RA Pocket Shrine 60/? – Treasure Chest

Last week I teased you with the outside of a RAPS that sneaked into a photo illustrating the recent Bound for Pleasure RAPS #59. Some of you noticed the tin in the background and asked. But I had to keep shtum because the recipient had not received the RAPS yet – and my rule is to give the first encounter to the recipient (unless I am making a shrine without anyone particular in mind) and only then reveal it to the public.

Good news is – the RAPS has been passed on. It was handed over to Suzy at the weekend. Suzy writes her own blog under the heading of Silverbluelining. Even though you’ll see her commenting here in German most of the time, she writes her own blog bilingually in German and English. So go over there and give her some love <3.

While I am asking for favours – I am adding some info on my planned charity auction of a few shrines at the end of the post, and I’d be much obliged if you clicked in my polls. It will help me figure out how to put on this auction for maximum effect. Thanks ❤

Suzy sent me a *massive* parcel before Christmas last year, containing my beloved peanut puffs, lots of housewife porn interior design magazines and plenty of sweets and surprises. Eventually I coughed up my side of the bargain, a Guy RAPS. Here we go:

sm Pirate Guy (1)

Another Pirate!Guy? Yeah, once I had been set on the path – thanks to Herba and her shared blog project – I was on a roll. It probably also helps that Sir Guy is now a constant presence in my study, thanks to Essexgirl’s gift of the Radio Times poster. Under his influence, I was inspired to make this:

sm Pirate Guy (10)

Guy definitely has a treasure chest, doesn’t he??? It actually even opens and reveals…

sm Pirate Guy (12)

… an anchor and a heart of gold. Awwww 😉 He carries the key to his treasure chest close to his chest, too…

sm Pirate Guy (14)

He really is one hell of a hot pirate, our Sir Guy. I’d definitely like to be his mate on his ship… And he can plunder my treasures any time.

There we are – two Pirate!Guys.

sm Pirate Guy (27)

While the treasure chest has gone to Suzy, the small Pirate!Guy is still up for grabs. And since my interpretation of Francis Dolarhyde/Red Dragon is also still without owner, I have decided to put on that charity auction I was thinking of. In fact, I have decided to throw an additional, yet to be made RAPS into the auction. That would make a total of three RAPSes to be auctioned off – separately. Now I have a couple of questions regarding such an auction and I would be much obliged if you took the time to quickly click your vote on the following polls:

Thank you for your help! Update on the auction as soon as I have figured out what is the best way of making money for the cause at hand – Nepal Earthquake Relief.


60 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 60/? – Treasure Chest

      • You’re not going to believe this… the 2nd chapter of ‘Her’s got flamed!!! I’m in shock!!! (I think it was my same hater for the original segment – His.)


        • What do you mean “got flamed”??? Someone hated it? Nasty comment? Why the…? I never get that sort of thing. If something is not to my liking, I simply do not bother to comment at all… Don’t take it to heart.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Oh, Eomer’s a bastard and never should have married Lothiriel or left her and married Wudurose when he found out they had a child or some shit. I can’t figure her out. She’s one of these – one love people and she’s sure he was ‘fond’ of Wudurose but he never should have led her on…

            I’m thinking she’s never read the original series – either that or she’s the chick who flamed His some time ago and I blocked her. The more she rants in my inbox, the more I’m convinced she’s not got all of her sparkies firing! LOL! I’m just ignoring her now. She posts that crap again, I’m simply going to moderate her or block her. She’s YET to say anything constructive.

            Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy constructive criticism. This isn’t that. This is someone who needs to write her own pink and fluffy fic and I ain’t anything about pink and fluffy.

