RA Pocket Shrine 58/? – Boldly Becoming

Some of you may have already seen the latest shrine to leave the production line work bench of RAPS Inc. on tumblr yesterday. I posted it there first because it came about as a spontaneous submission to a fan art competition, called by tattle-crime. (For those not in the know – Tattle Crime in the Hannibal TV series is a tabloid-style news blog which sensationalist news reporter Freddie (sic) Lounds reports to. (In the original by Harris, reporter Freddy Lounds writes for a tabloid called “Tattler”.)) In any case, tattle-crime had been calling for submission to a fan art competition entitled “Boldly Becoming”, asking for fans’ visual representations of Francis Dolarhyde aka Red Dragon. Even though I am scared to death by Hannibal, I thought this was a fun challenge – and it fits right into my original plan of making a shrine for each and every chaRActer. It’s slightly premature as we have not been given any hint *whatsoever* what Francis Dolarhyde and the Red Dragon will look like on the NBC show. But that frees the mind to interpret the chaRActer… In short, inspiRAtion struck, and I could not stop myself from putting into practice shrine what I saw in my mind’s eye.

IMG_3848I actually would have preferred to write “RED” on the lid of the tin, but unfortunately I had run out of the letters R and E in my sticker collection. Bummer. Thank goodness that I still had an F lying around…

But now, here is my vision of the Red Dragon:


I hope you can see the wings of the dragon creature – it was difficult to make the shiny, see-through texture of the wings stand out against the sparkly heart background in the tin. This interpretation is more or less an amalgamation of two Blake watercolours, The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea, and The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun. I couldn’t resist putting the toothpaste in there… Sorry, Toothy…


For the bottom (sic) part I needed a picture of Toothy’s back, and somehow there was only one that fitted my accessories. Ehm, and then I felt that it might be a bit too cheeky… ahem, so I drew the veil of shame over it…

Ok, but no, the veil can be lifted, if you dare…


There, cheekiness obscured.

I think it is only fitting that the shrine has its usual candles – I think the Red Dragon would expect to be worshipped like that…


So whoever this shrine ends up with – it was not a commission but sprang from my own naughty mind – can decide whether they are up to putting the Red Dragon on full display or whether it he better shrouded in secrecy. Considering that Hannibal does not really shrink away from explicit material, I am not sorry, either way 😉


If you are on tumblr or on twitter, you can check the other submissions for the #BoldlyBecoming fan art competition. Just search for the #BoldlyBecoming hashtag on either platform. There are some fantastic ideas and artistic interpretations out there – the Red Dragon in sugar craft, gifs, comics, etc. Knowing very little about Hannibal and the fannibal fandom, I really enjoyed venturing cross-fandom this way, expanding my own horizon over the boundaries of the Armitage fandom and reading up on Hannibal in the process. It’s great to see the creativity of fellow fans – whoever they are “fanning” for – out there.

The contest runs until 13th May, btw, so if you have ideas of your own, you still have time to submit them by posting and tagging tattle-crime, and #boldlybecoming on tumblr, or tweeting your submission at @Tattle_Crime, @LorettaRamos and @TheTuxedos as well as hashtagging #BoldlyBecoming on Twitter.

78 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 58/? – Boldly Becoming

  1. Oh my goodness…. Hot or what? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😉 This is spectacular, Guylty! Personally, I don’t think the gauze is necessary… Love the toothpaste, too 😉


  2. Soso, das ist also aus den putzigen Herzchen geworden. Ich finde es gelungen. Und das mit den Buchstaben erinnert mich maßlos an Schtonk. Du weißt noch: die Initialen auf dem “Tagebuch”: F.H. = Führer Hitler 😀


  3. Veil of shame. You crack me up. I was wondering how FD would make it into a shrine, and you did the toothsome fellow proud. So thoughtful of you to include toothpaste. He will need it after chewing up so much delicious protein. If you do another one, dental floss might be appreciated to get into those hard to reach places.

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    • *muhahaha* Dental floss and Tooth Fairy. Maybe I could use up some of my surplus (unused!!!) dental floss as a white, fluffy background for a future Dolarhyde RAPS? You are giving me ideas, Kathy…
      I am quite surprised that Dolarhyde has made it into a shrine already – I didn’t think he would inspire me at all. Ha, but well, I haven’t seen the show yet, maybe that is why…


    • I have to admit that I felt quite a lot of sympathy for Dolarhyde when I read “Red Dragon” – I think that may have bled into the shrine…


    • Oh, nice idea – a little heart-shaped tattoo. But no, in this case it must have been a bit of fluff that got left on the ankle when I shot it…


  4. *kreisch* DIE ZAHNPASTA!!!! Ich schmeiß mich weg! 😀 😀 ;-D

    Geil, der Drache!
    Und es ist völlig egal, ob du das auf die Rücken-Deko oder auf “roter Drache” beziehst. 🙂


    • Das witzige ist – als ich diesen Zahnpasta-Anhänger bekam, hab ich mich gewundert, was ich jemals damit anfangen soll. Und dann war das das perfekte i-Tüpfelchen… Improvisation ist schon klasse… 😀


    • Hm, yeah, it is, isn’t it? They have become progressively naughtier, I have noticed. Maybe I need to reign it in. (Or maybe I am in midlife-crisis and am compensating something here…) 😉

