2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #19

It’s full-on Richarding this weekend. I have my RL RA friend D___ over for a visit, she, with whom I braved Berlin 2013 and my first time Crucibling 2014. I set up the guest room yesterday and magnanimously left her my Thorin in a frame picture made by Riepu10 on the bedside table. I wonder which part of the Armitagean oeuvre we will watch this time around. Last time she was here, we binge-watched Strike Back. Damn, if this bloody Digital Theatre download had worked out, we could’ve relived The Crucible… Anyway, it’ll be a weekend of full-on RL Richarding.

But now. The Round-up. Tumblr was dominated by the Saturn Awards, still. Which in consequence seems to have made the amount of “new” material smaller. Hm. Go figure, yourself.

Hannibal round up 19

  1. myrichardtreehouse treats us to an important study of forearms – and there are more to come. Subscribe!
  2. Eh, no. I am not really feeling that scenario. But I applaud Norloth’s drawing skills
  3. Ok. Once I had recovered from the visual onslaught in this seemingly harmless screen cap, I had to wipe up the remains of the exploded ovaries from all over my living room floor. Profile porn – check. Cool sun glasses – check. But the coup de grace in Jassy2101’s cap – the seemingly open-legged pose. Ahem
  4. This richardarmitagequote was new for me – and hits me right back in my old soft spot for “Dolly”. I love how RA focuses on *words* in his work
  5. I love seeing the Crucible memories rolling in. Here is a sweet photo and a nice story by farewellsallyboots to go along with it
  6. More Armitage Sunday Supplement-type interviews soon, asks richardarmitage-confidential, and helpfully supplies links to examples from the past. Yep, I wouldn’t mind…
  7. sinnaminie props her Flower Crown Richard plushie with a Saturn Award. I really can’t get enough of these cuties! And sinnaminie (@_sinnamin on Twitter) is really lovely to chat to, btw
  8. Eerie, scary, freaky. But I like this gif-set of Dolarhyde by frank-dolarhyde
  9. Guy July calendar. You need this. You do. Go check out gisbornes-heart’s offering
  10. LOL. richardarmitageforever zones in on the essential contents of a quote…
  11. oooooh, seeing these caps by ageofarmitage from Miss Marple makes me want to enshrine Philip Durant so badly. BADLY
  12. Have you ever noticed how RA says “awww”? look-back-look-back-at-me has…
  13. Whoaaaaaaaa – now, *that* is an Slash!Crossover that is really… well… I am kind of speechless. And intrigued? IDK. Suggested by saraginotou
  14. Where can I sign that petition, please, nissavibes?
  15. raz089 has drawn a cutesy interpretation of RA receiving his Saturn Award
  16. Riepu10 brings us “Background Gizzy”. – Background Gizzy? NObody puts Gizzy in the background!!! Always welcome to show us some characteristic Gisborne snark, though
  17. Great fandom service: armitages-photoshoots does what it says on the tin. This new tumblr blog is a fantastic resource which collects all of Armitage’s photo shoots. Very handy! As opposed to my own List of Armitage Photoshoots (see above in menu), this blog has all the photos ready to save. (I am only linking to the various photographers, no pics, for copyright reasons. On that note @ all: When posting pics, please remember to at least credit the photographer!)
  18. And the prize for this week’s cutest fan art goes to… tycat (Twitter @DI_alpaca), whose heartbreakingly sweet drawings have been posted on tumblr by mircolina, including the photographic originals

There we go.

