2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #17

Sometimes a girl needs a break. But then I noticed this in my stats:

posting patterns 2015

Most popular day is Saturday. Hm. The day that I used to post the round-up. 3 pm as the most popular hour is explained by the US (East coast) getting up and switching on their PCs :-D. So apparently this is the most popular feature on my blog then? Hm. Aaaaaalright. I guess I better continue then, if I want my readers to find what they are looking for… Okaaaaaayyyyy. Behold the return of the weekly round-up then:

Hannibal round up 17


  1. OMGoodness, Circusgifs had me LOL at this. It’s unfortunate that she forgot John de Merville, though…
  2. Remember Sinnaminie who made a cutsie Red Dragon plushie? She’s on a roll and has made a fabulous Merv (Raymond de Merville) and Ricky Deeming
  3. Some feedback by wear-me-like-a-nickel on Hannibal so far – with some flattering words about Richard
  4. Daughter-of-terror summarizes June 18th, 2015
  5. I strongly approve of how not-that-kind-of-hot celebrates her 30,000th post!!! Congratulations
  6. Oh yeah, viking-raider, I often imagine what went on behind the scenes there, too…
  7. Girl-of-Gisborne made a fabulous fan video for Richard. Honestly, it made me smile, too, and I thought it was a nice reminder to think of things people that make us happy
  8. Somehow only richardamitagequotes quote made it clear to me what RA’s introductory sentence in his blog post referred to. Welcome to the fallible masses, Richard. We love you, despite everything *ggg*
  9. richardamitage-confidential asks for more Gary Fuller fics
  10. I’m completely with heyerette – I nearly choked when I saw the nomination category *huffs*
  11. Remember the Thorin fanbook project? The finished product is there, and fruityadobo took pictures of it. Nice work
  12. samscentury engages in fan forensics – just in case you haven’t yet seen where RA took his android selfie
  13. Is that how RCArmitage decides who to follow on Twitter? By maytheelfbewithyou
  14. More fabulous Dolarhyde gifs by fringeofmadness
  15. Let the speculation begin. Pace > Fuller > Armitage >> Armitage – Pace – American Gods? Hobbit-feels explains
  16. I am with Armitage and riepu10: Bring back Heinz Krüger!
  17. Yeah, richardarmitage-confidential, I don’t get it either. Makes no sense. WTF is he thinking?
  18. Fantastic photos from the 2014 London BOTFA premiere by pansphoto. Wish I had been that close. Better than an autograph, imo
  19. Yeah, Richard was born to play the Red Dragon. Fan forensics by clematis70

Phew, that’s enough for my first foray back… Hope your Saturday routine is restored.

Have a good one!

Guylty ❤

17 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #17

    • Hello Camassia! Have we met before? If not, welcome 🙂 Glad to hear you like those round-ups. I think I am back on track 😉 Although I may have to give next week a miss – I will be travelling, shucks. Thanks for commenting ❤


      • Wp don’t care. I’ve had complaints before and they forward me to their ‘forums’ where everyone is in the same boat complaining and no one has answers or after a month, you get an email asking you if you’ve gotten used to it yet and if you haven’t, sucks to be you. I think the customer service for WP is the same for Digital Theatre. 😦

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  1. Even on a Monday…. I quite liked your choice of assorted great news and luscious titbits!! It’s hardly surprising I’m especially affectionate of all the ‘Johns’!!! Supi!! 😀


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