RA Pocket Shrine 50/? – Sealed with a Kiss

You may have already seen it, but good ideas can’t be promoted often enough. I am delighted to do my own little bit for our RA fandom Spread The Love – and have donated my milestone (i.e. 50th) shrine to the initiative. If a kindness was done to you, or you have done a kindness to someone else, you are in the raffle. Just hop over to the STL-post and report your kindness there. Details on the post.

And here is what you could be winning – a Porter RAPS, sealed with a kiss from RA πŸ˜‰

Porter RAPS (3 of 7)

Shiny on the outside. Simple, discreet – and dimpled. Sorry, the hammer slipped when I hammered the little holes into the lid… Think of it as the little mole that hides in the stubble underneath the jaw on Richard’s neck. A unique imperfection that is there to set off the perfection…*ahem* As for the contents…

Porter RAPS (1 of 7)

… we’ll disregard Mr A’s dislike of water for a moment and confirm that a wet Porter is a sexy good Porter, ready to radiate burning heat even when thoroughly drenched. Ouch, that smoulder has not been extinguished by the bucket of water… For future such incidents I have given him a brolli, though.

Porter RAPS (2 of 7)

It doesn’t quite look it, but the white rectangle is supposed to be a letter – sealed with a kiss. Imagine what it might say in it… “be willingly good, extra good, extra peaceful and extra forgiving”. Sure thing Mr PortRA. Your Christmas message from 2011 may need to be repeated if what you think is happening in your fandom is really true…

Well, let’s light a candle or two then, to our favourite actor, an extraordinary man, kind and funny and talented.

Porter RAPS (4 of 7)

I can’t wait to see all those kindnesses – and I look forward to sending this RAPS out to whoever wins it. It’s ready and waiting for you, wherever you are. Don’t forget to leave your kindness report on STL, and it could be going on its way to *you* next week!!!


41 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 50/? – Sealed with a Kiss

  1. I love the blue accents and background with the blue eyes. Another masterpiece. Although I am a font of human kindness itself, I am choosing not to reveal my good deeds. I think this shrine needs another home than mine, since a Porter resides my hallowed halls of RA worship. So I am out of the running.But it is further proof of my saintliness to forgo the chance of winning this beautiful creation in favor of one of my sweet RA sisters. Good luck to all of them.

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    • LOL – that is a doublewhammy of kindnesses here. I really think you should go for it. Why don’t you report that you passed your autograph of RA on to another fan? Not for the RAPS, but for the initiative!!!

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      • OK,you got me. If the initiative needs a little love from me, I will pass some on. But that act seems a little lightweight. I thought it should be something serious along the lines of donating a kidney. (I am an overachiever when it comes to kindness). But since you have “outed” me for this particular act, I will pass it on.

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        • Ha! No, I think that is exactly the kind of kindness that makes people feel good. Heck, I’m gonna report that I gave a loan of my cigarette lighter to a fellow addict for the last five days. Anything counts!!! (Please keep your kidney!)


  2. Lol Kathy! That’s exactly my problem- it has been instilled in me since I was a babe in arms not to draw attention to good deeds and I would be shockingly embarrassed to do so.

    Having said that, I don’t really think I could be trusted with this lovely tin. This week alone I have lost the children’s Christmas lists, several of the presents I have already purchased and ‘hidden’, a box of decorations and the Christmas card list(will all the elderly relatives I must not neglect to send cards to.) I have also lost my pedometer, a medical prescription, two black cardigans ( although my daughter is under suspicion for those) and a pair of glasses. I have probably lost several other things that I haven’t yet missed. That darling little tin would not stand a chance in my house.


    • LOL, I am sorry to hear of your “losses”, Bolly, but at the same time, strangely relieved that I am not the only one. My kids know when I’ve put something in a “safe place” it will never see the light of day again.


    • You are all far too good, girls. There is nothing immodest about being honest. Plus, theroretically you could report a kindness that was done to *you* – spotlight on someone else πŸ˜‰
      But whoa, that is one long list of missing items. I really think you should give it a try whether a little tin would also get lost in your house. Maybe it’s the lucky shrine to end all missing items???


    • To me, the point of spReAd the love — and the major reason I support it — is that it is intended to create a culture of doing nice things for others, particularly in the fandom but also outside of it. So noticing kind things that are done is a first step — until we note and bring forward kindnesses, no one can know how important they are to us (especially since often enough people see the negative side of fandom).

