Guylty’s Mighty Mighty RA Fan-Trail

And now for some more RA-specific sight-seeing. When I posted about the Maranui Café, Jazzbaby reminded me in the comments that RA had mentioned another favourite hang-out in Wellington. She linked an article in the NZ Herald in her comment, and I set about finding the famed and notorious “Mighty Mighty” Nightclub. Unfortunately it does not exist anymore. It closed its doors last May. There are unconfirmed rumours that the club had to close after RA moved away from Wellington. He had kept the club alive single-handedly by partying hard.

But where there is a will, there is Google Maps, and a blue flashing dot informed me about its location on Cuba Street, Wellington’s coolest street – lots of little shops and cafés in a pedestrianized area of the Wellington city centre. Anyhow, I had an hour to spare and so I wandered up Cuba Street. Once. And back down. The third time I was cruising along, I felt decidedly stupid because I simply could not find the place, despite the flashing dot. It was a case of checking house numbers. Luckily the house number was still mentioned on Google Maps even though the club had long closed its doors. And its location turned out to be right next door to a nice café I had had lunch in the day before…

Mind you, there is not much left of Mighty Mighty. No signs, only a doorway, some colourful floor tiles, and lots of bills on the wall.

Mighty Mighty

Look at the “Rex Royale” sign. See the posters/bills posted to the right of it? Entrance to Mighty Mighty must have been to the right of that…

Sorry, not very spectacular, I am afraid. So to make it at least a tiny bit more interesting, I decided to make a short video. No, don’t expect too much – it’s not an Academy Award-worthy short but only a wobbly walk-by. If you suffer from motion sickness, make sure you sit while you watch ;-). The video is only a 29 second glimpse of Cuba Street, Wellington.

A Mighty Mighty Walk-By from Guylty Pleasure on Vimeo.
That’s it. Another rather unpretentious looking place. Good call, RA, good call 😉 (And how we wish we could have seen himself partying away, throwing shapes on the dancefloor… That would truly have been a sight…)


9 thoughts on “Guylty’s Mighty Mighty RA Fan-Trail

  1. Ein weiteres Ergebnis unserer investigativen S! Anfangs schaut es ein wenig wie ein Stalkervideo aus. Wer ist denn das Pärchen????? Und höre ich dich am Ende mißbilligend Grunzen? Es ist wirklich schön, wie du uns auf deine unexpected journey mitnimmst. Ich habe gestern noch lange an Daisy gedacht. 😀


    • Grunzen??? Ich bitte dich, das war ein zweifelndes Mhhhhhhhhh! Und ja, ich hab da irgendwie das Pärchen verfolgt. War aber eher unbeabsichtigt, da ich die Augen starr auf den ehemaligen MM-Eingang gerichtet hatte *ggg*.
      Hehe, und du an Daisy gedacht? Wohl eher in Daisy reinversetzt, würde ich mal sagen 😉


      • Dran gedacht/reinversetzt: papperlapapp, Haarspaltereien 😀 Na klar, sowas von intesivst reinversetzt, method acting ist ein Scheiß dagegen!
        Und ja von mir aus, es war mehr ein Schnauben, gut so? Ein brummelndes Ausatmen. Such dir was aus. 😀


        • Das war als Antwort auf meine ETC gekommen, die wissen wollte, wohin wir gehen sollen. Ich wollte eigentlich gar keine Sound Effects auf dem Clip drauf haben… Immer schön anonym bleiben, nech.


          • Ach jetzt ja…. Ich dachte, du seiest undercover allein durch die Straßen gestrolcht. Wie schön, dass sich doch alles immer wieder aufklärt. 🙂
            Und ja Anonymität wird ganz GANZ GROß geschrieben.


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