#BlogIntroChallenge #6 – The Post that Continues to Give

I’ve heard some “complaints” 😉 that the questions I have put in my challenge are tricky to answer. Well, that’s what a challenge is all about, isn’t it? And it’s not as if I have a handy answer to the individual questions, either. Take today’s #6, for instance. “The post that continues to give” – well, the answer depends on how you read this question. From a blog stats POV is it the post that brings most traffic to the blog, or is it, on a more personal level, the post that has had a lasting influence on me as a blogger?

I have answered the former interpretation of the question with the previous challenge post. However, even that is only just a snapshot-insight as the most viewed statistic changes over time. Apart from the “Behind the Scenes at a Dunn Shoot” post I currently often see a particular *ooof* in my view stats: “A Look in the Boudoir” I have no idea why that is proving so popular. It’s not a particular favourite of mine (thus I can honestly say that I am not pushing those stats by constant clicking on that post), the picture is available elsewhere. But yeah, maybe the accompanying *ooof*let is cute… Well, no, of course it is because of the word boudoir in the title. I suspect people expect a saucy pic of Armitage half-naked or maybe some salacious story I might have fabricated. I am afraid the post disappoints on both counts.

IMG_6377From a personal POV I would answer the question for the post that continues to give quite differently. The post that has proven influential for me and for the blog in the long-term, is this one: “Here’s to RL Love“. This is the post that set me on the path to making the little pocket shrines that now dominate my blog. The resonance on the initial post was so overwhelming, I knew that I was on to something. Or rather: Mr Guylty was. After all he created the first shrine, “portable edition”. So credit to him! And credit to you – if you hadn’t been so enthusiastic about that piece of irony folk art, I hadn’t put my idea of creating a mini version of a portable shrine into practice. And in consequence, my creativity would not have started to blossom. Neither would I have had quite as much interaction with lovely people far and wide – not to mention heaps of presents and materials to work with. That way, the post truly turned out to be consistently *giving*.


IMG_6375The “Original Portable Shrine”, btw, still hangs on the wall above my desk and work space. Since January 2014 its shelves have become more crowded with pieces of RAvotionalia. There have been a couple of occasions when I shut the doors of the shrine because Mr Armitage was in my bad books. Silly – it’s not as if *he* knew that I was punishing him with deliberate ignorance. And not as if he cared. But for me it meant that I put a bit of distance between myself and the reminder that he exists, and since absence makes the heart grow fonder, it was actually doubly nice to throw the doors open again and laugh about cat pictures, the Guy watch and Lego Thorin, not to mention Eau de Richard and “Richard’s Love Potion – Beware!” *LOL*

If you look closely, you may also see bits and pieces from fellow fans in there, presents that have been made and sent to me. And thus my Portable Shrine also reminds me of my fandom friends. Win-win! And all thanks to our shared love for a British boys


37 thoughts on “#BlogIntroChallenge #6 – The Post that Continues to Give

  1. Conclusion: It’s only about Mr Guylty, that we became aquainted with each other. Thanks God, that you met him years ago. Give him a big hug! ❤ (Btw: who ist this Mr. Armitage -Guy????)

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    • I think he had absolutely no idea that I would take his present so seriously. In fact, I suspect the pressie was a bit of a last-minute idea. He had been working on re-creating the original Peruvian nativity for his mother. (She passed on the original piece of folk art to us when she moved into a smaller house.) But then he never finished it, and probably decided to re-gift the “shell” to me… Well, I am not complaining 😉


    • Lovely on many counts – a brilliant show of love from my hubster and a great piece of fan art 🙂 Plus a conversation point for my fan friends, and an inspiration for my own creative endeavours. WIN WIN WIN WIN.

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  2. This was lovely back when you posted it and it’s STILL lovely today!

    (PS – how do you go about figuring out HOW many hits a post has gotten and the most views and the most responses? Is there a short cut?)


    • Thanks Zee.
      As for the technicalities of this – unfortunately you need a plug-in if you want to see the stats for *every* post, but there are overviews for the most recent posts automatically in the stats page of WP. Hits is the same as views. You can find the posts with the highest number of views by looking at your stats and then checking the list that is displayed underneath left. Gives you the rankings, more or less. The easiest way of doing this is by clicking on “yearly” in the stat graph and then comparing the rankings underneath by clicking each yearly column. I don’t really think there is a statistic for “most responses” (which would be a combination of comments + likes, I take it?).

