süsser Schnulli, ich kann mich noch so gut an die Cumberbabes vom letzten Jahr erinnern, da hatten wir keine Konkurrenz beim Gerangel in der ersten oder zweiten Reihe, war so schön harmonisch… Ähem, war das der gleiche dunkelblaue Samtanzug, den er getragen hat? Hab zwar eine neue Brille, aber kommt mir so vor…Ich will hier keine unqualifizierten Gerüchte streuen…
    And, as I´m getting older, I stick to my memories… (Kann ich das so schreiben, oder ist das nur ein weiterer Beweis meiner rudimentären Englisch-Kenntnisse?)


      • sorry i am so behind it is unreal! i thought with this lurgy i’d be at home Nurofening and drinking tea, stuffing my face with the OOA and blogs and stuff and instead i had to do online calls with work and report writing and lurgy not improving urgh! I need to get something out to the manager but hopefully i’ll actually comment on it 🙂 and finish watching the round up!

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  7. Those are some intimidating commandments! So what happens if i forget/ disobey one? 😉
    As to Batchy beautiful pictures! I never expected to see him funny enough so it was nice he was so close, seemed pretty much like i imagined. He’s an interesting one, i’ve seen photos of him looking stunning and others not so much, he’s certainly got an expressive face. I’m surprised he’s still so dedicated to signing and such considering him and Hiddles got chased down the streets by fans when he went to see Coriolanus. Given the various sides of fandom he has experienced i guess some distance is understandable 🙂 But he stays professional and still manages to be extra detailed on occasion (like with the big dedication for the girl in front of us). I liked what i saw, i respect the way he conducts himself and like him as an actor 🙂


    • If you disobey the commandments you will be shunned by the community… yeah, right…
      Yes BC comes across at the RC exactly as in the interviews. And it surprised me too, that he takes his red carpet duties so seriously, considering that he is a major starright now. Another reason to respect him.

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  8. Appreciate Cumberbatch’s talent and will buy or see shows he is in (if they interest me, so I skip stuff like Star Trek) but I can like someone’s art, without having to put them in the “attractive” column.

    Side Note: In my first hand experience, some people are automatically considered “sexy” just because they are “famous” and I am not saying anything derogatory about anyone in particular. It seems like the people that are grounded to reality; who don’t buy into their fame and deal with it in a professional manner tend to do better for themselves (as well as fans) in the long run.

    Side Note Pt Deux: I knew Guylty was a smart sexy bitch before I learned of her mad-skills with a long lens. (That is a compliment so hope no one is offended by language.) My goal is to someday score a selfie with her. 😀

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    • Oh, totally agree. Success (and money) make people sexy. I do not really think BC particularly attractive, although he cuts a fine figure. But he is an interesting, talented individual, and that makes him star-worthy, I suppose.
      Re your side note – Ha! You’re very kind. I take the mad-skills as a compliment, but you can leave out the sexy *ggg* And that selfie is a given, should that day come!!!


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