#BlogIntroChallenge 11 – My Favourite Aspect of Blogging

Ok, project for this week? Get the ~(!#$@* blog introspection challenge out of the way. Really. Not least because from next Saturday I expect there will be lots to say and comment on. Behold the Becoming… So, today’s topic is “my favourite aspect of blogging”. No question – it is the communication and community aspect of it.

For me, writing has always been about communication. Of course I write because I want to record what I find note-worthy. But a secret diary is not my cup of tea. I *want* to reach others with what I write, I want to be read, and ultimately I want to be responded to. The response aspect is what I am most interested in. Because it serves two purposes for me.

  1. It allows me to connect with others, and subsequently to develop a feeling of belonging to a community, or a group. I like the sense of belonging, of being part of something, of being accepted, possibly even of being validated.
  2. Responses are valuable impulses for my creativity. Feedback from readers can trigger my imagination and my creativity. It serves as inspiration. And it also works as positive reinforcement of my creative projects. When someone tells me they like what I have created, I feel inspired to continue on.

RAPS collage 1

The community aspect may be a bit of a double-sided sword. Community comes with conflict, and our little corner of the interwebs is no exception. And yet I continue to enjoy being part of this community. I don’t believe that the total number *all* RA fans make up a coherent, homogenous community – apart from the shared interest in/appreciation of Richard Armitage, that is. As in RL, there are many different corners within the community, some I get on with like a house on fire, some that I have my problems with, some that I deliberately ignore, and some that I simply do not know. But the sub-community of the  larger community I am part of, I happily belong to and communicate with. And if I can reach beyond the boundaries of *my* little corner of the fandom, I’d be thrilled if I met new people.

What about you? What’s your favourite aspect of blogging? And readers, have you got a favourite aspect of commenting? Let me know ❤


15 thoughts on “#BlogIntroChallenge 11 – My Favourite Aspect of Blogging

  1. May I just say how much I adore this collage? Love it! I really enjoy the comments, too. Both here and on my own blog and others. And the rowdier, the better. Ms. Full-Frontal-Deep-Throating-That-Pen…

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  2. I also like the feeling of being in a “community” founded for fun and appreciation of an actor with a reputation for being an excellent swordsman. (Well, one or two of his characters, at least.) I am not a joiner in general, I won’t even join a book club, but I love being a member of the RA club. I have met wonderful people because of a mutual interest (let’s call it what it is, lust ) for RA and it has been such a pleasure to share time with them. Including you, Ms. Guylty. So much creativity, humor and friendship here and throughout the RA universe. Maybe drooling is a particularly strong way to bond with other people. It certainly was for me.

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    • Well, thank you Richarda, and nice to have you here! I know, clubs can be tricky, with rules and politics and in-fights. Hehe, I suppose *this* club is not any different. I am taking the Great Big Armitage Buffet approach to it – take what I like, leave what I don’t like.
      I never would have thought that drooling is a way to bond, but it seems like it, the man at the centre of it all included 😀


  3. I feel the same as Richarda. I love reading the comments and the fun of it all. I love the creativity of the blogger whether they show it through the written word or in pictures, art or craft their effort is worth an appreciative response. xx


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  5. I am way way way behind, but never mind I have to kill my imposed awaiting time but anticipation is a pleasure in itself 😉 And i’ve only got 1 more day to go 🙂
    You’re so right about the comments and i think you’re great at attracting, i sometimes have just as much fun reading and pitching in as i have just enjoying the post itself. Great collage…. many things to comment about . It’s strange, reading and commenting i find very uplifting and fun, writing for me mostly happens in moody instances, joy sort of wants to be shared in different ways 🙂


    • That is a wonderful compliment. It really pleases me to hear that. I like to think of the blog as a “Stichwortgeber” – a keyword deliverer, for further discussion and communication among readers. I enjoy reading the conversations of others on my (and others’) blog as much as I enjoy interacting with the readers myself. It’s that community aspect again, I suppose. And sometimes commenting somewhere else is actually much easier than writing a whole monologue. For me, being a blogger and commenter is having the best of both worlds.

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