Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #48

Eh, is today Sunday? Was it Saturday yesterday? I must confess that I have completely lost track of time. It did not occur to me that there was a round-up due. Very sorry, m’dears, I hope that it will now entertain your Sunday… Apologies also for the now-overdue Christmas gifs and pics in this week’s round-up. Sooooo last season 😉

Thorin still dominates tumblr, but a couple of other chaRActers snuck in.

BOFA round-up 48

  1. Did I say it’s all in Thorin’s eyes? Well, in this pic by pretty-young-dwarf I was more fascinated by the throat
  2. I love RA’s statements about money – very noble indeed. Acting as a calling, not a job. Thanks to richardarmitagequotes
  3. kaciart with a cute Bagginshield moment
  4. Totally loved this Hobbit Christmas fan art by hackedmotionsensors. Very snug
  5. I am really not a Bagginshield shipper, believe me, but somehow this was too cute to omit. Art by ewebean
  6. Honestly, I am not. It’s just all so cute… by tosquinha
  7. richardcfarmitage has put the Da Man images into a nice display
  8. LOL – best Hobbit-themed Christmas card goes to… thejerseydeviledoodleblog
  9. One of those gifs that you could stare at for hours – and not even realize that you are drooling all over the keyboard while doing so. Beard in combo with nape curls and even Guylty is check mated. Gif by beardedrichardarmitage
  10. armitagefan makes us see what Richard would look like if he stood very close to us (thanks for *that* delicious thought, btw)
  11. @Micra – look at this: This appears to be a look at Thorin’s tomb!! thorin-baconshield found it (I think I was too overcome by emotion to notice this in the credits…)
  12. I hadn’t heard the Empire Podcast, had you? Richard for ten minutes from about 42:50 with insights into the filming of the most important scenes. Posted by clematis70
  13. bilbo-baggins-is-fantastic put all Hobbit cast group photos in one set. I am always amazed how RA puts himself in the background. Go check yourself
  14. phanamaniac may be on to something. LOL – just the thought… I am seeing butterflies and rosepetals on the battlefield…
  15. NSFW – a Thorin story by triple-r-porn, veering from rough to gentle
  16. My favourite tumblr post this round? This one by enikoni. Not original fan art, but a Getty clip of Richard being photographed on the red carpet (LA?). I find this infinitely more interesting than the ever-repeated press junket. And I wonder what goes on in his head while he has to stand there, looking good…
  17. guys-texts-from-last-night with a late Christmas post
  18. Sketchlavie’s Christmas chat-up-line… I say “yes, with pleasure” *coughs*
  19. Aw, another cute card for shippers – by glenlorence
  20. Here’s a great Christmas manip of an old Ascroft shot. By serik27. With *that* in front of the fireplace, I’d forget all about the stocking…
  21. Circusgifs’ Christmas message… nice one, as usual 🙂
  22. Loved riepu10’s Christmas manip – now, I’d totally buy those…

Hope you all had a lovely holiday and you are using today to catch your breath before the countdown to New Year’s starts.

G. ❤

17 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #48

  1. Ha, da simmer ja! Siehst du: wurde gerade wach und rubbelte mir die rehbraunen Äugelchen und dachte mir so, wieso hat sie gestern eigentlich nicht und wäre nicht auch ein Sonntag mal einen gute Gelegenheit……, warf das ipad an und siehe da: tumblr-Runde. Wollte auch gleich mit kommentieren beginnen, hänge aber seit einer halben Stunde bei gif 9 fest *stöhn* (Habe ich heute noch was vor?) Es ist diese Drehbewegung hinein in die volle Schönheit. Mir fehlen die Worte. Und dieses Lachen. Hatte ich schonmal erwähnt, dass es so schön ist, vollkommen sinnfrei, ohne Aussicht auf Erfolg aber auch total druckfrei verknallt zu sein? 😀
    Und die Idee mit den zu Tode charmierten Orcs ist bezwingend. Ich sehe außerden noch Regenbögen und Einhörner und Weichzeichner und gaaanz viel Zeitlupe.
    Bei der 16 konnte man spüren, dass dieses Gepose nicht wirklich sein allerliebster Zeitvertreib ist. Ich habe mich fast ein wenig gewunden beim Zusehen. Blick an, Blick aus, Kinn rauf, Kinn runter, aber NIEMALS die Hand aus der Hosentasche.Never, never, never! Ob er sich da an irgendwas festhält? (Hoppala, Toastkrümmel im Hals…..)
    Ach was, die Toastkrümmel kommen garnicht zur Ruhe bei 18. Was für eine Einladung 🙂
    Danke S. für den fantastischen Sonntagsstarter 🙂