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    • Absolutely. Although I have to point out that Mr Guylty is the artist in our household, a talented painter with two genuinely famous painters among his ancestors. He is the one who got me into considering a visual creative pursuit (photography). He’s been the blessing of my life in many ways.
      (Oh, and thanks for your lovely words xx)

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      • I didn’t know that about Mr. Guylty! Have you ever featured any of his paintings? I was thinking about my own Hubby… some of my favorite “gifts” from him were when he decided to make chocolate-covered fruit cephalopods, or surprise me with his own version of a Crucible poster… LOL.


        • Don’t think I ever have, no, but should really. (Without him knowing – he’s dismissive of his work…) But yes, men often come out with fantastically original ideas. Those cephalopods by your hubs were brilliant: sweet inside, sweet thought, and made you laugh. Winning combo!

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  3. Wow, the shrine has filled up quite nicely. I remember the first time it appeared and how impressed I was by Mr. Guylty’s creativity, sense of humor and general awesomeness. I guess it runs in the family. I have to ask, what is the Batman logo doing in there or am I seeing things? Were you praying RA would get the role? Curse you, Ben Affleck. I am also glad to see “I love British Boys” found a nice home. So true, especially one in particular.


    • Yep, totally runs in the family. A very unusual family, I must say. Great eccentrics. (I am looking at a few quirks to liven up my retirement in decades to come *coughs*)
      As for Batman – I totally blame Mimi for that. That is a lanyard she made for me – including a name card for NightFlightComics and a fabulous RA badge. Batman just happens to be on the lanyard material… (And I am so pleased that RA never got that role – *ugh*, really not up my street at all).
      The “British Boys” pendant is on open display, and luckily Mr Guylty has an English mother, so he does not display the usual Irish rejection of anything British *ggg*. And I can claim that the “I ❤ British boys" applies to him, too…

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    • LOL – das hatte glaube ich das Töchterlein ausgeschnitten. Die hat beim Schrein mitgeholfen. U.a. hatte sie die Bilder im Internet gesucht und ausgedruckt. Daher dann auch das unsägliche Katzen-Manip – das Mr Guylty übrigens für echt gehalten hat *bruhahahaha*

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          • Ironischer Seitenkratzer 😉 Er hat doch bestimmt eine Katzenallergie, oder? Außerdem, Katze. Die haben es doch nicht so mit People-Pleasern, oder? Das ist denen doch sch….egal. Ne, RA ud Hello Kitty Schmusekätzcen, das passt leider gaaaarnicht. 😀 (Habe gerade versehentlich Schmusekötzchen geschrieben 🙂 )

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            • LOL Schmusekötzchen OMG… Ein Freudscher Versprecher if there ever was one…
              Und ja, good point, ich bin ja auch so ein People Pleaser, und hab’s mit der arroganten Unabhängigkeit von Katzen auch nicht so. Ich will einen komplett auf mich ausgerichteten Hund!


  4. I love the spark that started your fireworks! ! What a lovely and fun idea it was and certainly keeps on giving. Can’t wait for my finances to come back from under the sea level and finally get commissioning.


    • Sometimes there is great (temporary) *closure* in little acts of symbolism. It’s not as if RA is completely gone when I close the doors of the shrine. But I am kind of shutting him in, giving myself time away from what distracts me. I suppose that is exactly how shrines are meant to work – they are there when needed, but can be put to the side and “disabled” when not wanted.
      Deep, deep thoughts *lol*


      • Well, by making the shrine concrete, it externalizes that corner of your mind that RA occupies. And in this way, you gain more control over it, because you can “shut the door” on him for a while. He doesn’t go away, but you’re in the driver’s seat 🙂


  5. Another fantastic shrine. I’m not only in awe of his and yours creativity but that he supports you and your RA habit. I know you realize how unusual that is.


    • Thanks snowyjo :-). And yes, he is the most tolerant person I know, in *all* respects, allowing me and others freedom. Mind you, he *does* snark occasionally when there is too much Richard for his taste 😉


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