RA Pocket Shrine 59/? – Pleasure Bound

Pirate!Guy is one of the enduring fantasies of fans far and wide. I suppose it goes along with the bad boy image – the wild man, roaming the seas, not caring for conventions, his one true love the ocean. The wind tearing in his long locks, the shirt wide open to show a manly chest, the dagger between his teeth, he boldly swings on a rope from his ship, to sweep you off the quay.

Oh, em, I am getting carried away here. The point of this post was not a reader insert bit of fan fluff, but I was going to present my submission for fellow fan Herba and her friend Die Poe‘s Gemeinschaftsblogprojekt [shared blog project]. You see, the two of them decided in January that they were going to challenge themselves to a creative project on a given topic every month. They started off with “super heroes” and opened the project for submissions from anyone who felt challenged. I was travelling NZ back then, so I missed the first creative call, but when I heard about the second call, I was immediately on it. You’ve guessed it. It’s “pirates”. So here’s my little submission to Herba and Die Poe’s pirate project:

sm Pirate Guy (18)

Not yet very pirate-y, apart from the loot the RAPS is posing in… So here we go:

sm Pirate Guy (17)Looks as if things are not going well for Pirate!Guy. He’s bound, obviously caught by a foe. On his own ship, even? Let’s see how this pans out…

sm Pirate Guy (20)He doesn’t look too upset. In fact he looks as if he is positively enjoying it. *tuttuttut* The small print says “Bound for Pleasure” – ahhhhhh, and “just for you”… Well, well, a happy ending then.

sm Pirate Guy (22)There we have it. Guy plays pirate with [insert name]. I admit, the scenario has potential. Ha – as if you didn’t know that. This is already the third pirate-themed RAPS that has left Guylty’s work bench after a Monaco Pirate Guy for Katia and a buccaneer Guy for Zee last year. To tell you the truth, there are still quite a few pirate scenarios in my brain…

Go check out Herba’s blog for the results of the pirate project [German language]. The topic for the next challenge is… dwarves. That leaves the door open for some Durin goodness, methinks :-D. I am sure that English language submissions are welcome, too – or questions, should you have any.

sm Pirate Guy (31)

*tease tease*


Right, at the end let me take the opportunity to ask you a question. I have been following the Nepal earthquake rescue with a heavy heart. Such destruction and suffering. When I posted the Red Dragon RAPS a few days ago, the question arose who the shrine was going to. Now, I have been wondering whether it would be an idea to put on a charity auction for Nepal and throw in a few shrines? Do you think there would be any interest? Will it make any money? What’s the best way of collecting loads of money for the good cause with an auction? I have the Red Dragon and Pleasure Bound Guy at the ready. But I’d be interested in your feedback before I start anything. Comment and advise anonymously if you prefer.




71 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 59/? – Pleasure Bound

  1. Mehr als “Nepal” und “Auction” habe ich gerade nicht wahrgenommen (bin zum Zusammenbrechen müde).

    Meine Meinung: Die Leute dort brauchen ganz sicher mehr Hilfe als irgendein armer Fan (ja, die gibt’s) einen RAPS.

    Wenn du es für eine gute Idee hältst, einen/mehrere RAPS zu versteigern – tu’s!
    Selbst die, die sowieso schon gespendet haben, bieten ziemlich sicher noch mal mit, denn “Versteigerung zu einem guten Zweck” ist was anderes als eine Spende (klingt blöd, ist aber so).

    ‘Nacht und schlaf gut.
    Wenn ich wieder geradeaus gucken kann, melde ich mich vielleicht nochmal zu dem Pirate-Guy.

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    • Danke für deine Meinung, Hedgy. Ich glaube, ich werde das mal mit der Versteigerung angehen. Muss mir nur überlegen, wie ich das am besten mache.
      Dann erhol dich mal gut. Nur noch ein Tag, dann ist Wochenende!!!


      • Schlafprobleme, kein Stress. *seufz*

        Ich muss ehrlich eingestehen, dass mich das Piratenthema nicht besonders anspricht. Vielleicht zu viel Pirates of the Caribbean? Das ist zwar wirklich gut, aber nicht unbedingt für Tagträume geeignet.

        Aber du hast eindeutig was draus gemacht: Guy und Fesselspielchen … Guylty, was sollen wir von dir denken?! 😀 Im Ernst: Klasse, wie du ihn verschnürt hast – und ein Rest Fesselmaterial liegt auch noch rum. *gg*

        PS: Kürzlich habe ich eine Meldung gelesen: Fesselspielchen, Mann fesselt sich mit Handschellen an die Heizung. Und wirft den Schlüssel aus dem Fenster. Unauffindbar! – Wie blöd kann man(n) eigentlich sein?!

