#BlogIntroChallenge 9 – The Post I Regret Writing

Finally continuing with my blog introspection challenge. Except – there is no post I regret writing. None. Zero. Zilch. I can’t think of anything that truly made me regret ever having put it out there. Ok, I have written a number of hasty posts. Or rather: I have acted rashly and impulsively on something that seemed like a fan-tas-tic idea to me at the time, only to find that I hadn’t thought it through properly. Like that time when I started a poll for the proposed fandom identifier badges, and some people (rightfully) took exception to my suggested slogans. Yeah, could’ve been avoided.

flossbros officially deranged

But well, that is me (pun intended). I am somewhat impulsive with my ideas, and even my lengthy/ritualistic writing process doesn’t mean that I always catch myself before I post about some half-baked idea. Unlike Mr A I am not a fan of “tidying up” or “retracting” something. What has been said, has been said. And even if I change my mind, I like to keep the evidence visible, of how a thought or an opinion developed over time. Maybe I am not taking myself seriously enough? But I trust you all know that nothing that I, Mr A or anyone else posts, is the word of god. Everything is only a snapshot of one’s thoughts at the given time. No more, no less. It’s opportunity to learn and to grow. Making mistakes is part of that. And I regret nothing!

16 thoughts on “#BlogIntroChallenge 9 – The Post I Regret Writing

        • Nein, das hast du dezent geheim gehalten 😀 . Ich bin gar kein Fan, aber dieses Lied hab ich schon so manches Mal aus der Versenkung geholt, wenn ich mal wieder einen Griff ins Klo verarbeiten musste. Bisher war mir noch gar nicht aufgefallen, wie ausgesprochen gut der Text in den Kontext “Fandom-Querelen” passt…

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  1. yet something else that Richard and I have in common: I delete tweets. I delete them a lot more than he does, actually! mostly just b/c I annoy myself but whatever, LOL! I don’t delete posts on my blog though, unless it’s something irrelevant that has passed, like asking a question about the blog set-up or whatever. cheers to you for regretting nothing, that is a foreign concept to me 😛

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  2. I don’t regret reading any of your posts, either. Or commenting on them. And I am deRAnged, but I have learned to live with it.


  3. You know, I’m an official advocatress of the DeRAnged Group and I’m proudly wearing my badge of recognition. No regrets here!!! Still I’ve to follow suit and have to work on it, that I’m having more confidence in the words I’ve written…. You lead by example!
    BTW Just luv, luv, luv Richie with the flowers (aaahh……look at that beaut on the right, on the left, at the top) and adore your tiny little (well-travelled) fella trying to be as dazzling and charming as his tall brother in spirit…
    Guytly, send you some of our frizzling hot… Freitagnachmittagssüdsonnenstrahlen..


  4. As a historian, I tend to be opposed to deleting bits of the historical record. Also, it’s frustrating to tell someone that something happened and then point them toward the proof and learn that the proof has been deleted.

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