2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #14

What does Mr A do on an early Saturday morning between location changes? Sleeps in? Leisurely breakfast? Catching up with Social Media? Probably not the latter. Neither do I, usually. Saturday is my sleeping-in day. I get up at 6 am every weekday, so the weekends are for lounging in bed. But not today – I actually had to get up at the usual time because the cats demanded breakfast. And since the sun was shining so nicely into the drawing-room, I decided to stay up and put the finishing touches to the Weekly Round-up. Here it comes…

round up header NZ 14


  1. Francis Dolarhyde has the potential to be cute – look at him here, the last picture in the set by talented artist ciorane. You can only make him out by the little hare’s lip
  2. This may have been around a while, but oninha’s gifset of Proctor really hit me in the proverbials
  3. OMG, this is the *funniest* thing. It is old, has over 55.000 notes, is long, and has been contributed to by multiple tumblrers, but it *does* contain some Armitage. And tell you what – I am heading into the local Yankee Candle store this afternoon
  4. *tuttuttut* Sketchlavie is putting naughty posts together again… Guess what these nicknames are for…
  5. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has put together a case for listening to RA’s audiobooks (again). Includes handy links and interesting quotes. Great stuff and good idea!!!
  6. Fishencake expresses what I feel re. Hannibal, too
  7. Wow, it appears that artbyaelia has made this coin herself. I don’t think I have ever seen numismatic fan art!
  8. NSFW – another triple-r-porn drabble, for John Standring. Caution.
  9. Antatius’ fan drawings of RA and some chaRActers. I don’t often link drawings because most of the time I do not find the accurate, but these catch him perfectly
  10. For some in-depth analysis of Blake, great-red-dragon has written an essay on the Tyger and Dolarhyde
  11. guys-texts-from-last-night has Guy become all introspective
  12. Have I already posted sinnaminie’s Dolarhyde plushie here? I know I did on Twitter. It is just ADORABLE!
  13. For some odd reason I really like this gif by murmil, of Armitage walking on to a TV show – something about his look with his scarf wound around his neck, and the dorky smile. I guess it just feels real…
  14. I am posting a link to Mrpuddingston here – not necessarily for this picture in particular, but because I noticed in the caption just how many pics he/she has posted so far – 1720. And counting. Thanks for that!
  15. devilbats0121 has put all Toronto airport pictures of RA into a set
  16. LOL, fringeofmadness strikes again with a surprising gif-caption combo re. Gary Fuller
  17. For those who are interested in astrology, fangirlastrology goes in-depth about Armitage’s Mercury. There is more on other aspects of his star sign on her site
  18. Jollytr’s RPF ‘Algonquin Bound’ goes to chapter 31 on RAsexualfrustration. (It is already one further on AO3)
  19. Goodgirlheather has made another funny someecard re the doodle auction
  20. Very interesting Hannibal fan art gif by lethal-desires
  21. And another one by madamantler. Hannibal is illiciting a whole new level of fan art, methinks
  22. the turtleismoving has a funny gif set for RA and Sean Bean lovers alike
  23. A richardarmitage-confidential confession that many can subscribe to, I think. I certainly do
  24. Frauvonelmdings has entered into the tattle-crime #BoldlyBecoming fan art competition with a short film of Dolarhyde. Very Warhol 😉
  25. I don’t think I have ever seen this picture reposted by britscatsandromance – wrinkle alert
  26. Ooooh, this gif by look-back-look-back-at-me makes me really, really curious, too… *tuttuttut* it must have been something naughty (and don’t we love that particularly…)

Ok, I had to leave it somewhere. There was more, this week, so go and put “richard armitage” as a search tag into tumblr, and you get so much more… But, yay, now that I have my round-up out of the way, I can play with my new toys. You see, I received a surprise parcel yesterday from my shrine fairy Mimi.



Lots of mint tins, and some magnets, and sharpies!!! I can shrine til doomsday 🙂

I started on a couple of shrines yesterday, rather spontaneously, after some people prompted me unwittingly. And once I am on a roll, I just cannot stop 😉 My trouble is that I keep coming back to a few particular characters while I still haven’t been able to get through the lesser known guys such as Percy Courtenay and William Chatford. Hmph.

Anyhow, last word on this post is to draw your attention to the upcoming RAPS for Charity Auction. Just to reiterate that *any* bid is welcome and please not to believe you have to break any records with your bids. I obviously do not expect to reach the lofty heights of an original Armitage doodle, which stands at 2175 US$ as we speak. But it would be lovely (and realistic, I think), to aim for a small three-figure total of the proceeds from all three auctions.