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      • Well put – a culture of kindness is what we need. Noticing in other people that they need to be cheered up or helped out. Not with big things, or money, necessarily, but with support and attention. Doesn’t cost anything – but is invaluable.

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        • Now that sounds like a good idea – I’ve been labouring under a misapprehension that we were supposed to be reporting our kindnesses but noting other peoples kindnesses is something I can do.

          Thanks for explaining.


  3. Awwwwwww, this one is extra sweet! Just adorable! And what a lovely thing to do, Guylty πŸ˜ƒ

    I covet this, I must say – but like Kathy I don’t think I deserve ANOTHER shrine. It should go to someone who hasn’t yet been blessed!


    • All credit to the STL ladies and their co-conspirators. I am only a contributing supporter.
      “Don’t deserve”… nah, I think anyone deserves anything they covet. We’re all far too critical of our own merits!!!


  4. Gratulation zum halben Hundert. πŸ™‚

    Ah, ich liebe das Schirmchen fΓΌr unsere (Nicht-wirklich-)WasserRAtte. πŸ˜€ (Nich’ hauen!!)
    Und das Bild unten erst … *schmacht*

    Tolle Idee auch, den RAPS fΓΌr Spread The Love zu spenden. πŸ™‚

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    • WasserRAtte – der arme RA :-D. Ich hΓ€tte ja noch lieber einen Schirm zum Aufspannen benutzt, aber dazu reichte die Zeit nicht. Kommt ein anderes mal πŸ™‚
      And STL deserves all the support they need and want.


  5. I covet this muchly… however, I feel greedy as I won the Guy of Gisborne kindness (the bracelet and it will come with matching earrings) so I will just drool quietly and peacefully.


  6. Another fabulous design! I love all of the blue, it suits “PortRA” so well. I knew that was a note right away, it even has tiny lines like an envelope if my eyes aren’t deceiving me. I too am the proud owner of a RAPS so can’t be in the contest. I have the gorgeous Thorin Oakenshield πŸ˜€


  7. Sorry for replying late, everybody – I was working off-site and then went to an important demo. More than 100.000 people on the streets to protest against the water charges that the Irish government is bringing in. No way! The so-called “austerity” since the economic break-down is still hitting people quite badly, and now effectively we are double-charged on water which we pay for with our taxes already… But I digress.
    What I really wanted to say: Guys – please don’t let the fact that some of you may already have a shrine hold you back from reporting a kindness. Had I thought you were all so modest and considerate, I wouldn’t have donated that RAPS!!! In my opinion, anyone who has a kindness to report is eligible for a raffle entry. Just think about it – you could even catch two birds, eh, kindnesses, with one stone, eh, report: Should you win the RAPS thanks to your report, you could decide to do a kindness to a friend and pass it on! Double-whammy kindness! Ha! I think I am going to report a kindness myself now – even though it doesn’t make sense for me to be in the raffle either.

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    • oh bugger, they always find something new to tax!! good people are stepping out to give their opinion. I’ll think about kindnesses πŸ™‚ Does staying at home so as not to spread my virus around the office count? :-p ‘ggg’

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  8. Guytly, I love the water effect in the background. Your RAPS theme are always so fun and I’m intrigued by how you craft each element.


    • Ha, I am glad someone likes the water effect. (Tbh I have an overload of cling film in my kitchen at the mo – getting through it bit by bit πŸ˜‰ ) Thanks for the appreciation – I am slightly surprised myself that I am still finding new scenarios to drop RA and his characters in… Wonder when they will run dry…


  9. Sorry to hear about the turbulent water troubles, but glad to hear you got out to the demo. Being involved in the community we live in does make a huge difference even if we don’t immediately see the effect it has. In my mind, it does sort of tie into what you are doing with the RAPs STL too because caring about what your gov does good or bad and voicing your position by physically attending a demonstration (voting too obviously) models to your kids (and others) how intelligent responsible adults behave.


    • That’s really well-said, Mimi. And exactly how I see it. People in Ireland particularly are tired of politics. Our government has screwed us around for several years now, throwing the country into recession by rescuing the banks and the builders who were responsible for the massive debt-crisis that Ireland was thrown into post-2008. Taxes have been increased and added, almost all public benefits have been cut. Now, I am not responsible for this government (because I am not allowed to vote here), but I have to live with their laws and taxes. It’s my duty to voice my opinion in the only way I can – and to teach my children to take an interest. The demo was attended by 70.000-100.000 people from all over the country, btw. The fight is not over yet.

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