RA Pocket Shrine 83/? – iRAPS

Let’s celebrate Tuesday. How’s that for a pre-midweek slump?  I can tell you that it surely is boosting *my* mood today as I am heading off on my business trip in London. Thank goodness I have a couple of shrines and a Pop!Thorin to support my Richarding demands on-the-go, too… Pop!Thorin has been itching to go back to London, anyway – the place where he was “anointed” last year at the SD. Awww, it holds a special place in his heart… 😉 But wait, I am getting distracted. I was going to show you a new RAPS. This one is proof that if you are persistent, I will eventually give in and create a custom RAPS…


The requesting fellow fan, richardarmitageforever, was quite taken with RAPS Inc.’s ConnemaRA. She offered to sell an arm and a leg for it! Rather than incapacitate her forever, *and* repeating myself by copying the ConnemaRA shrine, I decided to make a new one. But since she seemed to be intent on the Irish theme, I was glad I had a sort of Irish-themed tin in my stash… Sheep and shamrocks – yeah, right… The tin came from Germany, and the writing on it was in German, so I printed and badly cut out a sticker to obscure the strange language on the lid… Ok, well, I suppose it was less about Ireland and more about *RA in* Ireland… But nonetheless, I think you can call this an iRAPS (Irish RA pocket shrine):


So there. RA in his Irish pictures (although I am not 100 percent sure that scene with Raymond-Babe was filmed in Ireland…) With a giant shamrock on his head. I admit, it reminds me a bit of this. I assure you that was unintended, though! To balance it out, I thought I’d put a picture in that made RA looks slightly Irish – reddish hair, pink, healthy glow on his cheeks. DISCLAIMER: Most Irish people do *not* have red hair. In fact they have dark hair and blue eyes, much like the regular appearance of Mr A… For some interactive fun I decided to let B___ have three versions of the famous “Kiss me, I’m…” line. (Bear with me, badly made gif ahead…)

Kiss me I am Richard

He’s definitely not Irish. And would you kiss someone, just because they were British? Ok, I wouldn’t, because I’d probably be expatriated from Ireland. But I hear that some of you Anglophiles out there would… *tststs* So I think option 3 is bang-on. Kiss me, I’m Richard. Sounds legit!



So that’s the iRAPS. Hotter than an iPhoneSeix, handier than an iMac, and definitely as haptic as an iPad. Have fun with it, richardarmitageforever, and may Richard Armitage be with you forever 😉

39 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 83/? – iRAPS

  1. Süß! 🙂

    Ganz zu schweigen von der netten Aufforderung drinnen. – Jau, “I’m Richard” ist eine völlig ausreichende Begründung. 😀

    PS: Was stand da ursprünglich drauf? Muss ich im nächsten Laden mit Sheepworld-Artikeln stöbern, oder erfahre ich es auch so?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Die *einzige* Begründung 😉 Das “Kiss me I’m…” drängte sich einfach wegen der irisch anmutenden Dose auf. Das ist ja so ein feststehender Spruch…
      Oh, was stand da auf Deutsch drauf… Keine Ahnung mehr…


  2. LOL! Love it. Do people assume Irishmen have red hair? I didn’t know that… I always think of black hair and blue eyes… Proper celts! 🙂 And a very fine combination it is too *sigh*

    Haptic? What’s that then? *scurries of the look it up* 😉


    • Germans think the typical Irish person has red hair and freckles. And they think that *that* is typically celtic… Afaik the ratio of red haired people in Ireland is the same as anywhere. I prefer the dark-hair-blue-eye combo but don’t tell my strawberry blonde GASP (Gaelic spouse)…


  3. kiss me I’m Richard is a good enough reason in my opinion 😉 I’d like to kiss those veins on his neck.. ehem.. where were we, ah yes, the shrine! Beeeeeeautiful 🙂 I am sure she will enjoy it a lot! Another good one 🙂


  4. ‘Kiss me I’m Richard”……….okay, ready when you are handsome!
    Lovely shrine Guylty, hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I do mine xx
    Enjoy London xx.


  5. Aaaw. I used to love those sheep cartoons when they came out — surprised they are still in business. “Ohne Dich ist alles doof” was my favorite one. Your shrine is so cute!


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