RA Pocket Shrine 85/? – Tumble, Adjust, Continue

When I was in Germany a couple of months ago, a little mint tin caught my eye. Its bright pink lid stood out, but when I looked at what was written on the lid, I almost clapped my hands in delight:


Sorry, yes, that’s in German, but you will see what I mean when I translate this for you: Tumble – Re-adjust Crown – Continue. The reference to the royal head ornament immediately flashed the majestic dwarf king in my mind, and the rest of the encouraging little slogan conjured the image of Thorin stumbling in his show-down with Azog, setting his crown right and getting up again to finally bump off the white Orc. Wishful thinking? Not quite. Thorin *did* indeed kill the white Orc – but was killed in the process himself. There’s a fatal flaw in that story, Tolkien! How could you??? Well, Thorin remains alive in *my* imagination *stamps footie and pouts*.

The slogan makes light of the challenges that we are all faced with, every day, no matter whether we are young or old, rich or poor, sick or healthy, celebrities or unknowns. We tumble and fall. But hey, we are all princesses in our own right, so let’s set our crown back again,defy the adversaries, and get on with it. After all, that’s what Thorin did, too.


There he is, the mighty king. On his back – but not ready to give up the fight. His crown is actually adjustable, so if it slips, you can put it back in place. Or set it at a jaunty angle, to reflect your mood?

I thought this tin was a perfect encouragement gift, and so I made it with a friend in mind. Katia has been a supporter and reader of long standing, who has sent me many lovely gifts and given me a lot of attention. She has had a bit of bad luck lately. To cheer her up, I conjured a nice memory for her because I know that she has very happy memories of flying to London last year, watching The Crucible, and meeting Richard Armitage at the stage door.


This shrine may not be as hot as Sir Guy on the Rocks which I made for her last year. But maybe goofy Richard will make her laugh, and shorts-clad Armitage will make her think of happy days. BTW – in the context of this shrine I am particularly proud of the placement of Richard “Legs” Armitage in front of that Old Vic logo. Can you see why?


No candles in this little shrine. But the disco ball may remind you that life is like a ballroom. Yes, we step on each others’ toes occasionally. We may even fall. If we are in tune, we can sway into heaven. And if the crown slips, it may be because we are whirling in joy!

Give a little love to someone you care about, today! It will fix that crown in its rightful place.

65 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 85/? – Tumble, Adjust, Continue

  1. Der Spruch hängt auch bei mir am Küchenschrank, hilft ab und zu sich wieder ‘aufzurichten’ 🙂
    Die Krone ist der Knaller, ganz im königlichen Moment in dem er sich wieder aufrichtet!
    wobei – ganz ehrlich, am beeindruckensten war Thorin als er die alberne Blech-Krone (nicht Deine, die im Film) davon geworfen hat und wieder zu sich selbst gefunden hat ❤


  2. Wer braucht denn eine Krone, die sich immer im falschen Moment selbstständig macht? Meine Fußmatte vor der Tür ist deutlich genug: Hinknien, anklopfen und um Audienz betteln! 😀

    Ernsthaft: Kein Wunder, dass du bei dem Döschen nicht Nein sagen konntest. 🙂

    Was ist das Ding links? Kronenhalter?

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      • Exhausted! Absolutely exhausted! Things have CHANGED drastically since I was last in a classroom and I’m not sure I like them, but… hey! Right now, I”ll just roll with the punches!!!!


        • Well, I am sure some of it is also due to your pause. You’ll get used to it again. (I remember teaching 11-yr-olds when I was a trainee teacher. I had to take a nap every time I came home after school. I was completely banjaxed.) Keep rolling – eventually you’ll rock again 🙂

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            • Grah, hated tests. Good to hear that you are adjusting to the energy levels that are needed. It’ll be tough for the next few weeks, but hey, you are a terrier, you’ll do it!!


  3. The silly Richard was new to me. A very pleasing shrine for both the craft and the sentiment! I love it that you included the tube map–just seeing it gives me a “London” thrill.


  4. Meinst du mit dem Platzieren der fürstlichen (Ge)beine vor dem OLd Vic Logo, dass es aussieht als ob er Socken trägt? Nett! Wie kommste bloß auf dieses Thema???


    • Nein, das mit den Socken ist völlig zufällig und unbeabsichtigt. (Liegt m.E. am Schatten, der durch den Rand der Dose auf die Treter fällt.) Ich meinte eher Kopf und Oberkörper unseres himmlischen OdBs.


  5. Ohhh, i sossosos love the tin and the insides of it too! This is smashing!!! And that slogan is just fun 🙂 My mind keeps switching between the image of the proud princess in a big fluffy pink dress stumbling and then picking herself up, straightening the fluffs and going on strutting 🙂 and the image of Richard, stumbling, falling to his knees, phone flying high and landing with an ominous ka-plonk! and him jumping up, grabbing the cracked phone and going: ‘oh nooooo, no more selfies!!!!’ 😀
    Just love this, cracks me up 🙂
    Couldn’t figure out the meaning of the adjusted initials.. ie nothing clean comes to mind 😉


    • LOL – that’s an image that I *can’t* turn into a shrine. Thorin in a pink tutu? The Hobbit fan community would crucify me! Mind you, your little image brings up that wonderful perfume ad again. Sorry, can’t resist embedding that here again.

