2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #18

Right, I am back at *my* home. So with a little delay, hopefully sweetened by my #Hobbibal and #Hannibit prank from yesterday, I bring you this week’s round-up. Dominated, of course, by RA’s appearance at the Saturn Awards which spurned plenty of responses from the creative fans. Rich pickings these days – which goes to prove that the more we hear and see of Mr A, the more responses get produced. With all those new projects coming up, we are looking forward to good times, no matter the lack of success of Hannibal. I suspect, from episode 8 onwards we will get a whole tsunami of fan art surging at us, though :-). I can’t wait!

Hannibal round up 18

  1. There’s never enough profile porn imo. Thanks for providing this, mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. Nfcomics aka Mimi made me laugh out loud with this latest “What a Guy Wants” picture set
  3. This is actually 2 weeks old, and I haven’t quite copped on whether tosquinha is the creator of the comic, but I thought it was worth passing on
  4. mezzmerizedbyrichard was also quick to give us gifs of Richard’s Periscope interview (I particularly love gif 2 where I can literally hear him saying “hiiiiiiiiiii!”)
  5. I have to admit that I really hate the word “dork” (and I personally do not think it fits RA at all), but I thought Heyerette is spot on with her little manip
  6. Thorin-baconshield collected a number of Getty images of RA at the Saturn Awards in one post. Yumm-SKI!
  7. Profile porn + award + flower crown = winning combo. By shisanlv
  8. Totally love this Dolarhyde fan art by girl-of-gisborne. I see a bit of Lucas in that… and that isn’t bad, either
  9. Samscentury collected all tweets with pics of RA at the Saturn Awards in one post. Great service – thanks!
  10. Absolutely one hundred percent touché. Siriuslygrednforge has got the fangirl reaction down to a tee
  11. Eclipse9310’s fan art of RA winning his Saturn Award is so cute, I’d like to kiss the screen
  12. Clematis70 points out that there may have been a reunion of sorts at the Saturn Awards
  13. Look really closely at RA’s own photo of his Saturn Award – guess who’s at the helm of the “flying saucer”??? (Crystalchandlyre has very fine eyes ;-))
  14. Radiorcrist’s drawing of Thorin. Eh, all I can say is “UNF”
  15. Cro-gall’s drawing of Raymond de Merville is absolutely beautiful…
  16. LOL. Yep. On my list, too… by filiandkiliheirsofdurin
  17. An always-useful collection of gifs with Richard’s hugs. By richards-smile
  18. Jollytr is providing a great fandom service again by collecting audio and video links for spring 2015
  19. A modern Thorin AU by shameonme23 – Thorin with a bit of a biker vibe going on?
  20. Jassy2101’s picture of RA is new to me, I think. Nice coy smile
  21. The “old joke”, put into a gif set by neo-maxie–zoom-dweebie
  22. And for something completely different… bennybae-cumberbatch found this surprising little tidbit 😉
  23. Yeah, this pretty much sums it up LOL. by frank-dolarhyde
  24. Thorin-baconshield asks if this is a coincidence…
  25. Awww, another smoochable fan art re Saturn Awards. By Sevenmileorz
  26. That last gif in circusgifs’ set of “Richard Walking” has left me speechless… and drooling?

Sorry guys, I’ll leave it here. There’s just too much 🙂 What? Can there ever be too much? But hey, that’s a good thing. And if you still need more, just hit tumblr and search for the #Richard Armitage tag.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


Guylty ❤


24 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #18

  1. Der modern Thorin haut mich vom Hocker. Falls der mir je in Realität begegnen sollte muss er bei mir erste Hilfe leisten.:-)
    Immer wieder toll was für Fanart gestaltet wird, klasse!
    Schon wieder zu Hause? Du wolltest nicht die 38 Grad abwarten die uns Ende der Woche erwarten?


    • Ich bin ja sonst nicht so der Biker-Fan, aber bei Thorin mit Pferdeschwanz, ein paar entflohenen Strähnen und Lederjacke würde ich ja dann doch mal eine Ausnahme machen…
      Und höhö, ich hätte die 38 Grad unbesehen mitgenommen. Aber hey, hier soll’s ja auch warm werden. Jeden Tag um die 21 Grad. Juhu!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Es fällt mir gerade ein, dass ich doch noch was zur #11 sagen wollte, nämlich: Bin ich die einzige, die vermutet, dass der Award, wenn er so aussähe wie hier gezeichnet, nicht jugendfrei wäre? *ggg*


        • *hüstel* Ich hatte da auch so gewisse Assoziationen. Das wäre dann wohl eher etwas für die Porno-Industrie gewesen… Aber wer weiß, was da noch alles kommt, ab Folge 8 *röchel*


          • *seufz* Ich weiß noch gar nicht, ob ich irgendwie gucken kann. Hab’s bisher noch aufgeschoben, beim OnlineTVrecorder mal rumzutesten mit meinem alten Rechner, aber ich befürchte sowieso, das wird nix. 😦


  2. sigh, one week late but i don’t mind 🙂 i just love that hugs compilation, will have to keep it in my favourites :-)))) thanks as always for taking the time to put it together 🙂


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