RA Pocket Shrine 55/? – Profiled

Dear readers,

It appears that the leadership team of RAPS Inc. had fallen victim to some sort of hoax. There was talk of “misinformation”, and a certain calendar date associated with pranks and fools was mentioned. I call it overreaction. So while we wait for today’s Twitter Q&A and to make up for yesterday’s prank, RAPS Inc. is proud to unveil their latest creation, a John Porter RAPS commissioned by Nokisuu. She “finally took the courage” (quote) to write and ask for a shrine in May last year. Jesus Christ Akimbo – it has taken RAPS Inc. a long time to get the order out!!! So without further ado, here is dirty and dangerous Porter!


The harmless exterior (no parental advisory *there*) hides this interior:

IMG_3518He may be operating in the shade, but Porter really is a figure of light in my book. He’s not really a saint, I guess, but I think he deserves some laurels. And his profile is worth looking at. Both pre-op and post-action.


That’s the shrine in full action, with an excerpt from the file that the CIA is keeping on him.

Harmless? Well, Nokisuu can adapt the shrine to suit her needs, because thankfully the researchers have equipped the shrine with a number of photographic evidence of Porter… I think this is my personal favourite:


As usual, the devil is in the detail.

This is the full choice of material Nokisuu can drool over familiarize herself with, it all fits neatly under the paperclip:

IMG_3523There we have it. Hope this befits the SAS/Section 20 hero. And finds Nokisuu’s approval.

And now let’s tweet a few questions at #AskArmitage. See you later @OlivierAwards.


58 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 55/? – Profiled

  1. Thank you!! *squees a bit*

    Yesterday morning when I had the house for myself for a moment I took all portraits out and had a moment of appreciation looking at them. They gave me strentgh to get through the day (I had gotten some bad news on Monday and Tuesday) and I just want to thank you for a perfect RAPS.

    Better late than never 😉

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    • You were more than patient, Nokisuu, and I sincerely feel ashamed that it took me so long. There was a bit of burn-out on my part, but mainly it was due to the inaccessibility of my work room. In any case, I hope that the bad news will get under control! If the RAPS provides even the slightest bit of distraction, then it will have served its purpose. I hope it reminds you of positive, good, fun feelings, to overcome the stress of the negative that we deal with every day. (((xxx)))


    • Ha, no, I am not – anyone could come up with this. There’s enough inspiration around. This one was sparked by the end credits of SB Ep 6 when the voice-over lists his characteristics. “resourceful, tenacious, possibly obsessive-compulsive” sounded like a profile. It took it from there…


  2. Absolutely amazing, i love the detail in the file and the secret nickname :-p And the photo-file, great thing! Speaks to the kids in us i think to put things together and take them apart 🙂 But the shadow -figure is the absolute best! brilliant!


    • Cheers Hari, you are very kind 🙂 Yes, I love those bits that can be moved and changed, that is the best part of shrining, when I come up with an interactive idea. It doesn’t always happen, and the more of these boxes I make, the more such ideas are gone (as I don’t like repeating myself).
      The shadow figure is basically a quote from the show, but it looks even better when it is almost-3D 🙂

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    • Nice one, dede. I rewatched Wuthering Heights’ 1992 version with Ralph Fiennes tonight. Some massive smouldering in that. (And quite different to the 2011 version of WH I saw yesterday.)


      • Guytly, did you ever see the 1970 Wuthering Heights with Timothy Dalton? It may not have been the best film adaptation, but Dalton was deliciously regal and brooding, and the music score by Michel Legrand burns through my soul.


        • Oh, I didn’t know there was that version. Just checked and found it on Youtube. That’s the next one the list then. Thank you for the recommendation, Mia!


  3. Mmmm, smouldering Heathcliff is yummy, I watched Ralph’s version a couple of months ago, he was great in it. I love the Porter RAPS *sigh* you can’t have too much chesty Porter. xx


    • Damn, I nearly read that as “cheesy” Porter and was ready to jump to his defense *ggg*. But chesty is good. 😀
      Yep, Ralph is very smouldery in it. It was really interesting to compare the 1992 version with the 2011 version in which Heathcliff was played by a black actor. Even though I always liked the 1992 film, I have to say it looked positively antiquated (cinematographically) against this: I recommend watching. It’s not quite the whole story, and it is told with very little dialogue. But the images are much more evocative than the static opulence of the older film.


      • Oh yes. in order of greatness for me: Proctor > Thornton > Porter > Thorin > Gisborne > North> everyone else to date. Though hotness scale is a bit different, with Porter and North being about the same at number 2 and probably edged out by Gisborne as number 1. LOL


  4. Oh, this looks great!!! Well done!! But how does one pick a favorite RA character? I would have a few I wouldn’t know which to choose from – Proctor, Thornton, Harry Kennedy, Porter, Thorin – in no particular order. Have to say I did very much looking at this Porter RAPS. 🙂


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