FYI: Charity Funds Have Been Transferred

Just to let you know that the funds you have raised for the Nepal Earthquake Relief are now where they belong. I have just transferred them via Paypal to Save the Children. For logistical reasons I had to make two separate transactions – one in US$ and one in €uro – for which I received two automated confirmations. Enclosed as screenshots (my billing address blanked for privacy). I have sent further proof to my two independent arbiters, Helen and cRAmerry.

Thank you for your contributions and your help with the fundraiser. If anyone would like to contribute further, you can do so via Save the Children here or many other organisations. Fundraising through me is now closed. (And I promise that this is the last post on that project.)

USD donation Save the Children

Euro donation Save the Children

14 thoughts on “FYI: Charity Funds Have Been Transferred

  1. HI,
    Your RAPS charity auction nudged me into contributing towards the nepal earthquake. Thank you I needed that push to make the donation.
    I also found a “match my donation” program from my employer which doubled the amount I donated.
    Yay to RAfandom!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, RAFan, that is fantastic news. Thank you for that – it’s great to hear, and doubly so because you went to the effort of even getting your donation doubled by some clever workplace initiative. Brilliant idea.
      Yay back to you!!!


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