Thorin, Confused

Let’s have a little AU, where fiction and fiction collide, shall we?

I was driving from Roxburgh to Dunedin, when I came across a town whose name gave me a bit of a jolt. In the absence of a Pop Thornton, Pop Thorin had to make do.

Does the mighty King look a bit indignant? Looks like the corners of his mouth are turned down… (I won’t even go into describing the ETC’s facial expression when I screeched the car to an abrupt halt, grabbed Pop Thorin and my iPhone from my bag and jumped out of the car to take a picture… mind you, as an English lit graduate she put 2 and 2 together and immediately copped on it had to do with some classic novel that had been transformed into a crinoline drama for the BBC…)

Pop Thorin was a bit confused why he had to pose in front of that Milton town sign… I admit, I used him. Not sorry,

“Milton – Town of Opportunities”. Well *ahem*. Exactly the sort of place that should have a cotton mill. I kept my eyes peeled, but I didn’t see a mill or anything like this:

NORTH AND SOUTHSorry Milton, but that’s a FAIL… ;-)

As for Pop Thornton – now, there is an idea… That pout and a cravat, preferably removable. He’d sell like hot cakes, I think.

27 thoughts on “Thorin, Confused

  1. Poor Thorin, Milton was probably too tame for him to appreciate it much. It just needed a touch more of danger, perhaps a few orcs lurking around, and he would have cheered right up.

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  2. Hm. *Kopf kratz*

    Kapier’ ich nich’. :-/

    Was glaubt denn nur ETC, was du bildlich einfangen willst, wenn du ganz unschuldig malerische Schilder ablichtest??? – Echt, viiiiel zu misstrauisch, deine Reisebegleitung** …

    ** die menschengroße, nicht die klei…, ähem!, nicht die in imposanter Zwergengröße.


  3. Been up to my eyeballs in work, but your posts make me smile and sort of recharge the grey-matter too, thank you Guylty!

    Now about that Pop Thornton, I want one as well as a Pop Gisborne, wonder if there are enough fangirls to put together (limited of course) an order large enough for Funko to make them for us???? I am working on another Funko (the company that makes those wonderful Pops) order for work at the moment, I will have to ask them. Wonder what licenses might be involved? North and South has to be public domain, right? Robin Hood too, but designing them based on a specific…. nah, they are too cute for it to be too much a resemblance, right? Aragh, as if I don’t already have too much work to do. Thank you again for the fun thoughts Guylty!

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  4. Pop Thorin has been through a lot, he’ll want a vacation or some strong drink soon! And your ETC probably soon one as well after the next ‘impromptu’ stop ;-)))
    you should have a fold-out Guy to place next to Gisborne sign… his dream finally fulfilled… he could almost rest in peace 😉

    Milton looks like it could do with some Pop Thorin excitement 😉

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    • I admit that Pop Thorin doesn’t have it easy. Most days he spends in my bag. As for ETC – yep, she sure needs a holiday from me. We haven’t had a fight, yet, but I have to admit that the silences have become longer *ggg*


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