      And awwww, poor Richard, knocking his phone. He’d be devastated. Not only because of the selfies but because of the enforced Twitter-abstinence…
      Adjusted initials? You mean the Old Vic logo behind him? That was not what I meant. It’s more about the placement of Armitage on the Royal coat of arms…

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      • ah thaaaat, that is nice, him in a coat of arms! oh you know that lovely one for the phone covers? Had a look to get one as i liked it so much but no luck 😦 not for Lumias which is my new work phone and not for Samsung Galaxy S3 which is my personal one, only ipone or Samsung 6 buuaaaaaaa, not fair 😦


        • Hehe, yes, but check the actual placement of the coat of arms… what is on his head??? (I know I know, sometimes my mind works around two corners…)
          Bad luck regarding the phone case. Have you checked both sites where the cases are available? https://society6.com/circusdoll/cases and http://www.redbubble.com/people/circusdoll/collections/237526-armitage-army?product_type=samsung-galaxy-case ? You could always look for a printer who prints for your model of phone and ask Circusdoll for permission to use her design?

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          • ohhhhhhhh!!! now that is clever, i just realised it now :-))) so suiting 🙂 much better than pink tutu :-p
            and yes sadly both sites don’t offer something for me, however my phone is too slow for words at the moment and needs upgrading, it’s part of my tech overhaul, now that i have tv reduced in price but better box and internet should be boosted this week too TV is next, i need my 40inch right now!… wonder why ;-)) Phone will be next… i just have one of those cravings to have him on something i have with me aaaaaall the time..


            • Wow, tech overhaul alright. I am in one of those, too. Can’t wait to get myself a new laptop. (But have just realized that my zoom lens must be f*cked so need to replace that first. Hmph. That’ll cost me the same as Macbook *grah*)
              Fully understand your need to get the phone case. It is really fabulous, I must say. Totally discreet, no stupid questions from anyone yet. Good quality, too – looks spotless after a month of heavy use (that sounds so wrong…). Can only recommend getting something like that!


              • yes 🙂 yeah, funny questions.. sigh I had to organise the team meeting last week and all went well just at the end when i closed all presentations but was still connected to the gynormous screen in the meeting room suddenly my desktop image was displayed in glorious and enormous HD! And a chorus of voices was heard with slight mocking voices: WHO IS THAT????.. yep… To which after an embarassed gulping noise my answer was: doesn’t anyone recognise Spooks Lucas’ North? he’s done many things for the BBC, Robin Hood too! That shut them up 😉 However Thornton never sprung to mine, but the bearded short haired image with the moody and suggestive look blanked any gentle Thornton from my mind :-p
                tech overhaul was actually cold hearted bill reduction exercise but in some cases services available today are much better than what i had so i prioritised, i gave up stuff to afford slightly better stuff in other cases. I am still investigating in the phone department as i don’t want to pay more. My Pc is 10 inch and 7 years old… it is positively antique! But, i need the TV first 🙂

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                • LOL on the presentation fiasco. Disclosure: I had a similar one when I was in the London office. Boss wanted to set up my e-mail account and automatically saved the company signature on my desktop. When he wanted to import it, he had to open the desktop – *cringe* – which displays my Berlin premiere pic of RA. Well, men don’t really ask questions… but the ladies in the office may have caught a glimpse… My excuse is always “Oh, I am a photographer, and this is my favourite picture…” yeah, right.
                  You know, priorities are good. And keeping an eye on the bills, too. You definitely need a new PC, though. Methusaleh!!!

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  6. That is wonderful 🙂 You do such a great thing with these Guylty 🙂 You never fail to inspire, amuse and delight :-)))))) I know a certain Pollysthings over on Tumblr whose kindness, humour and deRAngement would give it an honourable and cherished home 😉


  7. Thanks Dede for asking. Trying to be better and with the help of Guylty’s beautiful RASP and Richard’s smile I think it will be possible. This video about Thorin’s perfume is great. And yes Guylty I have noticed the Old Vic “wings” of R. Angel !!!

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  8. This is sooooo lovely. I love the concept and the execution. And the pretty pink color. I guessed that the reference for Richard “Legs” Armitage in relation to the Old Vic logo had something to do with one of the letters between his legs being a “third leg.” Just call me gutterbrain, and please don’t watch as I slither under a nearby rock….


    • Ooopsie – no, I never noticed the third leg… I inadvertantly drew your attention to by giving Richard the middle name “Legs”. No, it was much more innocent than that. I was alluding to his head underneath the crown of the Royal coat of arms… King Richard 😉


  9. Love the tin and the adjustable crown, well the whole thing actually. What a great message. I fall down so often my crown should be stapled to my head to save time putting it back on.


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