#BlogIntroChallenge 15 – My Blogging Role-Models

Ok, blog introspection challenge. One last time. Ooops, did I really write that? Sorry, no offense meant. Let’s finally get this thing done, a hundred years after I started it. Yawn. No, I really *am* tired. I was working late, and rather than continuing, I am turning to the dreary last instalment of the challenge. It’s that bad…


blog intro challenge

Blogging role-models, yeah? Why the hell did I make this the last question of the challenge?? Really, makes no sense. Well, it’s hard to say whether I really have blogging role-models and to identify them in the context of a RA-centric blogging community. But let’s put it this way: There are RA bloggers out there, who have impressed me, whose writing style has always delighted me, whose humour and topic choice have amused me, and whose general attitude has attracted me. In that sense there are different people out there in this community who have influenced my own development as a blogger.

I actually never wanted to start another (conventional) blog when I debuted on WP in late 2012. I already had too many blogs on my plate, and the quick-shot re-blog on tumblr suited me. What drew me in was – and this is the recurring theme of my whole blog intro challenge – was the way newcomers to the blogging world were welcomed into the fold. It didn’t matter whether people came as new bloggers or as new commentators, but if you made the first step into the abyss blogging world, people like Servetus or Fedoralady rewarded you with a comment or a reply. Both mentioned bloggers are closest to what I would call role-models – in the sense that I learnt from them the importance of keeping a discussion going by welcoming new voices and by replying to comments. My enjoyment of their blogs – Servetus’ highly analytical pieces, mixed with humorous commentary and personal observation on me+richard; Fedoralady’s very entertaining writing style and attractive edits and illustrations on The Armitage Effect – has influenced my own approach to my blog. I believe in a mixture of entertainment and information – that is my professional writing style, too – and it has always stood me in good stead.

While I have singled out these two blogs (does that mean I have actually “doubled” them out???), I actually believe that every single blog I read on a regular basis, has an influence on me and is somewhat role-model-ish for me: I enjoy how Obscura manages to educate us on all things ancient via Richard on Ancient Armitage; Kelly’s NowhereinparticularRA is a lesson in clever captioning and illustrating; Armitage Agonistes by Perry gives insights in news and their compilation; Linnetmoss – although not a RA-blog at all, Wormwood Scrubs, Suzy’s Silverbluelining (German) and Herba’s Unkrautvergehtnicht (German) are examples of how to mix RA with everything else that is noteworthy and frequently (and thankfully) distract my single-RA-focus mind; Zeesmuse is a powerhouse of honesty; Preoccupiedwitharmitage delights me with its RL references; Gratiana’s positivity on Something About Love cheers me up, as does mujertropical’s My Sort of Bloke; Jazzbaby’s FunkyBlueDandelion appeals to the music lover in me, as does Hariclea’s Opera Is Magic, damnwhoamIforgettinginthislist???

A few people have ceased posting in the time that I have been active in RAworld, have changed their area of focus or post only intermittently, but people like Agzy, Alyssa, Miss Gigglepants, Judiang, RAFrenzy, Zan, Marieastra and many others whose blogs I am shamefully not remembering in my list, have all entertained, informed and influenced me.

I take my cue from all of you. Thanks for inspiring, entertaining and stirring me. You are *all* role models. And in case you think this is all too sickly sweet: Well, *you* have created this monster!

And now I deserve to smack my challenge badge on my side bar.