            Except Nemo. Nemo is pink and fluffy. Baggage will be tossed about at some point, but for the most part… yeah. Nemo is pink… well, not pink, Nemo is actually black, but fluffy. Definitely fluffy.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Tbh, I just don’t get that kind of involvement in fan fiction. Don’t get me wrong – I *totally* get immersed in the fan fics I love, and yeah, sometimes I am a bit grouchy when things happen that I didn’t foresee. But would I berate the author? Whatever for? It’s fiction, people, and the idea and the characters are not mine but the author’s. So if I really hate it, I just sulk and stay away. End of story.
              Nemo fluffy – well, sort of, I suppose? There’s not enough romance in there *yet* to be considered fluffy in *my* book. No criticism – just me… Love your writing.

              Liked by 1 person

              • After reading the ‘complaint’ I received (the 3rd one) this morning from her, I’ve come to the conclusion she’s a) never read the series and b) has mental issues. I don’t know what world she’s living in, but she definitely does NOT have both feet planted firmly, if you know what I mean.

                As for Nemo… oh yeah, it’s pretty fluffy right now. I know YOU are looking for romance, but Gary has a frog he needs to move on its way first. The next chapter is written and i’m waiting for it to come back from the beta. I’ve done some more work on the ‘arc’ and believe me, Gary is QUITE the romantic.

                Unlike a certain black leather clad knight I adore…

                Liked by 2 people

                  • You’ll remember – it took Guy and Gen a LOOOOONG time (writing wise) to get their gears greased and on a mattress.

                    Okay, they didn’t start on the mattress, but you know what I mean…

                    Liked by 2 people

                    • It won’t be Guy and Gen kinky, but it will be nice.

                      speaking of Guy and Gen kinky, right now I have Guy in the shower with Gen, complaining about how hard making love to her day and night trying to get pregnant, is such a difficult task.

                      This is tongue in cheek, of course…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • What? The not Guy and Gen kinky or Guy and Gen in the shower?

                      That little vignette is now done and I’m working on a VERY pregnant and uncomfortable Gen, up at 3AM, craving Krispie Kremes (donuts) and watching Kung Fu Theater.

                      This one is based on a true story.

                      If you’re talking about Gary, I know Gary isn’t his most popular character, but I LIKE him. He has so much potential and he’s… touchable. Gary is someone you can walk into the grocery store and meet.

                      Going through the story arc, it’s going to be very different from most of my stuff.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • No, I meant that I like it when there is more to a sex scene than the mere mechanics 🙂
                      And Gary has the potential for more than just the robotic high school principal that he was in the film. He is quite an ordinary character – which makes him more accessible and likeable. Looking forward how he will develop in Nemo…

                      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh, and if the auction is on ebay, Hubby would be watching and I’d get the elevated eyebrow. We share an account. Not that it would stop me, but… well… does he really need to know I’m in the market for a pocket shrine? =)


    • Yeah, the whole “public” thing of eBay puts me off, too… Thanks for mentioning that. I’ll leave the polls up for a little bit longer today and see what the general outcome is. And then I can’t wait to put this auction on and get those RAPSes off my hands…

      Liked by 2 people

      • Ich packe doch so gern 🙂
        Yes I enjoy, very much and intensively!!!
        Zum Glück konnte ich Dir meine Freude schon persönlich mitteilen, denn das war das topping, das kleine Schmuckstück nicht alleine auszupacken, sondern mit Euch gemeinsam.
        Und bin begeistert wie Du meine Wünsche und Vorlieben da reingepackt hast, fasziniert von den kleinen heißen Details ❤
        So ein individuelles und persönliches Geschenk habe ich schon lange nicht mehr erhalten! You´re as good als gold – sagt man das für "Du bist ein Schatz" ? ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • Für mich ist es auch immer besonders schön, wenn ich dabei bin, wenn eine RAPS-Besitzerin ihr Kästchen zum ersten Mal auspackt. Und ja, der persönliche Touch gehört dazu – er soll ja (einigermaßen) individuell passen.
          “good as gold” – das ist eher so wie “dich kann kein Wässerchen trüben” oder “zu gut für die Welt”. Ich bin vielleicht eher nur “wonderful” 😉


  2. treasurably chesty and wonderfully rich in bounty 🙂 i love the romantic look in the white shirt :-))) is the little cheeky hand rubbing his tummy? ‘ggg’


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