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  5. i am still giggling like crazy at this end 🙂 I think the gauze only makes it naughtier 😀 And i won’t even say anything about the quote as it has me rolling on the floor ever since i saw it ‘ggg’
    Black, gold, red… delicious! very glam 🙂
    OMG OMG OMG.. waiiiiitt…. i looked at it like (ok, not saying how many times… cough) .. and i only now realised the dragon has sparkly golden horns!! No idea what could have possibly distracted me.. Genius!
    (However, the way my mind works, sorry…. i now have a pic of him half in the buff doing an impression in black and sparkly gold of the Biene Maja with antennas and wings ‘ggg’…)

    If you auction it off, count me in, who could resist this….
    PS Dinny worry about the tone of shrines, you’re perfectly channelling the minds of your audience 😀

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    • Yeehah – Hari, you eagled-eyed fan!!!! You have spotted the golden horns! Unfortunately they did not really stand out as much in the photo as I would have wanted. But yeah, I handcrafted those horns myself. They *had* to be there.
      All very naughty, I agree. So much so that I should really make amends. Not sure how.
      Talking of “auctioning” it off – am wondering whether I should make it a charity thing in aid of Nepal, for instance? I am happy to give it away for free, too, but I wonder if there was a way of using it for a good cause (other than cheering up its recipient).

      Liked by 1 person

        • I stole some time today and continued working on another couple of shrines. Maybe I’ll make it an auction with several RAPSes. If only the weather was better. It’s raining, and the hubster is hanging around at home because he can’t work. I can’t work on my shrining when he’s breathing down my neck…

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        • There is a very good point there. A bad chaRActer as an erotic fantasy. Well, I suppose that is nothing entirely unusual, but anyway, this one is rather premature since we have no idea what Dolarhyde will be like in the series. We’ll see… (if we can bear to see *at all*)

          Liked by 1 person

            • Sorry, I don’t think it’s quite the same thing. We’ll have to see how the Dolarhyde art plays out, but I’m guessing that it will be of a somewhat different quality than the Guy fan art.

              Liked by 1 person

              • What I’m seeing so far is either facial or borderline grotesque. I’ve not seen anything ‘erotic’ yet. I’m certain that will change in the extreme near future.

                I need to reread The Red Dragon. It’s been I’m certain over 20 years or around there. I remember little of it. It’s actually in my yearly challenge Zee Reads. Seeing how it’s currently MAY and Hannibal boots up in June??? I should put it up next.

                Still wondering if I should watch the previous two season of Hannibal. I’ve avoided it like the plague…


                • I’m almost done with season 2 now, but I shut off the episode I was last watching in disgust, so I don’t know myself. Got to figure out how to turn it back on again to finish.


                • I have decided for myself that I will neither watch the previous two seasons of Hannibal, nor anything in season 3 that is not Dolarhyde. I found the book easy to read, and was able to avoid visualizing anything that I found difficult to stomach, but I know that I cannot unsee the actual pictures on the screen. So I am staying away, cowardly ;-), hoping that once season 3 is on its way, I will hear about it second-hand.

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    • As naughty as the shrines are becoming – I guess my little inserts of humour are a way of distancing myself, and satirizing the underlying and occasionally worrying feelings I have when I make this sort of stuff.
      Oh, and Blake – those pics have been floating around quite a bit on tumblr recently. Great prompts for fan art.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well you almost succeeded today. I was in a rush to get home, but didn’t make it in time as I actually drove past him on the road. (sigh) It’s cool, tomorrow though, he won’t get off so easy cause the moment he is done with work, I’m gonna surprise him. Well maybe not. Last time I tried to do something sexy and surprise him, I almost had an anxiety attack. And I am not faint of heart, but suffice it to say, I will never go out to the airport in a trench coat, spiky 4″ black pumps, thigh high stockings and little else ever again! I’m getting anxious just thinking about it and it has been over 20 years since I did that. Ugh, I just have to stop looking at your new RAPS, it is those damn long legs and the veil of shame you removed in the lower image that got me thinking . . . Guylty! You are to blame, you! heh


          • Well Guylty, tough chick that I am, fearless in many situations (risked arrest at San Francisco airport a few months after 911) but I certainly did not have “the cool” to go through with meeting the hubs at his arrival gate in stockings, panties and teddy under my coat. I panic’d, choked, whimped out. Those were the days you could walk through security to the terminal gate without a ticket. It occurred to me, before I went through security that they might make me open my coat. I had no metal on me, but what if they asked me to open my coat anyway? I started to tremble as these thoughts ran through my mind while I waited in the security line. I froze up, unable to make myself walk through the metal detectors. When hubs arrived and was coming down the escalators, he saw me below on the other side of security and just thought I was late. I have never been so frightened in my life. (sheesh) So no, I was not at all cool. I don’t know what had possessed me to think I should try something so ridiculous, but your RAPS shrine triggered my “Id” and thinking of doing something like that until I remembered that trip to the airport.


            • *hehehe* So you are human after all 😉
              You know, when contemplating the whole scenario, I was thinking that it is actually ridiculous that we find that kind of thing so kinky. Just think that we are only wearing a pair of pants and a bra underneath a flimsy dress in the summer, too… But well… ok, a coat is a slightly different garment…

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