RAPS for Charity – the DE-BRIEF

It has taken me a day to come down from the high that I felt yesterday in the final hours of and post-event. The RAPS for charity auctions, if I may say so myself, were a fantastic success. So much so that I found it impossible to put my gratitude, awe and general elation into words. You all have reinforced my continued happiness at being part of this community. The upshot is clear:

Armitage fan

All joking aside, I know that you would like to hear the tally of the project. Let me just precede that by saying that I had not in my wildest dreams thought that we would raise so much money together. And not even in my sleepless hours pre-event last Saturday night when I was wondering whether I’d be able to convince three people to pay 35 US$ each in order to reach my target of a three-figure sum… So please sit down now before I reveal the number. It is staggering!

You have made the amazing amount of

auction results

Oy! I think that deserves more than a strained smirk!! Picture credit: Clickonline Blog


The auction results were as follows:

  • Pleasure Bound Guy made 90 US$.
  • Red Dragon made 100 US$.
  • Custom-Made Shrine went for 250 US$.

So a grand total of 440 US$ for the three auctions combined. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for your generous bidding. You have been amazing. Guy and Red Dragon are already on their way to you. They are going to Eastern Europe and the US respectively, while the custom-made shrine is yet to be made.

Many of the bidders reacted with great sportsmanship and pledged a donation once they found themselves outbid on the auction. Together with donations from non-bidding participants you raised a staggering 736.41 US$!!! Once again thank you for your fantastic effort and generous giving! Consolation prizes will be ready and off to you, soon!


But hold your horses, people – that’s not all. There are still donations coming in. I have had a number of people asking whether they can still contribute. Of course you can – the fundraising is open until I have transferred the money to Save the Children Nepal Earthquake Relief. If you would like to contribute, shoot me an e-mail to guylty@photographer.net, and I’ll let you know the details.

And last but not least – the grand total that Richard is holding in his hands up there is not quite the grand total. I am waiting for a final confirmation from Mr HErmitage, eh, the anonymous donor behind the scenes, but the final of 1176.41 US$ will be bumped up, for sure!

As a final word, let me once again say thank you to all of you who supported the fundraising effort with tweets, reblogs, messages, comments and blogs, with your bids which pushed up the prices, and with your donations. You have exceeded all of the expectations and hopes I had, and you have proven once again that this is a community full of compassionate, caring, supportive, warm and exceedingly generous people. I am happy to be among you.

Much love,

Guylty ❤

PS: Tune in tomorrow for some more news, the proper “Sword-Wielding Thorin RAPS” reveal and the raffle of said pocket shrine.

47 thoughts on “RAPS for Charity – the DE-BRIEF

    • Thank you, Perry, and also for reblogging and spreading the word!!! It has been a pleasure and great fun – I’d do it again without hesitation.


  1. Wow – you put every professional fundraiser to shame. 🙂
    What a great success – and it is all yours! Thanks a lot for your effort to put up this auction. It was for a good cause – but also a hell of a lot of fun. Congrats (and thanks) to the winners / bidders of the auction.


  2. TSCHAGGA! Da habe ja fast ins Schwarze getroffen, mit einer leichen Toleranz nach oben von dann doch unter 10% (genau 7,73%). Wenn alles so eintritt wie erhofft 🙂 *stolz*

    Liked by 2 people

      • *g* Ich hatte zwar vorsichtig spekuliert, dass es eine vierstellige Zahl gibt, aber sie dann zu sehen (und mehr als nur “gerade so” vierstellig!) – WOW!!! 🙂


        • Du sagst es. Meine Kalkulationen im vorhinein lagen bei einem Minimum von 100$ für alle drei Schreine bis zu einem erwünschten Maximum von 100$ pro Schrein – und dann das. Ich hatte die Rechnung ohne die großzügige Fan-Community gemacht. Mit einer vierstelligen Zahl hatte ich bei aller Hoffnung absolut nicht gerechnet. Wow ist richtig…


    • Oh, must have overlooked the comment – thanks for that – and correction: It’s not me who is fantastic but the people who have bid and supported and contributed!!


  3. Wow! Thank you for your creativity and organization Guylty, and congratulations to all involved – what an amazing result. I am proud to be a part of this Armitage community.


  4. Wow! What an awesome community we have…..the result is brilliant and wonderful.
    Thanks for your effort Guylty, you fantastic, creative woman! xx


  5. it is absolutely incredibly wonderful! sorry didn’t say a thing last night but just came to check before falling into bed and i fell asleep with a big smile on my face 🙂 wonderful news!! and thanks for everything! wouldn’t have been possible without you 🙂


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