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RAPS Inc. has swiftly moved on from past mistakes. According to our sources, the company is testing the deployment of paparrazzi photographers, and even has a scoop in the bag already. Hot on the heels of Armitage’s as-yet unconfirmed arrival on the set of his latest project, a medieval clerical road movie-cum-thriller entitled Pilgrimage, the papaRAPSi were able to catch the actor donning his monking robes for the first time, as well as showing the international heart throb using his devastating smoulder in its latest, Gaelicized version off-set.

It appears that RAPS Inc is branching into new areas. If you remember, RAPS Inc. was on the verge of collapse when the company reacted all too rashly to what appeared like an IRPA (International Richarding Policy Adjustment) aka the “OpeRAtion Spring Clean“. While the company seems to have backpedalled on its initial decision to switch their shrine object to a blond Swedish actor – since the IRPA snafus RAPS Inc. has re-committed to OOA Richard Armitage and released two further shrines, #55 Profiled and #56 Good/Bad Boy – they also seem to have decided to diversify its range of services: Not only does the company continue to produce its “Droolage Facilitators” but it is now exploring ways of combining its manufacturing business with a more up-to-date news reporting division.

Insiders close to the company’s creative department leaked some interesting material to us. It appears that the latest RAPS is set in the stunningly beautiful Connemara region of Ireland.

ConnemaRA (8)

Is this the accomodation the cast is put up in? The sparse exterior of the cottage would suggest that the accomodation would befit the method-acting preparations of some of the cast, as well as putting the plot of the thriller into a typically Irish, twee context. Here’s another look:

ConnemaRA (2)

Sensationally, the papaRAPSis have been able to catch Armitage in costume. Rumour has it that the ambitious 43-year-old will be taking on *all* the lead roles himself. It also appears that the “brothers” of the film are identical triplets? We have enlarged the scene for you:

ConnemaRA (3)Armitage on set in the characteristic robe of the Benedictine monks. Presumably the shiny object bottom left is the mysterious relic which the “triplet brothers” are tasked with transporting to Rome. It is yet unclear why a contemporarily dressed intruder who displays an uncanny resemblance to Armitage is peeking from behind the St Patrick’s cross on the right. (Some commentators have suggested that this could be the elusive Robert Hermitage, stalking the set after being – once again – passed over for a role.) The white apparition on the left has been identified as a sophisticated visualization of the Holy Spirit, swooping in for some inspiration.

The papaRAPSis apparently also caught the lead actor frolicking off-set.ConnemaRA (4)It looks as if Armitage is trying to blend into his current environment, donning green-checkered, rustic shirt and dainty waistcoat reminiscent of leprechaun wear. We’re not quite sure where Ireland stands on cup cakes, though. Latest reports suggest that cup cakes and muffins have not yet been seen floating freely in the landscape (unless involved in food-fights).

ConnemaRA (7)

We have reached out to RAPS Inc. for comment, but only received the usual disclaimer: “While RAPS Inc. doesn’t comment on specific work in progress, we can confirm that our policies are constantly changing to provide a great experience for users and developers.” From our point of view the film looks to be a challenging project for its lead actor. Tackling three roles in one should be right up Armitage’s street, especially in light of the experience gleaned last year in his self-devised and critically acclaimed one-man-show “Stage Door“. It remains to be seen whether RAPS Inc’s foray into news reporting has legs for the future and can rescue the company from its decline into obscurity.



45 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 57/? – ConnemaRA

  1. I am so envious of that hooded robe right now!!! Do I need to sell an arm and a leg to get a naughty monk shrine? Do tell. Excellent job, as usual. You are fabulous! 😉


    • Agree, as strange as it sounds to be envious of a robe, but who wouldn’t like to be wrapped around the man *ggg*??? Destiny and recipient of the shrine not yet quite clear. I’ll keep you posted :-). And thanks for the lovely comment ❤

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  2. Oh Heilige Einfalt, nein Drei-Einigkeit. Weiß der Geier, wer so alles unter den Kutten steckt. Das erinnert mich an frühere Filme/Klamotten, in denen einer immer mind. 5-7 Rollen gleichzeitig übernommen hat. Praktisch. Und hält die Kosten niedrig 🙂 Ist das jetzt Auftragsware oder hast du den zum eigenen Plaisier gecraftet?

