#BlogIntroChallenge 13 – The Lessons of Blogging

Well, good morning. I had a whole bloody sermon scheduled on this topic, beginning with the words “Hm. *she thinks for a very long time*”. But scrap that. Here’s what I have taken from the blogging experience: I can’t please all, so I have to let go of the idea of “inclusiveness” and learn to do my own thing. And only then blogging is the enriching experience it can be. I’ve got to do write what I have got to do write. My blog, I’m the king of my own castle.

edited shrine pics (3)

There. Short and profound. Yeah, right.


18 thoughts on “#BlogIntroChallenge 13 – The Lessons of Blogging

    • Jou, an genau das hatte ich auch gedacht “Drama Queen” – aber dann hätte ich ja mit einem Foto von mir illustrieren müssen, und das wäre sicher nicht so gut angekommen wie die Polaroid-Hommage an David Hockney 😉


      • Hmmm, ich weiß nicht so recht. Zwergendamen haben Bärte, und wir wissen ja nicht so genau … Äh. Okay, vergiss es!

        Zur Wiedergutmachung ein Iren-Witz:

        3 British lads go for a drink in their local pub.
        They catch sight of an Irish guy,sittin all alone at a table.
        They want to bother the poor fellow.
        So the first lad walks up to the Irish and says: “Have you heard that St Patrick was gay?”, the Irish just noods and answers: “Yes, I’ve heard about this”
        Totally confused, the Brit creeps back to his friends.
        The other two lads mock about him and number two tries his luck.
        He confronts the Irish with another statement: “Did you know that St Patrick was a drag queen?”
        Still cool the Irish answers: “Yes, I know”
        Back at his friends, number three is sure to make the Irish furious.
        He walks slowly to the Irish, puts his hands on the guy’s table and asks:”Have you heard that St Patrick was British?”
        The Irish answers absolutely relaxed:” Well, thats just what your fellas were trying to tell me all the time”

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        • hahahahaha, laugh out LOUD. Yep, the Irish are pretty cool when it comes to jokes – having been the butt of them for such a long time. Good one, good one. Have to pass that on to my GASP…


  1. Congratulations on promoting yourself to king/queen of your castle. I look forward to many years of your benevolent rule. You have already proved yourself an inspiring, honest and amusing monarch to all your subjects. May your kingdom continue to thrive under your inspired leadership, my liege. Is there going to be a formal coronation? I would love to attend. I would even buy a hat for the occasion. 🙂

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    • *hehehe* you’ll be my matron of honour, Kathy 😉 Although, not sure if there are such at a coronation? In any case, a kingdom is nothing without its population, so I better be a benign ruler if I want my population to be happy. As it is, I am very pleased with my subjects. A few peerages may be in order…

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  2. Amen to that girl 🙂 Glad you joined the liberated club too ;-))) And i don’t think there is any need for any guilty feeling about being king of one’s castle, being free to do exactly as you please and write about what drives you does not make the blog necessarily focused on oneself 🙂 Being free is not the same as it being all me-me-me. But you already knew that 🙂


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