On a more selfish note: Despite not having finished my 15-day #BlogIntroChallenge (currently languishing at #9), I have set myself yet another challenge. Don’t fear, dear readers, it’s not another dreary blogging challenge you have to read through 😉 . No. I have decided to challenge myself to one creative project every day in July. Three days in, I came to a bit of a stand-still yesterday. I decided I needed a quick creative project. And then this happened:

IMG_6468 It just had to be done. Last week’s flower crown was just too improvised and haphazard. This one is customized to our king. Can you spot it all?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IMG_6473Do your little turn on the catwalk, Thori-baby… If Thoribal rejects the flower crown, at least I can wear it as a bracelet…

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Guylty ❤

PS: Re the William Chatford KRAP: I am raffling it off on Twitter today. If you have a Twitter account, head over there and retweet my post to be in the draw. Raffle closes at 11pm, GMT (summer), today, Saturday 4th July, 2015. It could be *your* lucky day, Americans, seeing that it is your national holiday today. Happy celebrating ❤

43 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #19

  1. Danke fürs Zusammenstellen. 🙂

    1. Wer steht *nicht* auf die Arme?! *hingebungsvoll seufz*
    2. LOL
    3. Da sieht man mal wieder, wie unterschiedlich Bilder wirken können – mich lässt das kalt.
    9. Hast du den Kalender hinter der Küchentür schon überklebt? 😀
    10. Er spricht über seinen Charakter hier, Guylty! Bei ihm reichen zwei Sekunden für die exploding ovaries. *gg*
    12. Awww 😉
    13. Mal sehen, ob sich jemand aufrappelt, was zu schreiben. Das könnte interessant sein.
    18. *gg*

    Außer Konkurrenz: Dein armer Pop!Thorin sieht noch geplagter aus als Zees. 😀 Ich sehe da so richtig die Gedanken durchs kleine Köpfchen gehen: “Du wirst dafür büßen, dass du mich dazu überredet hast!”
    Hm … Krone, Rabe, Arkenstone, Schmetterling …?

    Viel Spaß mit deinem Besuch und beim gemeinsamen Richarding. 🙂


    • Re. 3 – mich hat wirklich die Pose irgendwie umgeworfen. Weiß auch nicht. Da konnte selbst die fiese Sonnenbrille, die ich sonst nicht so mag, noch was ändern…
      Cumberbatch an der Küchentür ist noch immer im Juni. Da sieht man, dass meine Prioritäten woanders liegen 😀
      Und ja, mein Thoribaby ist schon arg mitgenommen. Er hat deutliche Schmutzspuren im Gesicht. Er kommt eben viel rum… Und je nach dem, aus welcher Perspektive man ihn anguckt, zieht er ein ziemlich saures Gesicht unter dem Blumenkranz… Alle Achtung – du hast die wesentlichen Zutaten am Kranz erkannt. Eines fehlt noch, aber das konnte man in den Bildern auch nicht sehen – der Schlüssel zu Erebor…


  2. An excellent round-up as usual! Some great things I haven’t seen.

    Speaking of haven’t seen – Damn, if this bloody Digital Theatre download had worked out, we could’ve relived The Crucible – after all of the complaints I’ve heard about the Digital download and my really lousy go rounds with them and my general pissiness about the Yanks being dissed by all of it (me feeling personally insulted) … it’s just obvious I’ll never get to see it. And it still bothers me.


    • It annoys me because of the money I forked out. The issue with availability in certain markets is something that I am well used to, so no sympathy there for you 😉 That’s what the online world is like for all the non-Americans 😉 However, I think that a professional company that is offering a service should always be aware of technical limitations, test them, and alert potential customers of them. A lot of bad feelings could have been avoided. My internet speed is not DT’s responsibility. But it is their responsibility to tell me that I need a certain minimum broadband in order to enjoy their products. This kind of oversight has left a very bad impression on me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • My problem was we were ALL invited to the banquet table and it wasn’t until WELL after they began to serve everyone else, my section of the table was informed we didn’t get to eat. We just got to watch everyone else eat. And Digi wasn’t the ones who told us. Richard did.

        And their ‘copyright’ reason is bogus. completely bogus.

        And it didn’t help matters at all that I had to unsub from their mailing list FOUR times over a 4 month period before they got the message – and then the 4th time, I additionally sent them a profanity filled customer complaint – I think I went into great detail about that – had I at LEAST gotten a confirmation – sorry we’re such idiots, here’s a coupon for a free sausage biscuit at Bojangles – I might have changed my mind about downloading it. But they didn’t and I’m not.

