OT: Happy Spring-Time, Everyone

Whatever you may be celebrating this time of year – Easter, Pessach, or simply just the beginning of spring (autumn, on the other side of the globe…), have a lovely Sunday. Over here, in my neck of woods, it’s Easter, and with my mum over for a visit, we are going to have Easter Sunday the fairly nonreligious German way: breakfast with the traditionally plaited, freshly baked Easter bread, lots of eggs (a couple of duds for the son and Mr Guylty), an egg-hunt that even the teenagers of the house are not too old for, a couple of small presents, a long Easter walk, and finally, as a nod to Ireland, a leg of lamb with mint sauce, glazed carrots, roast onions and potatoes.


Happy Easter from the heart of Guylty’s hearth

Have a lovely day and enjoy your family, friends and anything that’s dear to you! (Yes, you *may* include Mr A in that, I think.)  I’ll be a little bit quiet the next few days as my attention will be soaked up by my mother.

Happy Easter!



35 thoughts on “OT: Happy Spring-Time, Everyone

  1. Really happy and peaceful Easter to you too!! That is such a lovely arrangement! I love your holiday celebration decorations 🙂
    It feels odd, my Easter isn’t until next week and i realised i’ve been home every year of the last ones, going home next week but it feels eastery around town 🙂 I’m looking forward to painting eggs the next week and seeing the various kids when they have their first Cadbury cream eggs 😀
    Have a lovely time with family and hope the sun will come out for the walk! 🙂 Lamb sounds yum! (not a fan of mint sauce, mint is for tea only .. or deserts ;-)) xx


    • Thank you Hari, and back to you. (Holiday deco is really easy in a house with a fireplace in every room = instant centrepiece)
      Are you heading home for Easter? If so, have fun.
      We are already back from our walk in Dublin Bay. No sun, but dry – and lots of shells collected. Now taking a breather before tea and bikkies and then putting on the lamb.

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      • yes, heading to my parents on Thursday and back Tuesday after = 2 day work week 😉 and then another 2 day work week after as heading to Dusseldorf the Friday after for a concert in Dortmund with the curly one.
        It has been nice and dry here too, all street is in bloom, need to drag myself to the streets tomorrow as the camera is screaming 🙂
        Hope things going well with you and family and enjoy the dinner 🙂


        • Who is “the curly one”? Hope you’ll have fun in “Djermanie”.
          Did you go out with your camera yesterday? I was out on a walk but didn’t bring Marky Mark. But snapped away on iPhone because there was the weirdest kind of sea fog in Killiney Bay…


          • oh, i forgot you were frolicking in NZ when i disclosed my double pleasure about the Olivier Nomination and therefore also my second passion ;-))) I went on and on about it on the blog 😉 The curly one is Jonas Kaufmann, German/Bavarian tenor, actually as far as the classical world is concerned theee number 1 tenor 🙂 It’s a concert of Schnulzes but it was the only trip i could afford at the moment. It will be nice to see some friends too, wish i could stay longer but have to be back for work trip on Mo.
            And yes i did! i got some flowery tree pics, needs to see if they are worth anything 🙂 Sadly not the best weather yesterday after all, of course today the sun is shining brightly and not a cloud in the sky and i am at work! grumpyyyy!
            And please share your pics :-))


            • Of course, Jonas Kaufmann. Hey, “Schnulzen” can be very nice, escapist entertainment. And still quality, if Kaufmann is singing! Meeting friends an obvious bonus.
              Ah, trees in bloom – there were some beautiful magnolias and cherry trees on my walk yesterday, too. my pics are not that exciting, though. Probably more interesting to people who know the usual panorama of the Bay which is completely obscured by the sea mist in my pics…

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  2. I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family and mom. I am cooking with part of Mr. 70’s family coming later in the afternoon and his brother coming in the evening after work. Mr 70 got lucky as Saturday was his last day. It will also be a strange day as son1 is at Army basic training and maybe we will get a phone call from him, not sure.


      • No call from son1, kind of sad about that but that is just part of it. Like I told him before he left, been there, done that and got the t-shirt to prove it. We did have a nice Easter with Mr.70’s family and got all the cooking done it time.


    • Danke – und bisher total stressfrei und harmonisch. Sogar mit Zeit zum schnellen Blog-Lesen. Was für eine geniale Geschichte bei Herba. Im Geiste eines friedlichen Osterns sagt Hermi: “Schwamm drüber” 😉 xx

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  3. Happy Easter to you, dear G. After brunch with the family, I will join Mimi at the last day of Wondercon. We have seen Thorin (girl) and hobbits invade the Hilton, zombies, batmans and tons of other characters. Very unEaster-like. but so much fun watching people make their fantasies come to life. All the best to you and your family.


  4. Being German you also get Easter Monday, so it’s not too late for me to wish you a happy one. Hope the sun shines bright on you 🙂


    • Thanks Serv, and yes, we got a nice Easter Monday with sunshine and an extended walk along one of the most beautiful coastlines in Dublin. Oh, and fish and chips at the end of the day – always great. Hope you had a good holiday weekend, too ❤


  5. Dein Osterstrauß ist wirklich sehr schön. Er strahlt eine wunderbare Leichtigkeit aus……
    Liebe Grüße von hier zu Dir. Lebe noch, wenn auch kaum… 😉
    PS: Falls Du noch ein paar mehr Schokis isst kommst Du sicherlich so richtig gut drauf……. 😀
    Auf jeden Fall, genieße die Tage!


  6. Ich hoffe Du hattest/hast schöne Ostertage und kannst die Zeit mit Deiner Family genießen, auch wenn es sicher nicht immer einfach ist, weil jemand fehlt.
    Fühl DIch aus der Ferne gedrückt!!!


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