2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #22

This is the first time I am going to have to change the format of the round-up very slightly. I am posting this, as usual, on 8am GMT, on Saturday. I know that many of you are waiting with bated breath for tonight’s episode 8 of Hannibal season 3 when it will air in the US. However, Canada already had the pleasure of seeing Armitage make his entrance as Francis Dolarhyde – and hence tumblr is overflowing with gifs and pics from the show. So, in order to avoid any spoilers, I am going to split this week’s round-up. The first part shall consist of spoiler-free Armitage-related tumblr posts (including those which are based on what has been shown to the public already in the two Red Dragon trailers). while the second half will feature anything that relates to ep. 08. And yes, I can tell because I have already seen the episode. I am deliberately stalling with my review/comments because I am aware that the majority of people haven’t watched it yet and want to come at it without having read other people’s opinion. So if you want to experience The Great Red Dragon untainted and virginally, then do not read past my spoiler warning. Also, I am adding a few spoiler-free words at the end, giving you my impression on whether it is “safe” to watch this episode of Hannibal in case you are a horror and gore virgin like myself…

I think we owe the Red Dragon awe a new round-up banner:

Red Dragon round-up 22

  1. nfcomics knows what Guy wants – is that just *her* point of view???
  2. Did you notice the extra-tight waistband of Dolarhyde’s briefs? I think gimmethehobbit is right. This could be currency
  3. Fuller knows best. And has absolutely no agenda. Yeah, right. Another fun cartoon by gimmethehobbit
  4. This isn’t new. But boy, that is such a beautiful hug, I can easily get lost in that fantasy. Thanks circusgifs! PS: Is that Gary Fuller?
  5. Cro-gall has painted a very romantic – and Hannibalistic – Thorin
  6. When it comes to his promo work, Richard is admirable. I agree with this richardarmitage-confidential
  7. Redsirion doesn’t like waste. And neither do Guy-fans
  8. Have you seen sketchlavie’s drawings of Armitage’s eyes? Beautiful!
  9. Ezyoung says “behold a great dragon…” – cuuuuute
  10. Raymond de Merville as you haven’t seen him before. By Sinnaminie
  11. Riepu10 put those of Richard’s tweets in a set that reference the Red Dragon. Handy. Thanks!
  12. Remember that picture of RA holding the Taittinger bottle for the charity auction? Well, I thought it was a bit odd (due to lighting) but in this closely cropped version by jassy2101 it actually looks quite nice. There is a certain fragility and vulnerability in it that I did not notice before, and somehow that touches me
  13. Another guys-texts-from-last-night – always snarkily good
  14. Sihaya-the-desert-springtime has an instalment of “Famous men reading” – featuring you-know-who… He really has beautiful book-hands
  15. Beautiful Thorin fan-art by Norloth. Reminds me of Jim Fitzpatrick’s work
  16. Hahahaha, looks as if murmil captured a bit of a Gary Fuller derp moment
  17. Murmil reminds us that it’s not that easy baring all (hm, just noticed that second gif is by circusgifs as per watermark…)
  18. If you want to get behind the campaign to save Hannibal and tweet in concert with the Fannibals, please read these rules on hashtagging/trending by idontfindyouthatinteresting
  19. Francisdolarhyde has giffed the Post Mortem clip for your sock-and-stripes-loving pleasure
  20. Richard, check this out. We are NOT pre-condemning Dolly. In fact, Clematis70 makes a case for loving Dolarhyde – lol

And now SPOILER WARNING: The following links contain gifs, pics and fanart that is based on previously unseen material from ep 08.