Auctions will start tomorrow, Sunday 17th May, at 3pm BST, here on guylty.wp.com. A whole announcement post with rules of biblical proportions is here. (And thank you to all of you who have re-blogged and re-tweeted my announcement! It’s great to know you are on-board!)

Oh, and for another bit of fluffy, lovely, heart-warming Saturday reading I recommend you head over to me+r and read up on Serv’s fan meet-up with Kathy Jones. Feel-good reading!

Have a lovely Saturday, loves,

Guylty ❤


24 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #14

  1. Immer wieder praktisch, wenn einem einer die Arbeit des Vorsortierens abnimmt:
    3) Schnüffelalarm. Dieses Produkt gibt‘s nur in den Staaten, oder? Aber halt, habe ich nicht gerade jemanden vor Ort….?
    4) Say my name, say my name…. 😎
    9) Toll getroffen, die Portraits. Respekt.
    13) Ja da ist was dran, an der Faszination der real Real Life Ansichten. Ich finde ihn da auch äußerst “Normalo”.
    24) Also, diese Lied spukt mir auch schon eine Weile im Zusammenhang mit Fanvideos durch den Kopf. Allerdings in deutlich unblutigerem Zusammenhang. Trotzdem: Cool.
    26) Ja, was er da wohl für zersetzende Kommentare absetzt? PJ hat es übrigens auch gehört 🙂
    Hach schön war et wieda.


    • Also, ich hab es nun doch noch nicht zu Yankee Candle geschafft, aber neugierig bin ich ja schon. Und zersetzende Kommentare… das macht die Sache um so interessanter. Muss noch mal nachgucken, wie PJ da reagiert. War mir gar nicht aufgefallen.


  2. Die Nummer 5 mag ich am liebsten, wie er die Aufnahmen der audiobooks mit”dirigiert”, voll konzentriert ❤ am meisten gelacht habe ich über die 26, wir brauchen jemand der Lippenlesen kann und uns sagt was er zu dem 'bumper' kommentiert 🙂
    Schönes und sonniges Wochenende!!!


    • Hehe, ich glaube ja eher, dass der “bumper” ein Kommentar zu seinem Gesagten ist, als andersherum…
      Sonne war heute morgen, nun isses bewölkt und viel zu kühl… Aber wir machen uns das Wochenende einfach selber schön. Ab ins Kino zu Age of Ultron mit den Kids.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, you would go and search for them yourself 😉 But I am happy to pass on the goodness here. It’s fun to search for them – and more fun to share and discuss them. Thanks for reading 🙂


  3. Another great roundup Guylty, there were quite a few I’d missed and thank you for the link love! Enjoy your weekend!


  4. Luuurvly as always, thank you 🙂 Getting up at 6am on a Sat? i’d be murderous, really… but maybe for the sun shining it is worth it 😉

    2-those last few moments from Crucible…. Always heart breaking, it was sooo beautifully done, I can hear his voice every time I see the images… ❤
    3- very few stores around and online not available in the UK!! http://www.yankeecandle.co.uk/search?setlocn=eu&q=mountain+lodge&searchsubmit=Search why oh whyyyyy??????????? Buuaaaaaaa
    5-Thorny??? Hihihihihihihihihihi
    7- really like the idea of Thorin coins.. beautifully made this one 9- the Guy smirk is spot on!
    13- just like anyone coming into work.. but biy does he have big strides! And then in 14- his eyes focus and snap like that he’s back to being anything but ordinary… 🙂
    15- you know how the Lufthansa mag always does a feature on somebody famous and the content of their carry-on? I’d love to know what RA takes on the plane with him 🙂 what books, what creature-comforts and so on ..
    18-thanks for reminder! Wish there was a way to get automatic email updates..
    20, 21-honestly the FD/Hannibal art is amazing- poor Will , the show does quite a number on the chap (and on the viewers!!! LOL) And hmm he’s done FD blond… I get the feeling he won’t be blond but I almost wish he were… the eye would probably stand out even more and be eerie… but better not make him look like an elf I guess 😀
    22- ‘ggg’ Gosh , yes time for a character to survive!!
    23- yes, Proctor will always be a milestone, a kind of a shrine..
    25- expression lines 😉 that forehead is so bold it will carry off lines with elegance for years to come 🙂
    26- ‘ggg’ I remember seeing those vids/photos and thinking ‘cheeky bugger’! Look at his smile at their comments and her bump 🙂


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