Mood-Boost Thanks to You

Monday mornings are not the best of times anyway, but some Monday mornings already start badly on Sunday night and set me on the wrong foot. It really was not my intention to start enjoying my two childless weeks with an uncharacteristic rant on Twitter. Should I pull an Armitage and delete my tweet? And then to get into a tiff because I have unexpected company breathing down my neck.

IMG_6440Ok, Guylty, reorder your mind. Focus on the good things. Such as the not entirely unexpected surprises that awaited me when I returned Saturday evening. Coming home is *always* nice. But coming home to three parcels waiting for me is even better! Shrine Fairy Kathy Jones has been weaving her magic again. She sent me a much-needed supply of undecorated tins (the ones that I prefer working with) and filled them with lots of sparkly goodness. Fabulous. Thank you, Kathy! The fingers are itching badly. Only the “unexpected company” mentioned above is obstructing me. You see, inspiration is a fickle lady – she comes and goes, and she is very demanding too. She doesn’t tolerate any distractions, she wants my undivided attention, otherwise she will simply not cooperate. She’s also slightly peeved with my lack of organisation, particularly on my desk. It’s just too cluttered and she sits sulking in the corner, arms crossed over her ample bosom, letting me know that that is not the way she works…

Maybe I can look at Richard instead? I’ve got a new picture for the ever-growing gallery of gorgeousness. The lovely Glady insisted on sending me a package. And she included her lovely photo of stage door RA in a silver frame. IMG_6441IMG_6442See that pink booklet in the foreground? That’s a new notebook for me. But a really special one. Glady enhanced every page of it with little cut-outs. Alternatingly I get a picture of RA and one of his quotes. (See right) How cool is that??

Oh, and she reminded me of a quote that deeply resonated with me when I read it the first time in RA’s Christmas message 2014. How handy that I have incorporated that as an image in my side bar – I like being reminded of it by the touch of a button… “Try and think a little less about myself and focus on making every new encounter a good one.” It’s an approach that has always worked well for me and particularly within my blogging life, even before RA jumped on my bandwagon made it his own. Thank you, Glady.

Lastly, there was also a package from Germany from Linda60, who has sent me lots of reading material. She cut out lots of articles about photography from her local paper, and thus is giving my photography love a little boost. It’s great to read about inspiring photographers – and even more so when you realize that your knowledge of contemporary photography and photographers is actually better than you thought because you recognize so many names and can put their work into context. Thank you, Linda!!

So, task for the day: Think less about myself and more about others. Good plan!

PS: In case you are wondering what happened to my blog design: I *really* need that genuine happiness that exudes from the flower-crowned Armitagean smile. Totally makes me want to reach out and pinch chose cheeks. Or wear a flower crown myself.


47 thoughts on “Mood-Boost Thanks to You

  1. Was für ein wunderbarer Start in die Woche…….Schön, dass Du so viel neues Bastelmaterial hast, bin höllisch gespannt auf die Umsetzung und die Dinge die da kommen werden! Du hast schon echt kreative fans 🙂


  2. Wow, fascinating, your interpretation of that statement, which was pretty much the opposite of mine. Guess we’re not the same person after all!


  3. The shrine fairy wanted me to tell you she sparkling with happiness that her magical tins of glittering bits arrived in Ireland to spread joy among the sisterhood of the portable shrines. She is resting while her wings recover from the trans Atlantic flight, having a few pints with some of her leprechaun buddies. Or more than a few. Flying is very thirsty work. She will be flitting her way home soon, where she may check out SDCC for any stray tendrils of RA magic floating around the convention center.


  4. ahhh that is a way to improve the week massively, and it was only the beginning of good things to come :-)) signs of love are great 🙂 ❤ to the ladies and you for sharing, love the new background, makes me laugh every time! 😀


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