2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #5

As and if you are reading this post, I may already be on my journey. And the journey is probably also the reason why I was simply not patient enough this week to collect 25+ links for the Weekly Round-up. Sorry, guys, I have been absent-minded even before I am absent-bodied 😉

So, for the next six weeks there will be no tumblr round-ups on guylty.WP.com. However, maybe this is an incentive for you to explore the wilds of tumblr yourself? You can sign up easily, and never mind about adding content to your automatically generated tumblr blog – just get into the so-called “dashboard” (basically the news feed of tumblr) and use the search box to look for content on RA and his characters/films/projects. If you “follow” and of the tumblr users that will pop up on your screen, their content will automatically appear in your dashboard as soon as it gets posted. WARNING: Tumblr is “Objectification Central” *ggg*. Be prepared to encounter explicit gifs, full-frontal confessions and faction fighting on controversial topics. But hey, you should be used to *that*.

If you absolutely do not want to surf tumblr on your own and rather get a compilation, you can also check out Jollytr’s WP blog. She posts daily tumblr digests under the heading of “RA Today”, handily subdivided into Links, Gifs, Twitter, Fan Fiction etc, and sometimes even further divided into the various character. BEWARE: Danger of serious eye candy overload 😉

Anyhow, hope you enjoy this pre-hiatus tumblr round-up, even if it is a bit on the short side.

Have a great time, and girls, be good while I am gone! I don’t want to hear any complaints 😛

2015 Round-up 5


  1. I confess I was too lazy to watch the whole Brazil interview, but I really appreciate the highlight posted by oldfashionedvillain. And I much admire this typical instance of the “Armitage Quip”
  2. What was this post by richardarmitagequotes referring to? Size of teeth? Size of ego? Size of package? *ahem*
  3. I really loved this photo from the China premiere, posted by stewardessme – kind of open-mouthed sweetness, don’t you think?
  4. LOOOOOOOOL – oh cod, sometimes, when faces are taken out of context, the funniest scenes are made. By laurelin
  5. It’s never wrong to remind ourselves of lovely old pictures, is it? Thanks to armitagefan for this beauty
  6. Now that we know who is playing Dolarhyde’s Reba, more fan art pops up. This one is by abigail-rising
  7. 10 years, same mannerisms. A decade in between these two caps, put into comparison by look-back-look-back-at-me
  8. LOL, I had the same idea as thilbo-baggshields-fic-recs… Thorin, the King of the Selfies?
  9. eat-and-drink-and-breathe has translated a French newspaper interview from last year (part 1)
  10. A pivotal BOTFA scene in fan art by sigun-i-loki. I am almost tempted to say it looks cute, but…
  11. richardarmitageforever puts together 23 reasons to love Richard Armitage. I have nothing to add – comprehensive!
  12. This is really old, but oh, gosh, I could look at this fo a looooong time, with a continuous smile plastered on my face. I am infatuated, too, gothicsouthpaw31universe
  13. Francis Dolarhyde as interpreted by lukasnorth (fan art)
  14. Jollytr has updated her master list of video interviews
  15. The irresistible Ricky Deeming by riepu10
  16. NATO hark up, opiewinstonsoldlady has got it
  17. I don’t think I have seen this photo of a happy, laughing RA by celiaforgetphotography before

PS: You might hear from me sooner than you think… Check my blog next Tuesday the latest.

Guylty ❤

24 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #5

  1. Hello Guylty. Now I think you must be on the plane starting your own “there and back again in New Zealand”. A little note for this round-up. I liked very much his interview in Brazil. I found RA so relaxed and smiling and laughing. It’s good to see him like this. All our best wishes for your trip. Remember to come back, we are waiting for you.


  2. I will be thinking of you in that beautiful place. Have a great trip, we will try to muddle along without you, but it will be difficult. Don’t skip the glow worms, Mt.Cook or the feathered (not people) kiwis. Buy some possum socks to keep you warm at home, and sample plenty of wine and don’t forget to have lots of fun while you take beautiful pictures. Missing you already.


  3. Thanks for thinking of us even as you were packing! 🙂 hope leg one went ok and ready for leg 2 🙂 shivering here thinking of you heading towards the sun 😉 safe traaaveeeelsss!


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