  1. Fabulous close-up gif set by fringeofmadness of Dolarhyde’s exercise scene. Disclosure: I stared at gif 2 – the belly button – for several minutes. Then I had to wipe up a puddle of drool. I think I have crossed *beyond* the fringe of madness… I also felt a strong sense of compassion for Richard being confined in that extra-tight waistband. Here, darling, let me loosen that for you…
  2. Combo of Dolarhyde gifs and text by clothedinthesxn
  3. Applefia2036 has HD screencaps of some pivotal scenes in ep 08
  4. An open letter by loethlin – I sign with extra xx to the DOP
  5. And just because you can’t have enough of HD disrobing goodness – gifset by boswaldcobblepot
  6. Pursuecrazylife puts a funny caption to a less than funny FD scene – rings pretty true to me, though

There – that’s enough for today. After all you need to keep a bit of drool at your disposal for later this evening *smirks*

[Edited to make my recommendation a bit clearer] Oh, just a last word to those of you who are yet undecided about watching The Red Dragon on Hannibal. Remember, I wrote a whole big sermon back in January on how I am a wuss and made myself read The Red Dragon by Thomas Harris in order to ease myself into the horror and gore of Hannibal? I won’t repeat myself except to say that I still have trouble looking at what Hannibal does, so I am as wussy as back then. But if you want my opinion now that I have seen Francis Dolarhyde’s debut, here it is: I came to episode 8 with a certain amount of trepidation – and with the mouse pointed at the pause-button, ready to exit at any given moment. I did not click once! From my perspective, the Red Dragon/Dolarhyde scenes are ok to watch and you need not worry. As Richard himself mentioned in the Hollywoodreporter Interview ” I found it [the murder scenes alluded to in the book] too disturbing and it was something that I wouldn’t want to depict on screen.” And so he did not. You will not see RA as FD killing. But you will see the scene of the crime to some extent, including blood. And you will see the crime enacted as if Will Graham is in Dolarhyde’s mind. My recommendation is to possibly watch the episode on a smaller screen, i.e. on your smartphone – easier to look away from, to shield, to ignore. Possibly also because *everything* is so small that you can’t make out the details. Unfortunately that will also apply to the tattoo’ed peaches, but well, win some, lose some 😉

Have a Great Red Dragon weekend – I look forward to hearing your opinions!

Guylty ❤

44 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #22

  1. No, no. The first part of the episode, right until the show’s intro rolls, MUST be watched in a LARGE screen. Then you can minimize the rest if you’d like. This has been a Public Service Announcement. ;D

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  2. 19. Stripes and socks? How about the painted-on pants?! Yummmm.

    2, 3, and 20. Snarky comments about Dolarhyde. YESSSS. Now I know what’s been missing in this fandom for too long — sarcasm and FUUUNNN. I feel like I’m back to my early fangirl days of crawling around the web looking for irreverent comments about mother hen Hannah Thornton and stick-up-her-ass Margaret Hale. Thank you, fangirls!!!

    Spoilers no. 1. All I can say is, after tonight, I’m officially jealous of Lee Pace.


  3. Zur ersten Runde:
    8) oh ja, dieser konzentrierte Blick auf die “fuck-me-eyes” *hüstel*
    19) wie nett, die Ringelkombination. Unser großer Junge 😉
    20) ist ja genau mein Ding 😉 Der ideale Schwiegersohnverschnitt. Und hey, die paar abseitigen Ticks fallen doch garnicht ins Gewicht. Sind wir nicht alle ein bisschen Bluna?
    Und zur zweiten:
    1) ich finde sowas Verlockendes sollte dringend gelockert werden. Außerdem ist das voll fies unvorteilhaft, was der Fuller da der armitage’schen Hüfte antut. So produziert man man Hüftgold oder lenkt die Aufmerksamkeit gezielt in diese Richtung. In jedem Fall hätte es auch sicher ein Hösi in L getan. Budgetprobleme? Und der letzte Hinzugekommene am Set muß es ausbaden. Hähä, die gehörten sicher noch zu dem Pack, den sie für den Hugh Dancy angeschafft haben. “Nimm die mal Richard, wird schon passen, denk halt an die Körperspannung”. Na besten Dank.