    • Ja, dieses gif… Ich mein, is ja alles kalter Kaffee mittlerweile, aber diese Konzentration auf Wesentliche in den gifs, das haut einen immer wieder um. Und plötzlich ist ne halbe Stunde rum… 😀
      Das Posen für die Kameras – grauenhaft, oder!? Man muss seinen Job schon sehr lieben und gleichzeitig hochprofessionell sein, um das im Kopf klarzukriegen.., kein Mitleid – das *ist* eben Teil vom Job, aber dennoch eine Überlegung wert…


      • Aber kalter Kaffe soll schön machen, oder? 🙂
        Ich komme ja mittlerweile auch schon an den Punkt, an dem ich denke, ich hätte alle Bilder schon gesehen. Aber da brennt halt immer noch so ein klitzekleines Flämmchen. Und da die Umgebung, metaphorisch gesprochen, furztrocken ist, entstehen gerne mal Schwel- oder schlimmer noch kapitale Großbrände. Das dazu!
        Re Mitleid: kein Stück. Eher mit mir, ob ich mir das ansehen muß, wie er sich windet 🙂 Er wird halt nie ein Posing-Profi, unsere Zwangs-Diva.


  2. Besten Dank für die Zusammenstellung. 🙂

    – Ich liebe die Aussage in #2.
    – ROFL: #4, die Details!!! 😀
    – #7: Ich warte sehnsüchtig auf ein *Ooof!* des Couchbild. Da rettet selbst Otto nix mehr.
    – Die Shipping-Pics sind alle cute.
    – #16: Muss das toll sein … In einer der Aufnahmen von London hat man lang und breit dasselbe Spielchen mit Evangeline Lilly gezeigt, das fand ich da auch schon krass: Posieren, lächeln, lächeln, lächeln, drei Meter weiter gehen, posieren, lächeln …. *schauder*
    – #17: ROFL!!! Mit der Pointe hab ich nicht gerechnet.
    – #20: What stocking?? Oh, da, ganz im Hintergrund. Wer soll das denn sehen?!
    – #22: Hm. Hab ich eben noch deinen schauderhaft geschmückten Baum gelobt? 😉


  3. Recipe after a fight with someone : take 2 pills of Armizac with a barrel of water ! LOL. Seriously I like very much your round-up. It was difficult to choose but my preference is n0 9 : this face, these eyes, this smile. OMG. And after this : do you want to kill me again ? n0 11 : the 3 tombs of my 3 “lovely babies”. I agree this is really majestic but it’s so saaaaaaad…Hopefully there is n0 20 : “that” was on my list to Santa Claus but I must have been too bad because “that” was not near my Christmas tree. I will try next year !!!


  4. Thanks for the great assortment of treats. I like to think your roundups as the box of chocolates I cannot eat, and savor each and every piece. Sorry about your fight, I suggest drinking heavily, or saying you have to go shopping (or return things) and go to another showing of BOFA. I did that yesterday. I felt the need to disappear for a couple of hours. And speaking of Richard, as a fellow life-long tall person, we always have to stand in back the back row for group photos because no one can see behind us. This has happened since I was a little kid. You always are told to stand in the back row or on the end. It becomes automatic after a few years. Although Richard seems to take blending into the background to a “Where’s Waldo?” level.


