And The RAMBO Goes To…

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I closed the raffle at 11.59pm and by 00.14 we have the winner. Ta-da… Merry Christmas to

rambo winnerI will put your RAMBO into the post tomorrow, and hopefully it will make it to you before Christmas. Congratulations. ❤

Draw protocol here:

shrine case

While I am here, I’d like to take the opportunity and add something else. I love sending off those RAPSes, but I equally love receiving news about how they are doing in the hands of their new owners. Today I received a really cool update from Alyssabethancourt. Alyssa commissioned RL RAPS way back in May! She has come up with a fabulous accessory. Says Alyssa: “I just thought you’d enjoy seeing this protective case I had to make for traveling with my (wonderful) RAPS after noticing that it was starting to take a few dings and nicks in my purse. Now our man travels in style.”

I love this, Alyssa. And you are so right – especially those RAPSes that were sprayed on the outside, might get scratched a bit (depending on what you carry in your handbag/pocket/rucksack ;-)) This is the perfect solution. Love the sparkly material and the gems for decoration. Plus – definitely acts as extra camouflage 😀

shrine case

Photos by Alyssabethancourt


BTW – give Alyssa some love, people. Not only is she a great craftress, she has also just finished writing a novel!!! So the RAPS travel case wasn’t even a replacement activity! She got both things done!!! Her blog is here and she currently has a picture of herself at her local screening of BOTFA up, including gorgeous elven earwear and a badge!!!


Guylty ❤

18 thoughts on “And The RAMBO Goes To…

  1. How wonderful. I am sure MiaPatagonia will be thrilled. And Alyssa’s portable pocket shrine protector is genius. Practical and beautiful. Nothing that has to go into the black whole of my purse comes out unscathed. What a great idea. My shrine seldom leaves its temple, to prevent wear and tear.


    • The black hole of your purse – hahaha… I am forever rummaging in my bag, too… I have a little shrine in my bag, too (not one of my own creations), and luckily it came with a lovely little pocket. Must show off that particular creation at some point. It is really cool and very funny.


  2. So thrilled to know that I’m receiving the first ever RAMBO that I forgot to say “thank you” Guytly and also compliment Alyssa on her the beautiful silver casing!

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  3. Congratulations to Miapatagonia for the best Christmas present ever!
    Tolle Idee mit der Tasche, sowas brauche ich dann auch,klasse Versteck für neugierige Kinderaugen in der Damenhandtasche 😉


  4. Congratulations to miapatagonia for this first edition RAMBO, it´s great.
    The RAPS case Alyssa made is lovely. My RAPSs are stored in a case in my bag (though I bought it, I´m not good in needlework, too impatient), and since I watched BOTFA for the first time last week they are accompanied by little Thorin and the badge. I need a bigger bag 🙂


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