2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #13

To be honest with you, I thought I would give round-up #13 a miss. Bad kind of number, you know. And then the little fact that I am busy this weekend because I have RArmy visitors over. That means I’ll be busy, and happily so – sightseeing, talking, Richarding 😉 But well, a few links popped up on my tumblr dash, and so I’ll share them with you even if I can’t promise to be quick with replies today. Let’s start off:

round up header NZ 13

  1. One of the lesser known chaRActers gets the triple-r-porn treatment: Ian MacIlwain. NSFW even though supposedly “vanilla” 😉
  2. I can now say that I am with terreisa on this one. The point remains – why the secrecy???
  3. Circusgifs has applied her considerable talents to Strike Back. There’s more than just this heart-breaking one
  4. Is there maybe a petition we can sign somewhere? richardarmitage-confidential
  5. Valid question by notallwhowanderarelost2. Answer (with RA-unrelated insider knowledge): They do. But it is shite
  6. richardcfarmitage turns a colourful RARA into a sleek B/W. Focus on the essentials, I guess
  7. Jollytr has reminded me with her post of RA past and present(ish) to use the next Twitter Q&A as an opportunity to ask for that picture in the attic…
  8. Sorry to overuse richardarmitage-confidential today, but I *had* to include this for the last sentence in this confession ROFLMAO
  9. Timozoe finds the right caption for a fine photo. I wonder whether Gandalf approves, though
  10. Frauvonelmdings has drawn again – from the set of Pilgrimage
  11. Fabulous Dolarhyde fan art/gif by fringeofmadness
  12. Pollysthings’, Zeesmuse’s and circusgifs’ dashes did a thing. (Next thing they’ll be ovulating at the same time…)
  13. riepu10 proves with picture evidence that beards make you look old. HA!
  14. AWWWW, this is a really sweet cartoon by gimmethehobbit
  15. Ok, we’ve seen this before. But it doesn’t pop up often, and somehow this old candid is really nice. Posted by berkshire-blues
  16. Wow – I liked this drawing by lamijavin
  17. I like khiduzur-upndar’s approach to motivation. Somebody make one for people who have already graduated, please
  18. Very cute cartoon by lis-alis
  19. Tbh, I am more intrigued what that exhibition was all about and why they used *him* for illustration, but congrats to 8ookmonster to her addition to the bedroom
  20. Interesting Dolarhyde fan art by lethal-desires. Not for the faint of heart!!!
  21. francisdollarhydes discusses the “a beard or not a beard” question for Dolarhyde. What do you think?
  22. Jahoe1960 has given us a timeline in profile – exhaustive. Will the nose-job question raise its ugly head again, I wonder *ggg*?

As usual, there probably definitely was more good stuff on tumblr – it just passed me by. But hopefully you have found a few things you liked.

Have a great weekend, everyone –

Guylty ❤


39 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #13

  1. Lovely assortment. Have a great time hanging out with ra sisters. Perhaps you can hold an informal panel on the nose question and report on panel’s findings. The question will come up as long as richard has a nose. Or as long as his nose appears to be not as long.


    • Haha, guess what – we did discuss exactly those things. At (shortened) length. Without conclusion. But we had a great time, even without nosing around 😉


    • That was such a great quip!!!
      We had a lovely time, even though the weather wasn’t quite as lovely. But as always it was great to meet the person behind the avatar – and find we have much more to talk about than the obvious ..

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, my favourite from this lovely haul! 😉 Though #17 could give rise to a whole new industry. “YOU shouldn’t be eating THAT” springs to mind… Apropos crispy M&Ms, Guylty, which are, unfortunately, freely available in England and aren’t even hidden behind the counter like cigarettes… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Cr*p. Guess what – I think we completely forgot about that. There may be some images of two of us posing, but we never took a selfie of the three of us… Too busy sightseeing and talking and enjoying the occasion…


  2. Ich bin angenehm überrascht, wie ernst du deine Pflichten 😉 nimmst,. Guylty: Trotz #13 und busybusybusy ein volles Programm quer durch den Garten.

    Vielen Dank für die Zusammenstellung. ❤

    Kann mich bei der Nr. 8 mal jemand von der Leitung heben? Ich peil nix.


    • Hehe, man hat ja eben einen edukativen Auftrag zu erfüllen, nech. Davon lassen weder Zahlen noch Besucher ablenken 😉
      Nummer 8 “He gives good book” ist ein Wortspiel, das mit dem Ausdruck “gives good head” spielt. Google das mal, dann weißt du Bescheid.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Doppelt-edukativ, wie man sieht. 😉

        Den Ausdruck hatte ich zwar irgendwann schon mal irgendwo gelesen, aber darauf wäre ich nicht mehr gekommen.
        Und das, obwohl hier schon schwer davon auszugehen war, dass das was Nicht-ganz-Jugendfreies ist … 😉

        Danke fürs Von-der-Leitung-Heben. 🙂


  3. yummy crop, and i used it just when i needed it more than chocolate 🙂 thank you!
    2- yesss, when are we going to get more RA on the Hannibal promo front?
    3-ooh poor boy, what a terrible look of pain..
    4- had a laugh at us calling it fanfic.. but I guess they are 🙂 and yes I’ll sign that petition!
    6-that 2006 pic was new to me, just adorable… non-brooding Guy 😉
    8-that phrase will become epic 😉
    9-traffic-stopper ‘ggg’
    11- the Dolarhyde fan art is really exceptional, we’ve already seen some amazing stuff and this is just eye popping, how does she do those 3 d rotation things..
    12-apparently if women spend a lot of time together those things tend to align 😉 supposed to be some scientif evidence
    13- 50??? Not in a million years!!! And how dare they put that on Guy??gr… he’s ageless! 🙂
    14-awwww… cute and I went like this reading Fuller too, who seems to have more than starts in his eyes
    16- cool drawing, totally captures his intensity!
    17- you know what we need: Guy with a sword/whip frowning at us telling us to go back to work 😀
    18- for a moment there I though it was Hugh Dancy 😉 I’ve been sucked into the Hannibal world!(by the way what I told you last time, forget it, he didn’t kill her, massive relief towards end of ep, my Will rescued.. phew..)
    19-look at the size of those things.. wonder where that Guy poster thing came from..
    20- ekkkk! The fannibals are really extremely creative, however gruesome the inspiration is… and I’m dreading it more and more..
    21-def no beard, not only for the reason that we have seen him during the time mostly without but also because the character sounded pretty obsessive about body image and grooming so clean-shaven is my guess (mind you if the author had thought that idea through properly FD would have definitely worn a beard specifically to hide the scar as much as he could)
    22- that profile is perfection (regardless of a mm here or there ;-))


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