23 thoughts on “#BlogIntroChallenge 15 – My Blogging Role-Models

  1. Wie süß, ein Zucker-Monster. 😀

    Immerhin wird dich diese Challenge vielleicht endlich mal lehren, nicht jeden spontanen Gedanken umzusetzen …

    … okay, okay, wahrscheinlich nicht. 😛

    Ist aber schon lustig, wenn man selbst was gestartet hat, das einen dann schließlich so ein bisschen nervt, weil’s von der netten Idee zur Pflichtübung mutiert. Gelle? 😉
    Aber ich kann dir zumindest versichern, dass es mit Interesse gelesen wurde. Also auf zu neuen (Schand-)Taten! 🙂


    • Das hast du gut erkannt – von der Idee zur Pflchtübung… Seltsam, eigentlich müsste man seine eigenen Ideen doch gut finden… Anyway, it’s over. Danke fürs Mitlesen 🙂 Jetzt kann ich mich endlich mit ungeteilter Aufmerksamkeit Francis Dolarhyde widmen.


      • Naja, in dem Moment, als dir die Idee kam, fandest du sie ja auch gut. Und dann kam dies und das und jenes und sonstwas, aber du “musstest” ja auch noch die Challenge fertig machen …

        Nenn mir eine Person, die noch nie Ähnliches erlebt hat. 🙂


  2. What you say is so true… I felt that same warm welcome, entirely un-anticipated, the day I posted my inaugural post, and I’ve seen it happen to a couple of other new bloggers as well. I think it does make all the difference, and you’re right… it’s inspiring. =)


    • I think it’s important to reinforce the good memories. Especially because all too often we focus on the problems. Anyhow, looking forward to more “dreamy” Armitage from you 😉


  3. Aaaaw. *blushes*. I was welcomed by the bloggers before me — Nat, Traxy, Starheart, Mulubinba, Avalon, Skully, and LostinaGoodBook.


  4. I am honored to be mentioned! That list includes many of my very own favorites too. I may not be an Armitage blogger but the world of RA has certainly inspired my blogging and provided admirable models, not least of which is you 🙂


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  6. aw, thanks so much 🙂 I have to say is rewarding and rather nice when people read and don’t nod off after the 2nd sentence ;-)))
    And yes i think this is the nicest things about the RA blogging world, one feels very very welcome and it is a very nice place to stay, i like the debates, the discussions, the analysis, the jokes, the photos, the edits, the mill and one perspectives and it always excites me and entertains me to read people. Makes me wish sometimes i’d read less and write more but the reading is much more interesting 🙂 I’ve felt very very welcome and i am very grateful for it 🙂

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  7. Hi Guylty, Your list of wonderful RA fan blogs bloggers is gReAt! Thanks most kindly for the mention. And a huge thank you to the major RA resource sites like RANet and RAC, and the archived RA Online! And congrats to you for completing the blogging challenge! Hugs & Cheers! Grati ;->

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  8. Herzlichen Dank für´s Erwähnen! Es ist toll, dass es so viele unterschiedliche und sehr kreative Blogs zu RA gibt, damit meine ich jetzt v.a. die fast reinen RA-Blogs. Jeder hat seine Nische gefunden und bereichert das Fandom damit. Unglaublich was dieser Mann an Energien und Kreativität freisetzt. Allein dafür gehört er geknutscht ❤


        • Wahrscheinlich kann man sich aus Sentimentalitätsgründen sowieso nicht von ihm trennen. Bis er dann “nicht mehr Schauspieler ist”… ob er dann wohl nur noch als Hintern-Double vor der Kamera steht?


          • Das Hintern-Double hat er eigentlich gar nicht nötig, die Sentimentalität auch nicht, wenn er nicht so amerikanisch kurzgeschnitten, glattrasiert rumläuft….


            • Nee, *er* wird dann professionelles Hintern-Double. Also, jetzt stell dir mal vor, *er* würde seine Peaches doubeln lassen. Das wäre ja ein Trauerspiel. Also, wenn sowas rauskommen sollte, dann steig ich aus. Gedoubelte Armitage-Peaches will ich nicht.

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              • Nee, wir nehmen ihn auch dann wenn im Alter die peaches etwas ins hängen kommen, (wer weiss wie wir dann aussehen) er muss sich für uns sowieso nicht doubeln, nicht liften, nicht glätten, nicht photoshoppen lassen ❤


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