Titillation over…

… here is the winner of the one and only Nipplitage RAPS.

Jolly wins nipplitage

19 names in the hat. Lady Luck has favoured Jolly. Congrats. Well, she was quite enthusiastic in the comments, so the universe has reacted. Enjoy some cheeky fun with this, then, Jolly.


Meanwhile the shrining bug has struck Guylty. After Nipplitage kicked me into action, I made two more shrines yesterday and today. They are actually already on their way to their respective homes. One of them will be a surprise – although commissioned, it has taken me so long to fulfill the order that the recipient most probably doesn’t expect to receive the shrine *ever*… As soon as they arrive at their destination, they will be revealed here. The only hint I can give now is that they are a RLRA and a Porter…

I am also waiting with bated breath to see the first glimpses of Dolarhyde. Because I am aching to make a preliminary Tooth Fairy RAPS, just as I did with UATSC last year. On that note – where has *that* project gone? And then I am already stewing over ideas for cooking up a soup-con of RAPSodic fun over RA’s future role in Pilgrimage. Could it be Godfrey of Bouillon, leader of the 1st Crusade by any chance? Or did RA tweet a picture of said Bouillon’s sculpture in Brussels just for his love of dramatic sunsets? (Check Armitage Agonistes for some further thoughts and potential background on the topic matter of Pilgrimage.)

Much to look forward to.

For the sake of transparency, here’s the draw protocol.


31 thoughts on “Titillation over…

  1. Congratulations to lucky Jolly. Looking forward to seeing what you create for Dolarhyde.
    Perhaps, instead of a warning tattoo or label, Mr. A might be required to apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. All he would need to do is present evidence, from a certified instructor, of having received training in the safe use of a nipple. Or, since he is already overly qualified and proficient in the use of the nipple, he himself could be certified as an instructor for those less talented. He would just have to remember to present his permit along with his driver’s license to any officer of the law who requests it.


      • I’m going to leave you to write it. I just hope all this petty jealousy being aroused in his right nipple and other body parts doesn’t lead one of them to hurt the left nipple because it receives so much more exposure. I mean, what if they took it out? His chest would be pointless.


        • LOL pointless. We’ll see. I may have to overcome my general reluctance at making Proctor the subject of my irreverent ficlets. He just seems too good a character to do so…


  2. Congratulations to Jolly!
    And Guylty is in an incredibly creative mood, two new shrines on their way and a ficlet to come.
    I definitely need some advice in safe nipple use, regarding Porter´s left nipple in my RAPS 🙂 And don´t forget the right nipple, please…


    • Creative mood is right. I have no idea what has gotten into me… The next one is already on the table. Vaguely nipplitage, too… And yes, at some point I will have to make a shrine that features the neglected right nip.


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