    • OMG – du wieder, ich hab mich eben fast scheckig gelacht über deine Unterhosen-Überlegungen. Hüftgold, also, ich bitte dich. Doch nicht unser Richard. Mal ehrlich, der ist in diesem Clip ja durchtrainiert. Mannmannmann, ich hab richtig durch die Zähne gepfiffen, als ich das Six Pack gesehen habe. Alles Muskeln *ehem*. “Hösi in L” *totlach*. Der Zehnerpack, den sie für Hugh Dancy angeschafft hatten *gröhl*. Oh herrlich… Ein Schelm, der Böses dabei denkt…


      • Ach komm, zuviel der Ehre. Was einem halt hier im gut gelüfteten Zustand so durch den Kopf geht. Ich weiß doch auch, dass der Bursch kein wirkliches Hüftgold hat, Menno! Ist doch bloß der Gummi! ( Außerdem: Stichwort Glashaus, Steine und so….) Würde meinem Schöpfer danken, wenn er mir ein solches Exemplar frei Haus liefern würde. Mit sooooviel Hüfgold 😀


            • Das kommt davon, weil ich den ganzen Tag gearmitaget habe. Zwei Schreine fertig. Hoffentlich komme ich morgen noch weiter. Abends muss ich dann aber wieder aus dem Abgrund herauskriechen, wenn die Meute zurück kommt.


              • Jaja, wenn die Katzen aus dem Haus sind, dann tanzt die Maus auf’m Tisch, gelle? Ich kenne das. Da kann man sich in so einen richtigen RAusch reinschaffen. Also komolett ganzheitlich, von ganz oben (Intellekt) bis in die südlichen Gefilde der weiblichen Anatomie, also zu den Fußspitzen 😀
                Schön, dass du so fleißig bist. Habe dir gerade heute ein Mitbringsel organisiert. Schwedische Mints-Box.


                • Uiiiiiiiiiiiii *claps hands* juhu… Da bin ich ja gespannt. Und finds allerliebst, dass du im Urlaub an mich denkst xxx Wie wars denn heute? Schon in die Prärie gestiefelt? Tweet doch mal ein paar Foddos.


  4. My meter is obviously somewhere different than yours, but I disagree with your final assessment. We see all of Dolarhyde’s murders — it’s just that we see Will Graham committing them as we relive them. There’s tons and tons of blood spatter and two gruesome murders that I remember after watching the episode only once, not to mention the usual level of gore — so I would not call this episode “safe.”

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      • Like I said, we probably have different thresholds for this, but I found this episode no less repellent than the first two series of the show. Viewers who watch more tv than I do will probably see it differently, though.


        • Well, blood and splatter is not *really* my trigger. My trigger is cannibalism. But I have edited that part of the post now to make it clear that I find it safe to watch for those people who do not want to see RA act the horrible crimes. Thanks for pointing it out. I suppose reading the book really did work in terms of desensitizing myself against the crime…


        • I found that part of the crime (how Dolarhyde touched the victim in that case, which led to that particular scene in the autopsy) incredibly horrifying, and that they showed in autopsy multiplied it for me. But wasn’t there a cannibalism flashback? Maybe it was something else and i just didn’t see it. When I watch the show I’ve gotten in the habit of turning my head away from the screen as soon as anything troubling crosses it. I wouldn’t have been able to watch the show otherwise.


          • That (autopsy scene) was an uncomfortable description in the book, too. I must have blanked it out. I don’t remember any cannibalism references. But I made the mistake of looking at some sort of recap of what happens when Will finally meets Hannibal in Italy, and that made me feel so squeamish, that I fast-forwarded.
            I concede that there may come a few difficult parts in the Red Dragon story arc, based on what I read in the book. Maybe it all was easier for me to ignore/blank because I watched this on my phone. The lack of detail made it easier for me.