        I’ve said this before – if Digital were the only ones broadcasting the second coming of Christ, I still wouldn’t bother.


    • He’s here beside my laptop and I keep looking at him. He’s even cuter than he usually is, despite of or maybe especially because he looks a little bit snarky under his flower crown.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have Thorin by my bed. I have yet to tell him we’re going on another escape Sunday night (I had an unexpected windfall, so my Monday Adventure is going to start Sunday evening so I can be DOWN there!) and Thorout is here by my computer. He’s the quieter of the two, but I rather adore my noisy little bouncy Thorin


          • NOt really. We took that the last two excursions to the coast. The last time we went down – 2 weeks ago – we meant for that to be a day trip, but our trip to the beach (see Thorin beach picture adventure) turned it into a mini vacay we really couldn’t afford.

            I’m just driving down Sunday evening, spending the night, I’ll be within 20 minutes of excursion #1, excursion #2 is 10 minutes away, but 2 hours later, so I’ll have time for a SIT DOWN lunch, not in the car and then I”ll drive home. POP!Thorin told me he was NOT going to beach, as he thought I tried to drown him last time. (Tide came in fast)

            Seems he’s forgotten about the Lonely Mountain we found…

            One of these excursions HAS to pay off…


  3. Loved the crown in the crown, and the share and wear aspect of it. If Thorin wants to take it off for a while, you can convert it into a bracelet. Ingenious. It looks fabulous on both of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pop!Thorin and I have a symbiotic relationship at this stage, hence the dual purpose crown-let 😉 He insisted he gets to wear a *real* crown in his flower crown. I nearly also weaved a mithril shirt into it…


  4. Even draped in flowers Thorin looks majestic *sigh* I think it suits him and looks equally nice on your wrist, how nice you can share.
    I enjoyed the round-up, there were plenty of things I hadn’t seen and I appreciate the effort you go to each week in finding them for us xx.


  5. i loooove flower crown Popthorin :-))) the colours, the details 🙂 And he’s got a little crown .. and even a key 😀 Not sure how he feels about the birds and the bees i was going to say 😉 but i think it is butterflies ;-)))


    • 🙂 He is cute, anyway, but now he is cuter… Yeah, the bird and the butterfly are probably not to his liking, the Arkenstone may be a little bit too exposed, and he probably doesn’t carry his key on his head, but well…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. sigh, best hour i’ve had in weeks! 2 rounds ups in one and i got completely lost watching old photos… I am a tiny bit envious of your Richarding weekend 😉 But only a tiny bit, wish i could squeeze in just a day, like today when it is grey and rainy and just sit in front of the telly and enjoy R, especially since the people around me tend to get the glazed over look if i mention him.
    Well one thing i can thank the sky engineer for and i wasn’t happy when i got throw out of bed on a weekend at 8am two days in a row so he could do my neighbours TVs – on 2 different days!!- It was cool enough to boot the PC and just look at R and look at people posting about R and all that.
    Uff, i really wish i didn’t have to get ready to get out of the house and go watch something i am not that excited about and could stay inside and watch this instead, a month with no time available to indulge in more than a 1 month is getting a bit much. I want peace and Richard! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, my RL Richarding weekend has been nice so far. Not Richarding 24 hours a day, but I have updated D___ on the latest projects, discussed Hannibal in depth with her (she is a fan and has seen all episodes), and also talked about fandom. It’s a rainy day here, too, and since Mr Guylty has just left the house, maybe we could put Richard on TV???

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Habt viel Spaß Ihr Zwei!!!!
    Und die Flower Krone ist wunderschön! Und so vielfältig, auch als Armband tragbar 🙂 so hast Du ihn immer irgendwie dabei! Durch die Links muss ich mich heute Abend klicken…
    Wieso ist Klein-Thorin so schmutzig? Mag er Wasser nicht? 🙂


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