#BlogIntroChallenge 14 – Plans for my Blogging Future

The future is a bit of a phantom. Que sera, sera. Based on what I am experiencing and thinking at the moment, I am tempted to say that things will continue “as are”: My plans are to continue blogging (erratically – I still do not want to commit myself to regular, daily posts), communicating with like-minded people, expanding my horizons, having fun, making little shrines and generally switching between Richarding and Armitaging.  I don’t *really* see my fascination with Mr A waning for the next while, but who knows what will happen? There are bound to be ups and downs in my fandom experience that will have an influence on my blog.  In the past, I have always bounced back from the downs, and I hope and expect that will be the case in the future. However, since in my case the cure for any upsets has always been the community itself, and since I am reluctant to give up the little corner of the fandom I have made myself comfortable in, I might be engaging in more community-driven stuff in the future. Just because it makes me happy.

Does that sound vague and wishi-washi? You want facts, facts, facts? Ok, I have a couple of projects up my sleeve. They are not fully formed yet, but if you like to be teased, this is what is coming up in the future:

  • With RA’s birthday upon us in – *eeek* – 29 days’ time, I am planning my usual photography type of tribute to him. It hasn’t been written yet, but it will be there.
  • Around the same time I am hoping to do a little charity something that has been suggested to me by a friend from tumblr. Watch this space.
  • And lastly, I have had this idea in my head for quite a while now, and the latest since lovely fellow-fan EssexWoman gifted her unused Guy of Gisborne poster to me: What happens when a fan moves on and has no need for her collection of Armitaging Aids anymore? Wouldn’t it be a shame if it was all thrown into the bin? I am thinking of a RAvotionalia swap, or a platform for passing on unwanted/unneeded fan items. Do you think that would be a goer? Let me know in the comments.

Guylty admiring a particular piece of RAvotionalia. I am *not* going to swap this any time soon, though… Pic by CraMERRY

And readers/commenters – what are your plans for the future? Will you continue commenting? Are you thinking of making the step into blogging, yourself? I’d hate to lose you as a commenter, but new voices are always welcome in RAworld!


39 thoughts on “#BlogIntroChallenge 14 – Plans for my Blogging Future

    • Hoping to stay happy and safe on my blog for a while 😉
      Magic Porter came by way of Suzy and CraMERRY. Picture shows the moment the naked truth reveals itself to me for the first time.

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    • I was very lucky indeed, Andrea. The whole idea was just so nice and thoughtful. It’s one example of how nice this fandom can be. As for myself – if I ever should “fall out of love” with RA, there are some pieces of memorabilia that I *could* let go of. Others I would not, especially those that were given to me by my fan-friends. They remind me not only of RA but also of them.


  1. I like that photo of you contemplating the mug on the counter. I also hope you continue. I don’t always have the chance to check in, but I so appreciate your wise insights.


  2. You know, sometimes it scares me a little that our brains seem to be on the same plane at the same time so often. I was just this week, thinking about the possibility of re-purposing donated RA items via STL….RAuse, RAduce, RAcycle?

    So glad to have found your little corner of the fandom…it feels like home! 🙂

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  3. What a great idea. A virtual garage sale of RA related treasures. I can’t imagine parting with any of my stuff (hoarding tendencies?) but I would love someone else’s castoffs. My collection yearns to expand beyond one half of one small shelf in my closet. I am also happy to hear you are not leaving your blogging anytime soon. That would be a horrible loss to the fandom.

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  4. RA-pre-loved things going to a new home sounds grand!
    Delighted to known you will be blogging for the foreseeable future, you’d be sorely missed if you stopped.
    My plans for the future consist of continuing on as usual ;o) I have no inclination to start my own blog and I enjoy reading and writing comments :o) xx


  5. This is not an objection, but a notation: Ali at RichardArmitageNet.com has regularly featured “repurposing” opportunities (giveaways, lotteries, etc.) of unwanted Armitage items.

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  6. I was not counting the birthday thing, 29 till RA’s and gasp 19 till mine then it’s time to go back to work shortly after that. Where has the summer gone, well it’s still July yet. I only things I have are DVD’s and Autiobooks and I don’t think I will ever get rid of those no matter what. I still enjoy reading your blog, just don’t comment to much these days.


    • Hello Katie – lovely to hear from you again!!! Yes, I hold on to DVDs and Audiobooks of my “old flame” (Keanu *cringe*), too. Maybe it’s time to revisit “Sweet November”…


  7. I think some kind of memoRAbilia sale would be great if she really wants to get rid of stuff. Plenty of people willing to give them new loving forever homes. I can’t imagine parting with anything…not one single coin, I mean item. But I suppose I need to add a codicil to my will as to who should get the growing pile.


  8. Love that you’ll keep going and i love that you are never short of project ideas 🙂 So that i can lend a hand too.
    Looks like we have a very eager and active buyers’ market here and i had this mental image of us girls here all holding our treasures desperately close to our respective chests huffing ‘no, i’m not giving you any of mine! this is al mine!’ 😀 But if there are sellers out there i’m interested in buying more stuff, too 🙂 Not letting go of any of mine!


    • Hehe, well, at this point it doesn’t really look as if any of the fans personally known to me are *really* ready to give Armitage (or any of the memorabilia connected to him) up for good. Although… when I look at my own approach to my Armitage collection… but wait, maybe that is a post for a slow day 🙂
      Re. projects – I love coming up with project ideas. Most of the time they are half-baked and stupid, and those that are left over from the idiotic stuff are then usually shoddily executed. Not sure what is going on here. I may need some project managers to keep me on track 😉


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