#BlogIntroChallenge #4: My Favourite Post

Janie Mac, my vanity issues are not quite over and done with yet. Because today I have the opportunity heavy burden of extolling my favourite post. More self-adulation? Well, at least it is a bit more entertaining than sitting through 1350 words on “writing”. Because in order for a post to be my favourite, it has to have one main ingredient: humour. Honestly – humour is very important to me in terms of blogging. Hard to believe when coming from a German, eh 😉 ??? And so I had absolutely no difficulty settling on my favourite post. At this point in time – bearing in mind that the future holds the potential for maaaaaaany more fireworks of humourous satire (…) – it is my entirely faked and spoofed review of a non-existent avantgarde play in London: New Experimental Drama Takes West-End by Storm – “The Stage Door”

The Stage Door

I shouldn’t say this about my own work, but it really is quite funny. And that was intended, because I was conflicted and unsure about the experience itself and therefore needed to pull the wool of satire over my readers’ eyes. Never mind that I eventually *did* write my honest appraisal of the whole SD circus. Apart from the humour I also like the slight ambiguity of the piece. Was I seriously extolling the experience? Or was I criticizing something? And if so, then who or what did I criticize? Did I dare to bRAspheme? The truth is written between the lines.

Another reason I love this post is the graphic. Illustrating posts is always half the fun for me – that’s the photographer/visual person speaking. This one was an impro, as so often. I wanted a picture of the SD on my spoof poster, but the only image of mine that contained the iconic Old Vic stage door lamp was taken from too far away across the square in front of the Old Vic. So I had to make my failing a virtue and turn the image into an artsy-fartsy design with a deliberate, artistically fuzzy look.

I really enjoy spoof-writing, probably because irony and satire allow me to distance myself from what I am doing while immersing myself up to my neck in it. It’s my antidote to the always underlying temptation of exuberantly praising RA; a tool for me to prove I am still sane. I need the critical distance. Maybe it is also my backdoor. You know, the one that I might slip out through in case someone ever cops on to me and charges me “You are overdoing it, your interest in RA is way over the top…” I’ll then turn around and be the last one who laughs “nanananananaaaanaaaaa – it was all satire, none of this is true”. But if you know me, you will read between these lines, too…


12 thoughts on “#BlogIntroChallenge #4: My Favourite Post

  1. Ja, das liest sich auch nach einem Dreivierteljahr noch genauso gut, wie damals unter dem frischen Eindruck des real Erlebtem. Vor meinen inneren Auge spulte sich gerade nochmal das ganze Geschehen ab.
    Ach und du hast einen Lieblingspost gesucht, der irgendwie Humor beeinhaltet? Süsse, deine Posts bersten vor Humor und gefühlte 105% aller Texte sind hochgradig humorvoll, ich würde sagen geradzu toxisch humorvoll. 🙂
    Aber du hast gut gewählt. Und es ist schön, sowas zu lesen, das hat was Herzhaftes. Denn ich fühle gerade eine latente Überzuckerung. Keine Ahnung wieso, sprang mich heue nachmittag so an. 🙂


    • *kicher in mich rein* Sommerloch ist immer zuckersüß oder gurkensauer.
      Hehe, und yay – wenn der Humor aus den meisten Posts spricht, dann ist meine Mission erfolgreich. Lachen ist die beste Medizin, in jeder Lebenslage, bei jedem Problem. Verbindet uns mehr, als gemeinsames Ärgern. Genauso wie das gemeinsame Erlebnis an der SD – ironisch oder ernsthaft. Wir sind doch alle ein bisschen RA…


  2. LOL- this is one of my favorites of yours, too. Didn’t comment because I was still in lurker mode at the time, but LOVED your humorous twist on the Stage Door. I might add, from experience, that many of the improvisational Stage Door nightly ensemble developed remarkable choreographies of our own once we understood the fluidity and rapidity of the leading man’s performance. =)


    • Hehe, full disclosures 😉 And I am chuffed to know that you were reading back then. But even happier that you eventually de-lurked.
      Re. fan choreography – haha, I suppose so. Especially those who went to the SD more than once, lucky buggers 😉


  3. I missed this post the first time around, and I can see why it is your favorite. Hilarious! Such a great satiric look at the whole silly scene, which is quite funny when you think about it. Standing in line to get a piece of paper with a scribble on it from a guy that glides by so quickly and smoothly, I felt he was on a moving sidewalk at an airport. He hardly seemed to touch the ground, which is appropriate for a deity, I suppose. Am I sorry I participated in the madness? Hell no. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, laughing at myself while clutching my sacred autograph. And the fact that you were there too didn’t hurt.


    • You missed this post????? Oh goodness, I can’t believe that!!! Cos yeah, I would’ve thought that you are into irony and humour… The SD experiences were extraordinary. All in their own different ways. Best was that I never had to go on my own but had good friends with me. That made it extra good because it was a *shared* experience. And almost a year on, I now actually think it was a really cool thing – both on Armitage’s part, but also on part of the fans. I hope that it has strengthened the ties – among the fans, but also between RA and fans. Oh, and I would do it again and again and again. Even with other actors! (Cumberbatch, Hamlet, Barbican??? We’ll see :-D)


      • I was in Hawaii swimming with turtles and scaring people with my hula skills. Poor me, And yeah, irony and humor are my middle names. I can’t believe it has almost been a year. It truly seems like a couple of months ago to me. It is still so fresh in my mind, and of course hanging out with great friends I could share the experience with. If you do it again, even with other actors, count me in. I’m there.


        • Sounds like a good alternative programme 🙂 I would have liked to be present at the hula performance!
          Amazingly fresh in my mind, too. I can conjure up the exact feeling of excitement in my stomach when I remind myself of the occasion.
          Doing it again – Broadway/Farber collaboration, whenever it happens? I am already putting the pennies aside for that trip 😉


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