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  5. I watched it on my computer screen at work (during lunchtime — no worries, I hadn’t planned to eat anything anyway), so yeah, 19 inch display and it was very close to my face.


  6. wie immer eine wunderbare Zusammenfassung, ich liebe die nfcomics ❤
    Nr1 nach der Spoilerwarnung – macht das mal nach Ladies! Auf Zehenspitzen, den Rücken möglichst gerade und dann eine hand heben, hah! und möglichst nicht lachen dabei!!!
    So viel nackte Haut bekommen wir wahrscheinlich nie wieder zu sehen 😦
    obwohl, nachdem die Hüllen jetzt einmal gefallen sind, vielleicht hat er Gefallen daran gefunden?


    • Lass mal, ich mach davon gar nichts nach. Oder höchstens, wenn er dabei unter mir liegt *höhö*. Dann könnte so eine Übung interessant werden *breitgrins*
      Jawoll – das mit der nackten Haut war mir auch schon gekommen. Gute Zeiten. Vor allem, wenn man bedenkt, dass wir ja alle ja nicht jünger werden *hüstel* und mit zunehmendem Alter auch bei den Herren immer weniger Haut gezeigt wird. Wobei man ja sagen muss, dass Herr A in dieser Hinsicht ausgesprochen gesegnet ist. Mannmannmann ist der in guter Form. Man nimmt ihm den jungen Dolly durchaus ab. (Der Weichzeichner-Look der filmischen Umsetzung ist allerdings durchaus vorteilhaft, sagen wir es mal so.)
      Und hey – alle Schauspieler sind Exhibitionisten. Für die “Kunst” tun die doch alles *ggg*. Und wenn dann erstmal die letzten Schranken gefallen sind (ich sage nur: Make-up am Hintern), dann kann einen eigentlich nichts mehr umwerfen. Wollen wir mal hoffen, das Arschitage in Zukunft öfter mal unverhüllt kommt *hihi*

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  7. thanks so much for separating the stuff 🙂 I know this may sound weird but i want to see it totally fresh, unspoiled, in a way like i did the Crucible last year, with no idea of what it was going to be like or what he was going to be like. It is not about the plot, i know how that goes but this show is all about the visuals and the very detailed character interactions or expressions and even photos ruin that for me. I don’t want to know what i will see. I also like seeing it on my TV old as it is as it’s the first time i’ll actually see a work of his as it happens so to speak 🙂 A lot of firsts for me and i’m just enjoying the anticipation 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • not yet 😉 just because i had no time to surf or be on the net, the one things i have seen is himself hanging off those things in the air :-p But you’ll have a laugh at the preparations! I’ve actually got a new sky box which arrived in time this weekend and this evening i have the task to install it and trial record to make sure i have it all set for tomorrow. I was going to record on the old box which still works but then decided i wanted to have all his eps on the new one for easy access, should i dare to see it again, which i haven’t been able to do with any of the previous eps! But the dilemma i have is that i have the whole of Spooks on the old box and i’ll have to switch between them when i want to watch it comfortably, ie not putting in the DVDs. Anyway it is a bit crazy considering i just watched Digestivo yesterday and barely sat through it as it went back to being proper horror and i was just on edge all the time, both my mind, eyes and my stomach. Sigh… i really hope the Ra bit won’t be as horrific as it was such an uncomfortable viewing experience yesterday…


        • Arrrrrgh – that’s bad timing for a switch over to new hardware. I keep my fingers crossed for you that it all transitions nicely, and that you will have all the IMPORTANT Hannibal episodes at the ready, forever.
          Re. Digestivo – the bloody (sic!) re-cap at the beginning of ep 3×08 was enough for my taste. I had to fast-forward. I just can’t that kind of stuff. Not sure whether it is the blood or the fact that Will was conscious. I think it is the latter.
          And from my POV, the Dolly bits are not nearly as horrific as that. But I may be completely off. It seems as if I can’t think straight when Armitage is involved…


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