        PPS: Untersteh dich, einen RAPS zum Thema Priscilla zu machen!!! Es gibt Dinge, die würden wir nicht verzeihen. *gg*

        PPPS: Sowas wäre tatsächlich eine sehr, sehr interessante Rolle, in der ich Richard gerne mal sehen würde.

        PPPPS: Muss jetzt zum Ende kommen, hab keine Ps mehr. 😛


        • LOL – ja, mein Priscilla-Vorschlag ist kontrovers. Und wie gesagt, das wäre dann wohl ein RAPS, der sich mal nicht an den bekannten Liebhaberkreis wendet. Aber man muss seine Zielgruppe schließlich ständig ausweiten… Altes Marketinggesetz!
          Was, Guy als Pirat lässt dich kalt??? Ok, ich gebe zu, dass mich RA als Pirat auch eher kalt lassen würde. Aber zu Guy passt das wiederum. Naja, und die Fesselspielchen hat die BBC ja selber erst aufgebracht. Jetzt mal ehrlich – solche Szenen in der Serie (und davon gab es ja mehrere) sind ja nicht ohne Hintergedanken gemacht. Auch wenn das Publikum Teenager sind, die Muttis sollen sich ja auch freuen…
          Was den Heizungsfetischisten angeht – interessante Sache. Ich hab mich schon oft gefragt, wie die eigentlich Handschellen abmachen, wenn die Schlüssel verloren gehen…


          • Psssst, Marketingexpertin, ich habe Grund zur Annahme, dass du auch für einen RA-im-Priscilla-Look genügend Abnehmerinnen fändest. Unterschätz mal unseren Humor nicht. 😀

            Was den Heizungsfreund angeht: Seine Partnerin hat die Polizei angerufen. – So kam dann auch die Meldung zustande.
            Peinlich, peinlich …!


    • He would be extremely good as a pirate, dark and broody as he is!
      Mind you, I have just watched ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’, and all of a sudden I am thinking that I would love to see a gender-bending role in Armitage’s capable hands. We know he can play men very well – and has predominently done the alpha, macho male. Would he rise to the challenge of performing an effeminate character? Would he get the gestures, the movements, the face right? Now, *that* I would love to see.

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      • Priscilla is a great show. And then there’s La Cage aux Folles, but I see him as Armand rather than Albert. Still there is something to be said for casting against type.


        • I’d love to see some casting against type in RA’s case. There really is none of that so far. And he deserves a chance to prove himself as a character that is not the usual brooding type.

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      • It’s funny you bring that up, because one of my Australian friends was kicked out of her mother’s house as a teen, and was taken in by a house full of drag queens. They took care of her, raised her, protected her until she graduated from secondary school. There is something about that scenario that just needs to be made into a movie or a TV series. There is so much potential for both comedy and drama. And the two actors I would really like to see playing the drag queens? Richard Armitage and Russell Crowe, because both actors would create characters who are real people instead of stereotypes. Also, it would play against type for,each of them.


        • Wow, so these things *do* happen in RL!!! Yes, I’d love to see something like that in film. I wouldn’t have thought of Russell Crowe, but that is exactly why it would be great to have someone as macho as Crowe play a role that was so different from anything else he’s been in. It worked for Terence Stamp – and I’d love to see if action-type cast actors could do the same thing…

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        • I think it’s the sort of challenge that both of them would relish. You also can’t say that they wouldn’t make pretty women. Walton Goggins from “Justified” became a drop dead gorgeous transgendered woman on “Sons of Anarchy”, and I never would have believed that.


  2. Ooer, not sure I could cope with RA in drag… Though if Terence Stamp can do it… 😉

    I’d bid for a RAPS for Nepal!


    • Well, I’ll be honest – he wouldn’t rock my boat as a drag queen. But I would love to see what he could do. And yes, Terence Stamp blew it out of the water. Just fantastic. Watched with my son, and it was interesting to see his reaction, too 🙂
      Great, it looks as if the RAPS auction is on. Had some good feedback on Twitter, too.


  3. What a great pirate!!!
    Well done and thanks for your participation :* I am curious what will come out of the new topic and yes submissions in other languages than German are welcome! 🙂
    Oh and I love the idea of an auction for Nepal – go Guylty!

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    • Cheers, Herba. Sorry I was late for the project! Hope I’ll get something out a bit earlier for the next one 😀
      And great – I think it’ll be on. After the weekend.

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  5. re: Nepal — Ali at RichardArmitageNet.com has donated the last round of Amazon Associate fees and will donate the next one to charities working in Nepal. So also a good time to use her Associate links to spend.

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  6. I´d definitely bid for a pirate RAPS if you put it on auction 🙂 Maybe you could vary the theme, it seems to me there are a lot of ladies interested to get one.


    • Sounds like a plan. The other possibility is to offer a “blank” – i.e. I will make a shrine to the specifications of the winner… I may have to check all this out in a poll. Thanks for your feedback, Ute!


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