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    • Also, ich schätze mal, Armitages Marktwert ist mittlerweile so hoch, dass die ihn für das Engagement dann auch ordentlich ausnutzen. Lohnt sich ja sonst nich… 😀
      Das war keine Auftragsware, sondern eigener Spaß. Ich hatte doch ursprünglich das Projekt mal angefangen, weil ich jeden ChaRAkter *einmal* in eine Dose bringen wollte. Diese Mission hat sich leicht verschoben… Aber hier dachte ich, dass ich schon mal im Vorhinein aktiv werden könnte. Armitage in Irland – das Thema inspiriert mich 😉

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  3. hahaha omg I still have the stitches in from the removal of my wisdom teeth and was holding my face with two hands because laughing hurt too much. BRILLIANT. I love you!!!!!

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    • Aw, commiserations re. wisdom teeth. I hope you are well stocked with painkillers and that the whole thing passes quickly and without complications. Sorry-not-sorry for making you laugh – but maybe it distracted you a bit :-). Sending you lots of ❤ back!


    • *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek* ROFLMAO ohgodohgodohgod… How come my spell-checker did not object??? That is just horrible 😀 (And now you have me wondering what a “cum-thriller” would look like… Nah, let’s not go there… Might as well go and read some racy fanfic 😉 )

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  4. Marvelous monks on a pilgrimage to munch some muffins. Sounds like a block buster to me. Mr. Hermitage is jealous he didn’t get a role in the film. After all, what do they have that he doesn’t have? Robes? Bakery connections, or a fast track to stardom through shrinedom. He is lurking about trying to figure it out.

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  5. ich wage gar nicht daran zu denken wie shrine 100/? aussehen wird 🙂 Liegen wir dann alle unterm Tisch vor Lachen oder brauchen wir ein Beatmungsgerät? Wahrscheinlich beides und offensichtlich sollten wir dringend eine Laptop-, Handy-, ipad-Versicherung abschließen 🙂
    Wundervolle Idee, träumst Du auch schon von Mönchen? ❤

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    • Hehe. Ich hoffe zwar, dass mir die Inspiration nie ausgehen wird (und die 100 ist natürlich eine Zahl, die magische Kräfte auswirkt und die RAPS Inc unbedingt erreichen will), aber ob man den Humor immer so umsetzen kann??? *hüstel* Wie viele erotisch-humoristische Szenen kann man noch konstruieren? Und nun auch noch mit einem zölibatären Mönch??? Die Herausforderung steht. Ich nehme sie an.
      Und nee, keine Träume. Gottseidank 😀


      • Da er ja jetzt doch kein Mönch ist eröffnet das doch völlig neue erotisch-humoristische Dimensionen! Wie war das Normann? Da kann man als Frau doch was draus machen! Aber bitte keine albernen Helme wie bei Thorin 🙂


  6. (Crosses arms) It was not “nice” to make make me REPEATEDLY spit my coffee at my nearest and dearest during breakfast this morning. Please go to your room and think about what you have done. I’m sure an appropriate picture or two of Mr. A would be of some help (don’t forget your drool cup! Those tins are so useful!]
    (btw, just overheard nearest and dearest discussing whether I now have started having seizures or, sweet mercy NO!!, am severely allergic to coffee ….)


    • Damn, this is gonna get expensive. Another RAPS induced material damage. Mind you, RAPS Inc denies all responsibility and asks users and readers to direct liability claims directly to Mr A. I mean – have you seen the latest selfie? Flippin’ bare-shouldered flirt!!! 😀
      BTW, hope you have recovered. Is your reputation still intact or in tatters?


  7. Oh, this is so delightful!! Through my dad’s work I have known monks and nuns all my life, so I have a bit of an affinity for them (used to want to be a nun myself when I was growing up until I realized that that required celibacy… and religion…), so I love to see RA dressed up as a monk. And then to see one of my favorite RA looks, with his longer hair and stubble in the bottom picture… ah, yes, this RAPS is so delightful! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  8. just adorable and sometimes our fantasy is so much better than the story of a film 😉 I like everything about it and the muffin makes me laugh :-))) and yes, lookin gforward to all numbers between this and 100 ‘ggg’


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