Auction Announcement: “RAPS for Charity” Coming Soon

With the situation in Nepal still dire, especially as a second earthquake has devastated the country last week, I would like to raise a donation for the victims of the catastrophe. The RA community has proven many a time that it is populated by a generous and compassionate bunch of people. I know that I do not need to appeal to you to do some good. For many of you it is a matter of course to donate money where it is urgently needed, and I believe the power of a thought, a prayer or of spreading the word is just as worthy. However, if you have a coin to spare, you could try bidding on three RA pocket shrines which I am throwing into an auction, the proceeds of which are to go to charity.

On auction will be:


#59 Pleasure Bound Guy

  • and a RAPS made to the specifications of the winning bidder


All of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Save the Children Nepal Earthquake Relief. Postage and packing of the shrines is covered by Guylty, so all the auction proceeds are for charity.

The RAPS for Charity Auction starts this Sunday 17th May at 3pm BST (British Summer Time). Three separate posts will go up on – one for each RA pocket shrine that is in the auction. The auctions will run for three days, i.e. until Tuesday, 19th May at 3pm BST.

As an incentive to bid I am raffling one further RAPS among all participants in the auction. Anyone who sends in a bid for any of the three auctions will have his/her name in the raffle, regardless of how often or how much they bid.


No auction without rules – so please read through the following small print to make sure you agree with the procedure.

PicMonkey Collage

RAPS for Charity Auction RULES:

The RAPS for Charity Auction is not a silent auction as such – bids are accepted behind the scenes, but I will post updates on current bids publicly on the blog. The bids are handled confidentially – no names will be disclosed and all your information will be handled with respect and discretion.

If there is any demand for it, I will also facilitate donations for the Nepal Earthquake Relief. Let me know if you are interested in that and you can contribute to the donation.

If there are any further questions, please ask in the comments or shoot me an e-mail at


The 3 auctions each start at 3pm BST, Sunday 17th May, and end at 3pm BST, Tuesday 19th May. Bids are accepted between those two times only, so bids that are sent in before or after will not be taken into consideration.

The auction is open to all and you can bid on all three items. You can bid multiple times and raise your bid. There is no guide price for the auctioned items, and any bid is welcome!

All bids must be sent via e-mail to Please make sure you put the item you are bidding on clearly in the subject line of your e-mail. Format: “Bid for Red Dragon RAPS” – “Bid for Pirate!Guy RAPS” – “Bid for Blank RAPS”. In your e-mail, please state the amount of your bid. There is no need to send contact details yet – I will get back to the auction winners as soon as the end results are compiled.

To facilitate fair and comparable bidding across different currencies, I ask you to submit your bid converted into US-Dollars. You can find a handy currency converter HERE.

While I will be updating the bids in the comments (and the post), please do not bid through the comments but send an e-mail instead! Should there be two or more identical bids, I will write a comment on the blog so that bids can be raised. Should an auction nonetheless end at a tie between two or more identical bids, the person whose bid had been received first will be the winner of the auction. Please make sure you subscribe to the comments on the post of the auction you are bidding on to receive timely notification.

The bid updates in the comments will be anonymous, i.e. the names of the highest bidders will not be disclosed! However, I encourage you to comment on and follow the auction through the comments!


Once the auction has finished, I will e-mail the winners with the good news, ask for your shipping details and send instructions on how to transfer the money. The preferred way of transferring the money is via Paypal, from which I will also be transferring the proceeds to Save the Children. Paypal converts the currencies automatically, btw, so if you are bidding from a non-US$ country, you can still take part.

The winning bidders will be announced as soon as I can in a final post on Tuesday, 19th May. (If you do not want to be disclosed as the winning bidder, please notify me!) I will also announce the final auction proceeds for all three auctions. Make sure you also check your email so I can contact you if/when you win. If I do not receive confirmation from the auction winners by the Wednesday 20th May, 3pm BST, the item goes to the second highest bidders.

After the transfer is completed and I have received your shipping details, the item will be sent directly to you – except for the winner of the blank RAPS whose shrine will have to be produced first. There will be no further postage or packing costs!!

ALL the money raised with the auction will be transferred to Save the Children Nepal Earthquake Relief. Helen and cRAmerry have volunteered as independent arbiters and will receive the receipt of donations once I have transferred the money to the fund. They will also help in case there are claims re. the auction and highest bids.

The information you provide, including your email address, bids, shipping details etc. will be handled with respect and the information obtained will be treated as confidential.

As an incentive to bid I am raffling one further RAPS of the lucky winner’s choice among all participants in the auction. Anyone who sends in a bid for any of the three auctions will have his/her name in the raffle, regardless of how often or how much they bid.


Phew, is that all? Now let’s get ready for the auctions… Hope to see some bids rolling in. Feel free to blog and tweet about the auction, or reblog and retweet the auctions and announcements – the more the merrier 🙂


20 thoughts on “Auction Announcement: “RAPS for Charity” Coming Soon

  1. Reblogged this on zee's muse and commented:
    If you haven’t seen a Guylty RAPS (gasp!) or own one, now is your chance!!! They are works of art, a labor of love AND this is really for a great cause! spReAd the love, peeps!


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  3. Guylty, I hope being an independent arbiter doesn’t mean I can’t bid? Just had a cold shiver run down my spine 😉


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