RA Pocket Shrine 56/? – There’s A Good Boy… Or Is There?

Scandal! I have it on good authority that RAPS Inc.’s order book is not… eh… in order. There seems to have been a mishap. Or maybe just shoddy note-keeping? They really should pay their administrative staff better because then this wouldn’t happen: RAPS Inc. made the wrong shrine. Or maybe it didn’t because there is yet confusion over the question whether someone else apart from Nokisuu commissioned a Porter RAPS? If you know anything, i.e. if you have previously sussed out a deal with RAPS Inc. over the production of a Porter RAPS and your shrine has not yet arrived, let me know. Otherwise this following, customizable beauty will go onto the open market into an open raffle.

This is what I made under the assumption that someone wanted Porter enshrined again.

IMG_3532Are those two hearts or a lascivious mouth? Maybe the RAPS’s inside can give us insight.

IMG_3529A bit of heavenly fluff for a good boy, and some naughty lace (hard to see, but it is there) for “an evil man”.

Ok, Porter *really* is a good guy. No question. But is he a “good boy”? And what do good/bad boys choose?

IMG_3530Porter seems positively delighted not to answer that question. I guess, the ball is in *your* court. Does he go to heaven or is he a bad boy?

For those who find the whole “going down to hell?” too hot, the shrine is customizable: the bits that read “to heaven” and “down” are magnetic, can be exchanged, or even be replaced with something less naughty, i.e. a name as in “to [insert your name here]”. It’ll be included in the shipment. Here’s the whole shebang:

IMG_3528Right, I hope someone can answer *my* question whether there was still a Porter commission open. Speak up if you are she and we have a previous deal. If not, I’ll put this in a raffle on Thursday, 16 April, 11.59pm BST for all those who express any desire to own Good Boy/Bad Boy Porter. Remember – if you are pulled out of the hat as a winner but don’t want the shrine, you can always gift it to someone else in the fandom who might like to have it. That way not only I and my shrine fairies are the generous donators, but you, too!

In any case, hope you like it…

43 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 56/? – There’s A Good Boy… Or Is There?

  1. Very nice…or is it naughty?! (did we talk at some point about replacing my prototype RAPS model with an open market model? If we didn’t, I’m definitely open to that conversation πŸ˜‰ )


    • Yes. I think naughty Porter needs to come to the fore a bit. He was kind of limited to episode 1, extra-cocky (no pun intended) to prove a point. Only he was actually quite sweet doing so – especially when his cockiness got him a surprise extra treatment from nurse Danni. He looked almost shocked…

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  2. Cough cough cough… Sigh. No, there can never be too much Porter, especially that gorgeous grin in the base of the tin πŸ˜‰ Love the feathers too… Very tactile… πŸ˜€

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      • Okay, so I’ve been at work for the last two days and I’m going to need to make some coffee because the last two+ hours I have made no progress here. I may just need a disco nap, but instead I started reading Jollytr’s Algonquin Bound reasoning that a change of subject might get me a little more energized. Yeah, it wakes a person up. πŸ˜€ Then I noticed there was a new Tumblr Round-Up…is that right? But before I clicked that link, I stumbled my way here. Whoa…hold the phone… I won’t be able to go home at this point…not because I’m tired, but because hubs in the middle of taxes. I won’t have access to the man until Thursday…so thanks for the Porter shrine and naughty thoughts Guylty! I feel like I’m reliving what I learned from Josh last night while unpacking comic shipment as the “Dirty 30” or what men say is a woman’s equivalent of a teen male sex-drive. Holy Mother Mary and Joseph!

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  3. Ich hatte mal einen Termin bei einem Herrn, der Rorschach-Test-Drucke als Deko an der Wand hatte …

    *Inzwischen* weiß ich, dass ich “Pornografie!!!” hΓ€tte kreischen und flΓΌchten sollen.


    PS: Ich finde es ja erschreckend, dass du deine Mitarbeiter so miserabel bezahlst. Du enttΓ€uschst mich, Guylty! πŸ˜‰


    • Aber wirklich, Porno erster GΓΌte. Ich muss jetzt spontan an Georgia O’Keeffe denken. Oder Robert Mapplethorpe.
      PS: Wird Zeit, dass die Gewerkschaft mal bei RAPS eingreift. Sonst kommt es doch noch zu Arbeitsniederlegungen oder Sabotage…


  4. Beautiful Porter. good or bad, he da man. I would like to lay claim to this work of art, but, no, alas it is not mine. I am sure it could find a happy home with any of us. Love the heart lips on the lid. Promise of kissable things inside.


    • Ha, I forgot, you are a Porter appreciator yourself… Glad this one finds your approval, too.
      Yup, many kissable things… Not sure why I just cannot get that belly button out of my mind…


  5. ‘ggg’.. soo good… oh wait, sooo baaaad ‘ggg’ cough πŸ˜‰ It is so good it even penetrated my tiredness misty mind, just wrapped up work – 2am and debating the level of crazy involved in getting another flight tomorrow…
    He’s gorgeous, can’t believe i’ve still got him all wrapped up on my desk waiting for me… will he be good, will he be bad??? God boys are boring πŸ˜‰ Or maybe not…
    i saw the feathers and had this image in my mind of a pillow fight and a cloud of feathers softly settling down on the bed and a certain torso… ehem… to be continued.. cough cough…

    I just love this one and clever clever those heart lips on the lid πŸ™‚
    (by the way, annoying almost 2 days .. came back with sad/angry Guy photo on my desktop and every since then anyone passing by my PC and who sees it asks who he is? They’ve put him in Game of Thrones and a loads of other wrong films and not a single person knew who RA was?! what is up with thaaaaat!!! ) xx

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