  5. Uff, or oof? no idea what day of the week it is these days, the only days i clocked where the ones with cooking planning, closed shops and back to grocery shopping! This now really feels like an extra special treat 🙂 And hoping the theRApy had a bit of a soothing effect on you too! so sorry about the holiday stress.

    Te shippy things are cute and i appreciate their cuteness even tho they do zilch for me, i just don’t ‘feel’ that 😉 i actually like the very unlikely friendship of opposites in the real movie 🙂

    The photocall is bizzare and uncomfortable, i just can’t get the Richard shouts and left and right and the monkey business it is. It’s a job but certainly one of the weirdest aspects of it, my guess it to him a lot of the red carpet stuff must feel exactly like that, screaming, shouting, looking in directions where you are pointed etc, nothing natural or relaxed about it.
    I love all the naughty xmas gifs and cards! 🙂 I hope that is how he things about his fans 😀 ie like circusgifs says :-p I find the unspoken 20 more alluring than 18 :-p
    Those cloe sup screen caps.. sigh! and much better with less hairy throat than Thorin :-p i love Loreal Erebor but i want to see skin on that throat.. purr 😀
    Rosepetals on the battlefield??? oh nooo, my whole hero – worship fantasy ruined!! now i have him floating about Thranduil-like, with some soppy harp/flute music in the background and petals flying.. ewwww! Thorin is not an elf and this is soooo wrong! shaking head violently..

    Thanks so much for the Empire podcast! that was new and fascinating stuff, i liked that a lot and also the idea (spoiler!!!) that Thorin had an actual remembrance site on set for a little while… I really believe it is because of Richard, because he made Thorin special 🙂
    This is my favourite cast photo there is just something about the 1/2 Thorin and 1/2 AR (or is it 1/2 Loreal Erebor and 1/2 deep v neck tshirt? ‘cough’)

    Guy’s texts are the best! i wish there was a service to request these as morning wake up calls or texts during the day to my mobile phone!!! 😀
    And are you sure those gifs don’t come with some deep&dark subliminal messages? i keep thinking curls, fingers and then get stuck at the eyes glinting and back…

    Thanks for the RA Therapy, it’s my weekly massage, spa and beauty-treatment all in one! x


  6. Ich bin ein bißchen spät, aber besser spät als nie, auch wenn Weihnachten jetzt rum ist, endlich kann ich die “alten” posts mal lesen….. hoffe, Du hast alles gut überstanden 😉

    #4 ist superklasse, aber die Zeiten wo er mal weibliche Wesen in comics, pics etc. knutschen durfte sind wohl endgültig vorbei …… ❤
    #9 ist mir zuviel Bart, aber wenn frau länger draufschaut zum niederknien, danke Gott für diesen…..
    auf #10 ist mir der schlechte Haarschnitt aufgefallen und natürlich viel zu kurz…..
    Die Hobbit Cast Fotos sind großartig,mir gefällt auch das am besten, das Hari nochmal gelinkt hat
    #17, love it ❤ #18 auch, gerne!
    #21 nur knuffig, zum knutschen!
    so jetzt habe ich genug "rumgemeckert" und wünsche noch einen schönen und erholsamen, traumintensiven Abend!


    • Och, das mit dem Knutschen sehe ich alles locker. Das geht durch Phasen. Kommt irgendwann alles wieder *ggg* Und mecker nur weiter – man muss seine Meinung doch loswerden 😉


  7. Sorry for the late comment. I was happily looking through the round-up yesterday when a huge storm hit from nowhere. The computer, phone and power went off due to a tree taking the power line down in my street, it’s back on this morning thank goodness so I can continue Richarding, it was a very rude interruption to an otherwise delightful round-up, thank you Guylty.

    Arguments are no fun, I hope you are feeling a bit better now. xx


    • Arrrgh – that’s a horrific scenario, powercuts due to a storm. I am glad to hear that the Australian electricity services were efficient in re-establishing power so quickly and you were able to get your round-up fix 😉
      In Casa Guylty things have calmed down again. I am biting the bullet 😉


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